In the pink, again

CWC Heritage Rose 3

Pink and black again. Like a moth to the flame…no wait, that’s a gory end…why are so many of our day to day sayings actually rather gruesome? Like ‘keep your eyes peeled’? Who on earth would do that?? And yes I know not to be quite so literal, but it evokes a mental image of a nasty encounter with a potato peeler that just won’t quit.

Like a bear to honey…much better. Except now I am likening myself to a big old furry lump of a beast with a sweet tooth. Far too close to the truth for comfort. And I have never even been camping….

Anyway, I love pink and black together and revisit it time and again. Here we have another card made with Craftwork Cards Heritage Rose loveliness, some vellum and Hunkydory Adorable Scorable card. I didn’t try the Adorable Scorable until about six months ago (trying to chip away at Mount Cardstock which had erupted in the spare room), but I bought some when it was reduced in price because the colours were just what I wanted, and now I find it difficult to use anything else. It makes a really good and strong card base and the range of shades is super.

I have been peeking at a few other blogs today and am reminded of the existence of my alcohol markers. I think the black and white paper here might look good with a bit of subtle colouring so I may give that a go. Add it to the project list….

4 thoughts on “In the pink, again

  1. I like the pink and black very much. I’ve never thought of putting those two together but then my colour combos are sometimes less than conventional; I can be a little eccentric especially when it comes to getting dressed.
    My son and I often have a giggle over silly things we say when taken literally. I wonder where these expressions like “keep your eyes peeled” actually originate from…? Marie x

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  2. I always thought it was something to do with Robert Peel establishing the (hopefully watchful) police service, but I have no idea where I got this from and it’s probably totally wrong! Absolutely you should stick with the unusual colour combos – how often do you look at a bunch of people waiting for a bus or train and see anything other than black, brown, or grey clothes?? In the winter almost never. A bit of colour does us all good and brightens the day.


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