Simple tulips

Having not made anything for the best part of two weeks, last Friday night I had to get back to my happy place, just briefly. I gave myself 30 minutes to produce two cards from scratch, with no preplanning. For me it is always the planning, composition, and general indecisiveness that takes the time. But on this occasion I made it with minutes to spare! These two little offerings are simple, simple, simple. With a side order of simple. I considered ribbon and baker’s twine but was not keen on the look. Pared down is what I am after, probably because we have been stepping round boxes and moving piles of stuff so we can sit down for days now.

Tulips are my favourite flower. Unless I am in ‘blow the budget’ territory in which case it is peonies, but, on any given day, a bunch (or two) of tulips makes me a deliriously happy woman. Altenew stamps + plus tulips = happy clappy dance. Nobody need see.

I decided to try out my grey inks again – the ones that went green when I used them before. Different card this time: an all-purpose one, but it is marketed as good for stamping, plus it is a high gsm/lb weight so you can use it for your base. I stamped the leaf/stem first, then stamped it again directly over the top in the same shade as it was just a bit too pale for my liking. Then the leaf/stem detail. I am not kidding you, again they were grey to start with, then morphed into something greener. I carried on with the flower head, unconvinced of a happy outcome, but everyone and everything deserves a second chance, right? Using the next dark shade for the flower head, I had a definite and absolute grey, no question. And now, was it a reaction with the card again, or just a trick of the eye? The leaf/stem looked more grey than green…

AN tulip grey

Because the colour change drama happened overnight last time, I just waited to see, but, hurrah! Definitely all over more grey than anything else. The stamping isn’t perfect but it’s fine. I’ll give it to someone who has mislaid their glasses…

AN tulip purple

The second one was just to make a colourful contrast. And whilst you have the stamps out, you may as well make two. I really wanted to use pink, but am trying sooooo hard to choose other colours!  like the way the ‘h’ is wishes follows the line of the tulip stem. Little things….

What’s your favourite flower?



24 thoughts on “Simple tulips

  1. Your tulips are beautiful, Gillian. (I am on my laptop in a bad glare, I can pass not judgement on the ink color dilemma.) My favorite flower…hmmm…I love carnations because they do not usually bother my allergies. (But I don’t know if you can grow them at home) Pansies. Wishbone Flowers. Petunias. Irises. Looks like I am saying “ANYTHING PURPLE”, doesn’t it? 😉 Have a great day!

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  2. Thanks Kathy! I had to google wishbone flowers as I have not heard of them before – very pretty! Hope you have a good day too 🙂


  3. Ooh these tulips are rather lovely! I’ve got my eye on this set too! Favourite flower? I really don’t know although I do love it when the Honeysuckle blooms in my garden – the fragrance is beautiful 🙂

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  4. They both look great! I like the different looks and frankly I like the mixed hues in the grey one. You crack me up with the ” give it to someone who has lost their glasses.” I need to learn to not drink my coffee while reading your posts. 🙂 I have heard forever about peonies and finally this past spring was able to get my hands on a bouquet, they are most exquisite flowers. They have joined the favorite list.

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    1. Hope I haven’t given you extra laundry! I used to not like peonies we had in the garden as a kid because of the ants, but now they have become expensive and posh I love them! Go figure….Nice to hear from you again!

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    1. Ooh yes, wild flowers are lovely – bluebells, cornflowers and lavender in abundance particularly, I think!


  5. I love the tulip cards! My absolute favorite flower is double peonies, but they bloom for such a short time. I wonder if they could be grown & forced to bloom at off-season times in artificial conditions.

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      1. I don’t know; I haven’t seen them for sale in the US year round, but then I also haven’t sought them out – I’m just basing this on my experience with grocery store florists, not actual/specialty florists.

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      2. If only I had the internet, lol. I asked my friend Google; they are available year round as a cur flower but are super pricey (as much as $900 for a bouquet). At those prices, I’ll continue waiting for the seasonal blooms.

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  6. Beautiful work! I’ve been making cards for my family/friends for years now and I get so much enjoyment from creating a card for that one occasion and person! But yours go way above and beyond!!!
    My favorite flower? Too many to choose from….rose, tulip, hydrangea, fuchsia, impatiens!!!

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  7. They are both so cute! I need to make myself sit down and create….these past two weeks I haven’t had a lot of time due to some family issues with my Dad. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get back to coloring! 🙂

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