Phantom bus stop, but getting there?

Today I set out to catch my bus to work and messed up my timings. I thought I was too late to catch the early bus, and far too early for the later bus. But as I reached the main road I saw the (early) bus stuck in a bit of traffic way down the road. Whoo hoo! I pegged it towards the bus stop, got three quarters of the way there only to realise the stop had disappeared, vanished, gone. But it was there yesterday?! OK brain, snap decision required – do I wait there anyway and hope the bus driver is accommodating? Unfortunately the kindness of bus drivers is not universal. So, the choice was to try and make it to the next stop along the route before being overtaken (a bit of a walk, all uphill and a couple of hairy junctions to dice with), or walk back a stop from my original and now missing bus stop and hope that I still got there in time. I chose the latter. And missed the bus. Then I waited for the next bus, which was, of course, late. But hey, I was on it. We crawled through school run traffic towards the (still) missing bus stop and now up ahead a crowd of about 10-15 people were waiting. All standing where they usually stand. But at a phantom bus stop. Tension. You can see it on the faces. Nobody is sure what is going to happen. The bus draws up, everybody gets on. Nobody says a word. Only in Britain.

Anyway, back to the stripy stamp. I tried all the kind hints that other bloggers offered on my last post, and still haven’t quite achieved the inky depth of colour I am craving. I was pretty sure that using Versamark ink to stamp and heat emboss would work well, and it did.  So for a while I stopped experimenting and just made something!

sparkle card

Only a quick and simple one, but during the week I just don’t have the time for anything much else sadly.  I also had a go at adding Glossy Accents to the word dies. I have seen a few people doing this and think it looks great. Mine was not perfect, but passable?!

sparkle detail

In case you’ve not seen it or are wondering how to do it, just cut your die two or three times from card as thick as it can cope with. The card can be any colour, so use whatever you have and once it is cut, cover it with inks or pens if necessary, making sure you get the colour into every nook and cranny. Then glue them together, using wet glue with a good grab. The card I used for the layers here was from green patterned packaging, so I cut the sentiment again in black just so I knew the top layer would have no flaws or missed patches. Slather on the Glossy Accents (without going over the edges) and wait for the joy to happen. Actually mine pitted a bit on the thinner sections so I had to go over it again, delaying the joy somewhat, but it turned out fine(ish)!

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