The peril of unexpected mirrors

Does this happen to you? You are getting ready to face the world for the day, perform all your necessary ablutions, dress, do your hair, put on your face and, well, in the mirror at home, the one you look into every day, you see whatever you see. You aren’t delusional, you know it is not the face of your youth, you know every real line and probably imagine a few extra too. But it’s what you’ve got to work with and you are used to it. Sometimes you might even dare to give yourself a little compliment. Nothing over the top, of course, but maybe your hair is looking shiny, or your eyes are bright, or the face lift has worked…whatever….

Then you go out. Perhaps a little shopping? Why not! Why not? Because of this. You are happily wandering around, making important decisions about your purchases and then BOOM! You see some old/greying/dumpy/scrawny woman wearing your clothes. And realise it is you. In the unexpected mirror. The mirror that reflects you nothing like old faithful at home! They should have warnings, like speed cameras, so you can make the necessary adjustments in good time (dark glasses are a start), or just choose to go another direction entirely.

How did I onto this subject today? Happily no mirror horror. I made these two cards really quickly, and they are fine, but, funnily enough the camera has made them look a bit better in the picture than they do in reality. And no airbrushing!

ss blue helloss hello duoss yellow hello detailss yellow hello

They are made using Altenew stamps. I should have planned the blue one a bit better. I thought I was ahead of the game by stamping the ’just saying’ and a ’hello’ alongside it first, to give me an idea of where to stamp the remaining ’hello’s, but I didn’t really have a plan after that, apart from knowing I was going to 3d a die cut ‘hello‘ over the top of my original guide stamp! It worked out OK though and next time will be better. I like the simplicity.

The yellow one is Altenew Painted Flowers made into a background, the same ‘hello’ stamp and die and another Painted Flower die cut to just make a little cluster at the centre, with an extra pop of green on the leaves.

Both are very quick to achieve.

Supplies: Altenew – Super Script (Hello) and Painted Flowers stamps, Jet Black, Frayed Leaf, Peach Perfect, Mango Smoothie and Caribbean Sky inks; Hunkydory Adorable Scorable black card; baker’s twine from stash


26 thoughts on “The peril of unexpected mirrors

      1. Isn’t that funny how we go through periods in our creativity where we have to explore a certain thing until we’re satisfied? Great commentary to go along with your cards, by the way, I laughed in recognition!

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  1. Love the yellow roses…and laughed…for me it’s photos. I can accept what I see in the mirror but my photos are awful!


  2. I have had that moment with the mirror thing, very depressing. Photo’s too, hate them, especially since my other half hasn’t quite got the point and shoot thing happening, he looks through the lens, then round the side of the camera and says something like ‘you have your frog smile on’ completely ruins the moment and the photo’s show my scowling annoyance. However, that is not why I am here. Your cards are great, and what a bonus that they look better in the photo’s – although I doubt that is true. I am seeing Altenew stamps everywhere on Pinterest and Youtube – and I haven’t got any, do I feel a ‘yet’ coming on, I certainly do.

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    1. Photos are my nightmare. I could camera-dodge for England! I’ve never seen a ‘frog smile’ – sounds intriguing! I have a few of the Altenew sets now and I really like all of them. These Painted Flowers are for me the easiest to use, because they are a looser design and don’t match up exactly Plus I love the look of them when stamped.


  3. Super cards. Oh yes, know that mirror well. Don’t look any more. Probably why I always have bad hair days and look like a pineapple head 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Flo x

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  4. Lovely cards! I have the Super Script stamp set and have been getting a lot of use out of it. The words really are lovely! I definitely need to get the dies for it once my die cutter arrives. (Yes, I ordered it!)

    I tend to avoid mirrors. I don’t notice myself in them because I have perfected the habit of not looking at them 😛 I avoid photos too – I definitely find them more of a problem than mirrors! I have been trying to get better at both mirrors and photos though – self-esteem is very important 🙂

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  5. Again, gorgeous Cards.Love them both!!!

    And yep, can relate to the Unexpected Mirror scene….but then there are days it works in the positive manner and shocks me even more! 😀

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  6. Lol! I go through the same thing. I’m a “little” long sighted (meaning I can’t read anything w/out my glasses…) and I find myself really beautiful in the mirror…until I put my glasses on! But as everything (not just me) looks so much nicer wout them, I try not to wear my glasses too often and carry on this illusion! Your cards are just beautiful, as usual (and I say that with my glasses on!)

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  7. Hi
    I’m not very crafty but I’m inspired to try… The mirror thing though – Yep – Terrifying!! I ask my mirror “Does my bum look big in this?” and it replies “not very big” – I keep trusting the response and then I go to the shops and I’d like to say I catch just ‘a glimpse’ of my rear end but no – I’m faced with a GINORMOUS image!! and that’s the moment when I realise the mirror at home had the last laugh – Again!!

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