Thanks, Mrs Craft

Subtitle: Not sure if I can ‘link’, I think. Sounds like a modern Winnie the Pooh poem.

So I’m still relatively new to blogging and don’t want to get my etiquette wrong. Manners are important, but if I don’t know the ‘done thing’ then I have to do my own thing and hope for the best.

A fellow blogger tagged me in on a Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you so much craftandothercrazyplans for the nomination. It was lovely of you to include me. However, I don’t think I have enough other bloggers that I ‘know’ well enough to tag forward, so cannot join in right now, but another time maybe?

I have though had a ball browsing through some of the blogs on Mrs Craft’s list, and will work my way through everyone soon. This is one of the best things about blogging – I love seeing what other people are doing, even if it is not what I am currently ‘in to’. It inspires you, reminds you. I have a whole room full of paper and card, but I am eyeing up yarn again. And don’t get me started on the Sewing Bee: I can almost smell the machine oil and pressing cloth…

Thanks, Mrs Craft! I had a lovely time checking out your blogging chums and finding more people to follow!

This is the bit you say really, really fast like they do in the last two seconds of insurance/credit card adverts: sorry if I broke any rules. I didn’t include the word nomination in the heading or tags so as not to transgress. Any further transgressions or faux pas are purely unintentional. Really, I don’t actually know what I am doing! Before today I did not know how to ‘link’ to another site or person so this may or may not work. It looks ok from my end but we’ll see. If not, I have no idea how to sort it out. I suggest old-fashioned typing. And, breathe!


10 thoughts on “Thanks, Mrs Craft

  1. OMGoodness there is a blogging etiquette ???
    I’ve been blogging for quite a while now and still don’t know what I’m doing so don’t worry, I’m not tech savvy …more of a random button presser, the thing everyone I know on WP is consistent about is, it’s about having fun, finding incredible blogs, stuff you find didn’t even have an inkling about.
    As for your linking …I think it might have caused a thunderstorm over the cottage …either that or my quest to alter something on my blog is to blame LOL

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      1. So far WP has appeared pretty bombproof, there is always the help centre button where you can find pretty much everything you want to know, if not do a blog post and one of your followers will gladly share any info, various WP buddies have helped me out along the way …thank goodness 🙂
        PS happy button pressing

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  2. I think most of us are in the same boat as you. My tech savviness is low and I struggle with linking, but I am going to give this a go because I feel honoured to have been nominated too. I worry about stepping over the line and doing the wrong thing so for those I am nominating, I hope they are happy for the nomination and not offended, although I don’t really see why anyone would be. Your blog and your humour are a breathe of fresh air in this world of seriousness, so keep blogging please and when you are ready, have a go at linking, the universe will cope! But mainly enjoy what you do because that is what it’s all about.

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    1. You are very kind! I also think it is lovely to be nominated and I look forward to checking out the people you nominate in turn. Hilariously, where I work, I am thought to be really good at IT stuff!! Everyone has their level, right?!


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