Missing Links, and why I have never climbed Everest

So yesterday I mentioned that I had never done bloggy links and was not sure how to do it. But yay! I tried and they worked. My missing links are missing no more.

Really what I should have done was learnt how to do it a few months ago when I first started, but I am a terrible procrastinator with things like this. I tend to think ‘I’ll find out how to do it when the need arises’, as opposed to equipping myself with all the necessary tools and skills at the outset.

That’s why I’ll never climb Mount Everest. I’d get to the first hilly bit (!!) and realise I didn’t know how to say ‘crampon’ in Nepalese. Or Tibetan. Time to resort to the international language of mime, so oft adopted by the English abroad. Then imagine miming ‘crampon’ without resorting to a “sounds like” depiction that would only lead to confusion or embarrassment for all parties, and no satisfactory outcome.

Best leave mountaineering to others, then. However, what I have done is made a card bright and larey enough to leave at base camp and use as a beacon should you get stranded part way up. Actually I think you might be able to see it from space. So, to all legitimate mountaineering expeditions departing for major peaks any time soon, contact me and I will happily make you a beacon card to guide you to safety. (Do I need some kind of waiver here?!)

cwc heritage rose black dotty card

Back to blogging tech things. What I also need to do is go find those little yellow faces that everyone uses. Is there one with its tongue stuck firmly in its cheek? It may be needed….

Supplies: background and green patterned papers, flowers and sentiment are from Craftwork cards; Frame die is Tonic Keepsake Indulgence; gold card from Create and Craft.



19 thoughts on “Missing Links, and why I have never climbed Everest

  1. He he! You do make me laugh Gillian! 🙂 This is a beautiful card by the way! I do love black and white – be it stripes or spots – with florals, and the gold frame sets it all off fabulously!


  2. Thanks, Karen! It makes me happy to think I made someone laugh a bit! (Haven’t found the smiley face yet so imagine I have put one here!!)


    1. Sorry, I know this thread is going in a weird order, but your smiley face instructions worked. Ta so much!! Smiley faces all round from now on!

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  3. You are a superstar. Ok. So 🙂 But I have no yellow. (imagine sad face here). Maybe the magic will happen when I click to send?!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This is fab! I might need a beacon card to rescue me from my mounting pile of craft projects shortly, do we get to choose what colour? I love the gold frame with the pink flowers, it goes together really well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You do make me smile. I love this beacon card (much too pretty to use as a beacon mind). Glad you got the linking down, I only think I know how it’s done, but I keep trying in the hope that it works occasionally.

    Liked by 1 person

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