Identity crisis

It has occurred to me that my bloggy pals are calling me by different names. I am Gillian, I am chicken46, I am PaperPuff and I am paperfluff. I have more names than a member of the royal family or a pedigree dog. All totally my fault, because I didn’t have the tiniest clue about how to manage a blog when I started doing this, so made some (?? about a bajillion!!) rookie mistakes.

Time to rationalise. Chicken46 is going into semi-retirement on the farm in the country. Free range, obviously, all the corn she can eat and with a nicely feathered rooster or two for eye candy.

G45 rooster

I couldn’t decide whether to lose the ‘chicken’ completely or just change my ‘display name’. Never one for pushing the ‘final solution, no return’ button in haste I plumped for the latter. If it is not what I want I can still change it later. So, if I pop up on your site looking confusingly familiar yet different, this is the reason! I don’t mind which name people use, I just figured three was enough…


30 thoughts on “Identity crisis

      1. Actually most people use Gill. But I went for my full name here because I used to work for an American company and when my US colleagues rang they were often expecting a man called Gilbert instead…

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      2. In my head your name is samanthamurdochblog. Said in a hurry. If I were to speak of you (in hushed and reverential tones, naturally) I would probably have trouble calling you anything else!

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      3. Oh rats, sorry, I just got that. Murdoch thing, right? Blackadder it is then. Funnily enough, there is someone at work who has accidentally called me Bob a couple of times (yep, really!) so it is totally apt.

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    1. Probably because you are smart and know what you are doing!! I think maybe I should have been made to take some basic competency test first before being let loose…

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      1. Nah, making it up as you go is half the fun! I never had the problem because Green Embers was a handle I had before, so it was easy enough to keep using it. I was more lucky than smart. 😀

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  1. Oooh now this reminds me of my all time favourite saying (have already used it before but who cares?). It is ‘luck’s as good as brains, as long as it lasts’. Can’t argue with that!


  2. I quite liked chicken46! I keep trying to think of a better identity (and even a better blog title!) but I am failing miserably. It took me ages to decide on those. PaperPuff is lovely too, it reminds me of puffs of pink glitter!

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    1. I liked the chicken too, but it was chosen in haste and I didn’t realise it would be the name I was known by! Plus, I don’t even own one chicken. But I like your names too – I thought MrsCraft was a stroke of genius!

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      1. In my head, it makes you like a crafty (in the nicest way) Mrs Claus, but for all year round…funny what the choice of name can do, isn’t it?

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  3. Having just started blogging I can relate all to well to rookie mistakes. Sigh…You prove that we eventually get it.


    1. I don’t know about that – I still make mistakes ALL the time! But whenever I do, people are really nice about it. Sometimes others have done exactly the same or similar so I don’t feel quite so daft (maybe they are just being kind)! Every time I have asked for advice or help it has been offered. If you are stuck, or have messed up, it’s just a temporary glitch! I really enjoyed reading your posts today – you made me laugh. I hope you have great fun and will follow your blog.


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