Scrapbustin’ gone awry

Like so many paper crafters, I find it difficult to bin stuff. When I make a card, it is only the smallest bits of waste that get tossed – you know, the bits that look like martians/amoeba/misformed vegetables/tattoos. Even though scraps go into recycling to help save the universe (!) I still want to keep anything pretty above a few centimetres in size, just in case it comes in handy for something else. And if it is from a more expensive range, well the law of inverse proportion comes into play. The more it cost, the smaller the scrap I will keep. I am almost willing to bet the farm (ok, I don’t actually own a farm. South London is not big on agriculture) that I am not alone here.

So, I have resolved to make more of an effort to use up scraps and then part company with the remnants that really are just taking up valuable space and serving no useful purpose.

Tough love! Buy it, use it, recyc-l-it! Ok, so that catchphrase needs some work. On the creative spelling if nothing else.

Dive right in to the general scrap box then? No, actually. There are two ranges of paper/card with which I am uber-fussy (sorry, can’t find an umlaut for my uber): Graphic 45 and Craftwork Cards. For these guys, whenever possible I am super-organised and store them by range/pad in pockets or folders and then I can include any tiny leftovers and keep them nice and safe. Because I have been using Craftwork Cards recently, I know there are lots of slivers and slices waiting for me in the Heritage Rose pouch. Convenience wins.

I need to apologise because this layout is definitely based on a card sketch I saw on Pinterest, and I was going to attempt to link to it but I cannot find the pin. I 100% believe in giving credit to the originator, so I am very sorry not to be able to do this. If anyone know the pin/site do let me know and I will try to include it.

Anyway, here is the card I made from scraps. And one tiny sentiment.

CWC heritage rose scraps card

Then, because I found it rather pleasing in design (sorry, I appear to have been briefly possessed by someone from the 19th century) I decided to use the same-ish layout again for another card. Using a stack from which I can find no scraps. Meaning many sheets of 12”x 12” paper have been rent asunder (19th century woman paying another visit). More scraps have been created. Nobody judge me, OK?! I’m just going to have to save the universe another day. In the meantime I need to make up another bag of bits…

Tilda Winterbird card

Supplies: Craftwork Cards Heritage Rose papers; Tilda Winterbird paper pad; Xcut tiny heart die and a small hole punch







13 thoughts on “Scrapbustin’ gone awry

  1. We’re going to decorate our daughter’s bedroom soon – I think I just might have enough scraps to complete it! However, failing that, I could get them out and have a go at making some gorgeous cards like these two! Think daughter would prefer the second option! Really love these cards Gillian – the Tilda paper is beautiful 🙂

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  2. I love the heritage rose pad, great use of scraps. I have two scrap boxes, one for ‘valuable’ scraps and one for scraps to be experimented on! I tend to keep favourite pads and their scraps together though. You are not alone!

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    1. See, you are organised. Apart from the aforementioned special cases, I have a general mound, which occasionally starts to slope off in one direction when I have attempted a jenga move at the bottom….

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  3. I love reading your post, I find myself smiling the whole way through each time! Yes, I hoard my scraps. Your right the more I paid or like a collection the more I am to hang on to the tiniest sliver of paper. Your cards are beautiful.

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  4. So much gorgeousness exists in the scraps. I resolved recently not to keep anything smaller than a cardfront! That lasted all of about an hour when I felt so righteous throwing the bits into the bin. Later to be found on my knees rescueing just a few pieces. Your cards are brilliant, and your humour always a breathe of fresh air.


  5. I’ve got a Pinterest board called ‘Make paper scraps your best friend’ to try to encourage me to use them up, but my box of scraps just seems to grow…
    Gorgeous cards. Love how your simple layout really shows off the Heritage Rose papers x

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    1. Thank you. I have done a quick Pinterest search and found a board named that, but I am not sure if it is you? It’s a great board though so I have followed it anyway!! I think the scraps issue will never go away for us really!

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