Arrgh! Malfunction!

So sorry, I am having major keyboard/pc/brain issues. I think I just accidentally managed to delete some responses to my post earlier tonight. Please, nobody be offended. It was totally unintentional. I was in the middle of replying and it all went horribly wrong. I got a big red X I have never seen before and no chance to remedy the situation! Imagine a sad face emoji here and also know that I have had to backspace and delete about fifty times just to type this paragraph.

Goodness knows what might happen in the next hour….wish me luck….

12 thoughts on “Arrgh! Malfunction!

  1. Chicken … along the bar at the top of your site (on any page), over to the far top left, you should see a W in a circle with the words: My Site – next to the W in the circle. If you hover over that, a long window will pop open along the left hand side. (If you remove your cursor the window will close again). Read down that window and you’ll see things like: View Site. or WP Admin. or Stats. Plan. Comments….. and more things below that. What you’re looking at is the ‘Comments’. If you have comments waiting for you to moderate them, they will show up in (normally) an orange bubble. You can click into that section by just clicking once, on the ‘Comments’, and that will open up the comments page for you.

    You can read each comment there, approve it, and reply to it, all in that section. (Do one at a time – approve and reply if you’re going to), and that way you don’t get confused about where you should be typing.

    You will also see another section, along the top of that comments page, called ‘Spam’. Be careful with that one. Don’t allow things which have been put in that spam box …. unless you’re sure they aren’t spam. If you need to know how to tell the difference just give me a shout and I’ll give you a quick teach in on how to spot them. (Some of them actually look like quite nice comments … but I’ve found that they link to some dubious pages – some of them are VERY dubious indeed! And by allowing them to appear on your site you’re promoting them. eeek!) Just let me know and I’m more than happy to help.

    But you probably know all this already and I’m trying to teach you stuff you know, so feel free to ignore all of this and delete this comment. (yes seriously. I won’t mind).
    ~ Cobs. x

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    1. I would never delete any nice/helpful/constructive comment – except the one or two I did by accident!! I appreciate them all. It is so, so nice of you to take time to pass on knowledge and offer to help. I know some of this info, but not all of it, and there may be others who read this who, like me, are learning through trial and error and will find it helpful too. I think you may have solved my accidental ‘trashing’ issue for me. Can’t thank you enough if that turns out to be the case! You are a superstar, Cobs, and I am so glad to have met you. Thanks for checking out my blog and for all your ‘likes’ and comments. xx

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