Random act of blogging

Most of my posts will be about card and paper, but every now and again it will be about whatever is on my mind. Right. That. Minute. It is a lovely sunny spring day outside, so my thoughts have turned to SHOES!!!!

I adore shoes. Shoes can convey messages. If work colleagues see me wearing red ones, they know things are not going well and I need cheering up. We call it a Red Shoes Day and anyone can have one, whether or not their footwear measures up. Shoes are conversation starters. Wear interesting ones and complete strangers will comment on them (nicely). Shoes are at their best in spring. Like asparagus. You aren’t risking life and limb by walking on icy surfaces in your highest of heels, yet no so hot that you have to worry about blisters from your first day without tights. There is colour and pattern, variation of heel height and shape on offer. Or at least there is if (here comes the rant) you are in the standard size range. Most of the women in my extended family – including me – are a (UK) size 3. Unfortunately so many of the shops in the UK start at a 4.

To make it worse, I only grew into adult sizes in my late 20s. Until then I had to either wear kids shoes (not an option) or make a trip to one shop in London that catered for us munchkins. Rather unkindly it also catered for ladies at the other end of the spectrum, in the same area of the shop, and in exactly the same styles. I felt so sorry for those who saw their size 9s next to my size 2s. It was an unkind comparison. The ONLY good thing about having small feet is that pretty much any shoe will look nice on.

Given that we all seem to shrink a bit as we get older, I reckon I have a small window of opportunity in adult footwear. In 10 years time I’ll be forced into wearing shoes with cartoon characters on them. The shoe shop in London no longer exists so I won’t even have the opportunity to go there and commune with my fellow deviants. So this is why, right now, I have a lot of pairs, and why I have been known to change them several times in a day, just for the sheer fun of it.

I got so fed up with going into shoe shops and asking if they had my choice in a 3, only to be told ‘no, but would you like to try a 5’? Well no, not really as I was not planning on wearing mountaineering socks inside my blush pink ballet pumps, but thanks anyway. Now I get pretty much every pair I own from a well-known high street store, because they have them in stock, they have them on the shelf, and I don’t have to ask and be disappointed. All of us who are at either end of ‘normal’ can run in, grab them and shuffle off to the till hoping not to be spotted or ‘outed’. It’s not like we are buying porn or anything….just shoes.

Come on high street, give us all a bit more choice!



4 thoughts on “Random act of blogging

  1. I so know where you are coming from on this issue, although my sister wore a size 2 all her adult life too, so be prepared. I myself am a gigantic size 3 and the options are a little better for me. At 5′ tall, I guess I’m a munchkin too. I feel for you, but I love the shoes in your post, all of them. Are they shoes you actually own, I am so envious.

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    1. See, there are plenty of us around but we seem to be invisible to shops or buyers. Yes, they are indeed my shoes. Just looking at them makes me smile. BTW, found you on Pinterest the other day using your ‘follow me’ button (it’s probably not called that, but I don’t know the right name for it). Nice work.


  2. My mum is the same, only a size 2. The struggle is real! My dad has size 12 feet though so my brothers and I have larger feet. I love pretty shoes but my feet are too wide so I tend to end up with a selection of ‘clodhoppers’ as we like to call them around here! Enjoy your shoes. 😊

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  3. Again, another example of someone not being catered for. Pretty shoes for all, I say!! Mind you, I can’t actually walk around in them. They are strictly sitting down shoes…..


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