Tiny bit chuffed

Pinterest is showing how many times your pins have been re-pinned. You can’t seem to do it all the time (although I could be wrong as technology is not my strong suit). So when I was browsing late last night and Pinterest suddenly went all wonky (see my mastery of highly technical terms) and half my pins disappeared (small exaggeration), I had a moment of panic. Followed by relief when they appeared again and a small thrill when I saw that the pin counter was back. Am I wrong to like seeing which of my own efforts have been re-pinned? Which ones are hits, and which are rejects? Am I like Narcissus, staring into the pool of Pinterest?

Aw, who cares?! I quickly looked to see how many times some of my favourite cards had been pinned on by others. Quickly, in case the opportunity was gone in the morning. Furtively too, bizarrely. Did I think it might be some hidden camera show? So, some were pinned a hundred, two hundred times. I was feeling pretty good: it’s nice to think that people like something you have made. We all doubt ourselves, and are our own most critical of critics, so a bit of positive affirmation is no bad thing. It still felt like I was doing something rather naughty though.

Then I got to this one. Re-pinned 575 times. Almost lost consciousness. Probably did a couple of double-takes and some ‘oh my god I can’t believe it’ eyeball rubbing too.Altenew peonies 1Of course I know it’s not a brilliant card. And that the re-pinning will be due to everyone loving Altenew stamps at the moment. And that for some people 575 pins would be a flop. But even so, to me, it feels pretty darn good. It took a (really) long time to pluck up the courage to pin my own cards, and even longer to start doing this blog.  I would just say to anyone who is likewise reluctant, try it. It’s fun, it really is!

16 thoughts on “Tiny bit chuffed

  1. I’ve been Pinteresting quite a long time and I’ve never had that sort of response to anything I have made. So consider your 575 quite a handy total. I can dream of that number only. Your card is lovely, I wish you well with your blog too.

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    1. Thank you. Maybe you should check out your pins again! Mine were showing as single and double figures on my board, so I really had no idea.


  2. 575 pins?!!! I’d be beside myself if any of my pins got anywhere near resembling that figure! But your card is beautiful so I’m not surprised! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your very kind words – I’m following you now – but not in a scary stalker kind of way!!!

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    1. Thanks so much. Actually I could have left a comment on everything I saw that you had made. Your work is fabulous. I had to follow you as soon as I got to your third card!

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  3. Nailed it!! You’ve clearly explained nearly every emotional up and down I’ve experienced in the last few months far more “non gaga sounding” than I’ve been able to achieve.
    Your Cards are stunning!! Well done on the much deserved recognition. Give yourself a pat on the back, coz anything over 200 Pins is awesome in my humble, gold fish memory mind.

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  4. Thanks so much! It is at nearly 750 pins now (just checked, in case there had been a mistake!), which is just amazing. I still know the reason is the popularity of the stamps, and I still think, a little bit ” aah, who cares?!” Good luck with your Facebook venture.


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