Please, nobody faint…

Because (a) I have done something, for me, vaguely clever with Serif CraftArtist

And (b) I have a handy tip

So (a) then. I have mentioned before how I don’t use my CraftArtist software to anything like its potential. I basically print and then hybrid craft. But, eyeing up my Altenew stamp collection I knew I wanted a black dotty background for the yellow roses I intended to make, but smaller than the spots in my beloved polka dot stamp.

My poor wee Brain told me it must be possible to make my own background digitally, but I had not much clue how. Again, my fault, I should invest some time in learning, which so far I have failed to do. Still, nothing like a deadline (bedtime) to sharpen the mind. I won’t bore you with the details of how I accidentally majestically managed it, but look, I have a random dotty background! Ok it is not perfect, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, apparently. Well of course it wasn’t built in a day. Only the three little piggies managed major real estate construction in a day and clearly that was not a model for success.

Aaaanyway. (b) then. It’s a small tip, but it might be handy. I wanted to stamp one of the roses from my Altenew Vintage Flowers, which is a three layer stamp, in yellows, but I don’t have their range of yellow inks, or any other three yellow-through-orange inks that would go together. I tested some combinations, but they were not pretty. I do though have the Four Scoops set, which has a yellow and a peach that work with each other. I stamped just two layers and actually it would have been perfectly fine, but as I don’t venture into ‘yellow territory’ often I kind of wanted to embrace it totally. Like wallowing a bath full of custard. No point in just sticking a foot in, right?

Quick mental check – apparently Brain is still in the building and happy to be called upon. Hurrah! ‘Try a water-based marker pen’ it suggested. Quite a specific instruction, really. ‘You have loads. You never made proper use of them’. Ok. I get the message. Now Brain is starting to sound like a nagging other half and as far as I am concerned it can bog off until it can be civil again. I am away, a now brainless woman on a vital mission. A pale yellow marker pen is retrieved, stamped over the Altenew inks, works fine, love it, job done.

yellow rose black polka dot

I cannot find my Label Love stamps anywhere, so again I used CraftArtist and made my own sentiment. No fear!


17 thoughts on “Please, nobody faint…

  1. This is so pretty, I love these flowers in yellow 🙂 Just wondering Gillian, did you use the ‘stamp mode’ function on Craft Artist to create your lovely spotty background and what markers did you use for the flowers?

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    1. Yes. I made an ellipse (spent ages looking for a circle first! Duh!) and resized it into a circle, selected black from the colour picker and then stamp mode to create the background. First time I have done it. The marker is a really old water-based one from Whispers Strokes (also says Sugar Loaf on the barrel). It has no name or colour code that I can give you – it was one of a big set – but it is just the palest yellow I could find. I stamped it for the biggest layer, over the top of the Altenew Mango Smoothie and Peach Perfect I had already used for the medium and smallest layers. Hope this helps!


  2. Ha ha, bath full of custard indeed, (you are channelling the lovely Dawn French, I think). I think your background and your yellow roses are gorgeous. Well done.

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    1. It is a really good price for what it can do. Or, so I have been told by my ‘technical advisor’ (aka someone who knows what they are doing!)


  3. Thanks! Sadly Brain is now on strike for better working conditions. No late night call-outs, that sort of thing…


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