Vivid ice cream

Another sunny day today. The ‘commute’ home took a stupid amount of time, which is hugely annoying but, without a book to read, at it least offers the opportunity to people watch. Kids seem to love the sun. They just bounce along, full of joy and smiles, happy in the moment. Adults are a bit more complicated. Many look uncomfortable, caught betwixt and between. Some are almost dressed for the beach rather than town. Others are wearing knitted scarves or leather jackets with a summer dress; then at the polar opposite a couple sporting anoraks, sweaters and woolly hats. Presumably in case the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse. Perhaps over-cautious, given that they are only on a round trip for groceries in a busy London suburb, not hiking in the Cairngorms. Still, you never know…

All this made me want to make something summery. And again, now, it would have to be quick.

lolly card 1

The stamping was a breeze and I was determined to make a one-layer card, so no 3d foam allowed. Now for colour.

I was aiming for either proper pastel ice cream colours or alternatively more intense sorbet shades, and I wanted to employ the ‘sprinkles’ stamp so I could use the lovely sentiment and it would all tie in nicely. But I haven’t touched my alcohol markers in a long time and am badly out of practice, so what I ended up with was more akin to lollies (popsicles) and ice cream suffering from the heavy-handed use of food colouring! Plus, instead of ‘sprinkles’, I think my ice cream looks like it needs a good shave. There is some Glamour Dust on there as well, for added, well, glamour, hopefully!

lolly card detail

I’m not ashamed of it, just ‘middling’, really! But the making of it did the job, and my equilibrium is more or less restored. Which is why so many of us do this really, isn’t it?


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