Shiny HAPPY, people

I hope REM don’t sue me….

Just a quickie as my new dies to make heart-shaped boxes arrived today and I can barely wait to have a go.

Apart from drying time for the shiny wordy (this is what they are now called in my head), this is a super-quick card to rustle up. Whilst I was making yesterday’s effort I figured I may as well do a second word too, in case the first was a washout. So I have a shiny HAPPY sitting looking at me. Also left over from Sunday’s post I have another stamped flower which I can quickly fussy cut. Two scraps of the old faithful black and white striped paper, and 3d foam of course. I try to make some things flat for postage cost reasons but, like an addict, the hand reaches for the foamy stuff every time. Stick, layer, and we are done.

Martha flower and happy

martha flower happy detail

Black and pink again, I know!! But if you want something quick, it makes sense to use colours you know will work.

The HAPPY die is taken from a Tattered Lace birthday sentiment die.

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