Life stages of the mojo

This is the analogy. Think of the teenager surfacing briefly from their room, summoning up half an incoherent sentence before disappearing back into their cave with no indication of when they may re-emerge, or what mood they might be in. Kind? Loving? Fun? Psycho?

This is how my mojo is behaving. Yesterday I thought it was at least making a cameo appearance. Today it came, went, came, went. Do this – yes. Do that – no. I  love you! I hate you! Where’s the pizza? You get the picture.

This card should have been simple, but the stamping gave me grief. The background was easy and quick but the coloured flower was stamped many, many times before I produced one I could live with. Not love, but live with at least. But then what next? Suddenly the background looked too harsh, the contrast between colour and mono too strong, and there was no finished design in my head. Faff, faff, and faff some more, and finally we have a card.

AN peony lines


The top ¾ are covered with vellum to soften it a bit. I decided to do this AFTER I had stuck the ribbon on. No point in doing things the easy way, right??!

Mojo is grounded without privileges.

Supplies: Altenew Peony Bouquet stamps and Red Cosmos mini ink set; Woodware vellum; American Crafts black card. That’s pretty much it!



8 thoughts on “Life stages of the mojo

  1. I really must get some vellum – I’ve never used it (!) but I’m seeing a lot of it around at the moment and I really like how you have used it here to soften half of the stamping. I’m sure once moody mojo has had it’s little wobble it’ll be back to it’s usual productive self!!! 🙂

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    1. I think the vellum pack I have dates from ancient Egypt, just after papyrus went out of fashion…but you’re right, it is making a comeback! Some of the vellums look a bit grey, more like greaseproof paper, but the whiter stuff is lovely.


  2. LOL! This card is beautiful. Love the design. Me thinks mojo is attention seeking at the moment. Try and ignore it and it will soon surface again. Probably asking for more pizza.
    Take care Flo x

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