Been exercising my franchise…

Just a quick post. No political arguments or attempts to influence. The only thing I have to say is that if you are in the UK, are eligible to vote today and have not yet done so, go do it if you can. It is important. I was dithering, unsure, unconvinced, but I knew I would not like myself much if I just didn’t bother. So I exercised me and my franchise at the same time by pootling off to the polling station and now I feel heaps better. You might too, whichever way you vote.

One thought on “Been exercising my franchise…

  1. We saw how rough the weather’s been treating you all over there, very impressive to see so many followed your example and put power to their opinions. Interesting to see how cards fall from now, each day seems to be more confusion and chaos coming through on our news services….keeping you in my thoughts during this interesting time in history.


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