Before I was interrupted…

Here is the card I was going to post yesterday, before the cat intervened. It is the simplest of designs in the most neutral palette. I toyed with adding something else, but decided against it. I know the card is beyond bare, but I figure that in its current form it could be used for many occasions, some happy, some not so. Additional colour, ribbon, pearls, whatever, would define its purpose a bit more. Someone has asked me for a few cards that could be used for illness, sympathy or just for a bit of support in tough times and I thought this might work. I hasten to add this person had no immediate need for any of these or I would not be mentioning it in a post. The sadness or misfortune of other people is not my blogging material.

barest tree

It literally is a single die cut, stuck to a base of the same off-white card. It feels a bit cheeky, really.

Unusually, this time my inspiration was…me! This one below was my first ever card that got re-pinned on Pinterest quite a few times, giving me a bit of a confidence boost to pin more of my own stuff. I think it was because it was (a) Anna Griffin (always popular) and (b) completely achievable for anyone with opposable thumbs!

AG holly die by paperfluff

Supplies: Whimsical Tree die by Spellbinders; holly die from Anna Griffin (it came in a set so I don’t think it had a name of its own); linen effect card from Create and Craft.


18 thoughts on “Before I was interrupted…

  1. I think the tree card is a great one for those occasions that you mentioned and the holly card is fab too! I have that die so I’m going to ‘borrow’ your idea if you don’t mind! (that’s when I do eventually get round to starting C*******s cards!)

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    1. I don’t mind at all – go right ahead! I haven’t started the you-know-what cards either. every year I say I’ll do it early and never do. Maybe blogging will push me this time!

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  2. The are both beautiful cards. Loving the ribbon with the holly. I am so jealous of anyone who can pull off the clean and simple style and make them look elegant as you have.
    Flo x

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