Using up leftovers

I don’t mean making a gourmet meal from the remnants of today’s feast. I cannot do that. If what was left was a few cold roast potatoes or a vegetable medley then that is exactly what you would get served back up again. With perhaps a garnish of fresh herbs, if I have them. But I am BRILLIANT at saving leftovers, because we all know we should do it. Unless you are clever enough to only prepare exactly the right amount of food in the first place. Not me: there is always a bit of surplus. So everything gets covered, wrapped or bagged to protect it against unspecified dangers and added to the contents of the fridge. Then, somewhat surprisingly and pointlessly given that the universe needs to be protected, the chaps from Men in Black turn up, erase my memory with their special mind-wipe gizmo and the delicious morsel is forgotten. Completely. And rendered invisible too, just for good measure and in case I should happen to go back to the fridge in the next few days (?!) and spot it. This lasts only until fridge clear-out day, obviously, when I rediscover the leftovers and do a comedy forehead slap to indicate my own stupidity. I don’t actually leave them in there until they evolve into a sentient life form, able to walk out on their own, introduce themselves in Esperanto or Panglish and ask for a razor and a  decaf latte…

So, crafty leftovers then, grab the attention rather more. These cards were rustled up from superfluous Altenew Painted Flowers lying around on my craft table. Rather than squirreling them away, doubtless never to be found again, I am determined to use up such scraps somehow. They won’t be any good for bubble and squeak (sorry, probably only Brits will know what this is!) so cards it is.

This is (almost) the last of the yellow flowers I have stamped recently.

AN yellow leftovers card


These pink flowers are quite muted. When I first got the stamps I tried and loved a black outline, but also tried it in grey and was less sure. But now I have put them with more grey and a softer look works fine, I think. Also, I made the spotty background myself! Whoo-hoo!

AN pink leftovers card

Both cards are really quick once the stamping is done, and even that doesn’t take long!


19 thoughts on “Using up leftovers

    1. Wow, that’s so lovely of you, thanks! I am going to be rather ‘missing’ though after tonight/tomorrow for a bit so I don’t think I can do it, but am proper chuffed that you nominated me! I love your blog and it makes me laugh a lot. I will check it out tomorrow. Thanks again xx

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  1. I am in love with all the Altenew stamps I am seeing, which is a real shame being a Stampin’ UP! demonstrator. Aah well, who said I can’t make the odd exception. I love leftovers always have, just heat ’em up and voila! Regarding using leftovers, I made a decision recently not to keep anything (paperwise that is) that was smaller than a card front. I will tell you I have lapsed somewhat, but it was very freeing for me not to have to keep all the bits that were left around. I’m not completely cured yet though!

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    1. Thank you so much! The stamp is from a set by a US company Altenew called Painted Flowers. They are layering stamps and are the most fun to use, and you can buy dies to go with them too. I love the effect they give and of all the layering stamps I have, these are the most ‘forgiving’ if you don’t quite get it perfect (which I don’t, a lot!!). I have used them on a few projects here, and also other Altenew stamps (am a bit addicted). Hope this helps but if you want to know anything else just ask 🙂

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