Let’s play a game!

AN Green grey spotty

The game is ‘what is wrong with this picture?’ Let me quickly give you a clue before I get any unwelcome suggestions. What is the word missing from all the following:

Earl ____ tea

Lady Jane ____

50 Shades of ____

GREY!!!!! When I stamped and cut out these flowers yesterday, I used grey inks. They looked pretty good and I had the design all mapped out in my head. When I came to work with them today, they had all turned green! How the hell did that happen? The inner child cries out “Elves!” whilst the more mature brain suggests “the ink must have reacted weirdly with the card you used”. I prefer the first suggestion, as I would hope to be able to train visiting elves to tackle the housework instead, but I guess that the ink and paper not getting along is the more likely scenario. So now I have a whole load of cut out green roses and leaves. I don’t want to bin them as they took a while to do, so a rethink is required. I tried out all sorts of colour combinations but as green roses don’t figure much in the real world, most of what I offered up just looked wrong. Then, I came across the spotty card base and thought it might work better than the pastels I had been trying, and I quite liked it. Black was an obvious choice for this second card, with a pale lemon to soften it a bit.

AN Green grey black

Not at all what I had planned but sometimes it just goes that way!

Supplies: Altenew Vintage Flowers stamps and dies; Craftwork Cards spotty card base; The Ribbon Room striped ribbon


17 thoughts on “Let’s play a game!

  1. It was Altenew Warm Gray set of inks. First time I have used them. The cardstock was just some smooth white that can be used through a printer. No special brand – a stationer here in the UK. I have used the cardstock many times before with other Altenew inks though and it has always been fine. I’m going to dig out some proper stamping card and try it again!


  2. You might want to look on Altenew’s website, and see how their samples look. I have had ink (Stampin’ Up!, not Altenew) that was not the color it said it was. It definitely looks green in your photos. Definitely try it on another white cardstock (if you have it).

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  3. How odd! If your elves do reappear, could you slip them a note to say I’m a believer too and my house is a tad untidy right now? Thanks! PS love the card, I’d have stamped my feet and chucked them in the recycling. I like the black stripy ribbon too. 😊


    1. Sure. They have their work cut out here first so might not reach you at their perkiest…!
      I also love the ribbon and it was a great price so I bought lots!


  4. Totally gorgeous cards, sometimes the unexpected just works. I would love a visit from your elves, to sprinkle some love on my cards, could you arrange that?

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  5. Ah! I found them! Y’no … I actually like them. Seriously. They have a kind of charm which makes them incredible. And yes, I’ve had green (fading into cream) roses given to me – by Mr. Cobs himself! (don’t know what the meaning of this colour of roses is, but I’m now wondering. lol).

    Great makes Chicken. Love them. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thanks. Definitely green aren’t they? In fact I think the photo itself is getting greener each time I look. Like The Picture of Dorian Gray. All my craft mistakes and misdemeanours reflected here! Well, not all, there are way too many but you know what I mean! Maybe real-life ones mean fresh and youthful, either according to age or to attitude?

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