It’s beer, but not as we know it…

These two cards are made using a beer bottle die. Fabulously useful for cards for men, but you always want to get the most from your tools, so I tried using it for celebratory cards that are more feminine. I think they came out ok! Five bottles cut from coordinating papers, plus a glittery greeting.

AN bottle die - Tea PartyAN bottle die - Floral Muse

I have not been meeting my glitter quota lately so need to make amends and use it on everything. Just as a heads up, it is not good on cereal, adds nothing to a salad (apart from attractive sparkle) and makes uncomfortable pyjamas.

Supplies-Altenew bottle die; Poppystamps Fancy Celebrate die; Dovecraft papers: Tea Party and Floral Muse



42 thoughts on “It’s beer, but not as we know it…

      1. Don’t think I am capable of creative thinking today…am off for another sprinkled salad to see if that helps. Will choose pink glitter, in your honour….

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      2. Dinner was no help…hopefully a superb name and full business plan will come to me overnight! currently I have ‘left foot, right foot, glitter and glue’ written down. Pretty sure Richard Branson was a bit more prepared…?

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      3. Faustian pact??? Dunno. Anyway, am fully expecting to wake tomorrow with a full business plan, brand name, marketing schedule and the ability to draw said shoes (this will honestly be the trickiest bit), I have glitter, I have shoes. What can go wrong?!


    1. Thanks. Maybe she is just trying to make her own texture paste from the glitter and previously ‘daubed’ Sudocrem? Early signs of a crafter, I think…

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      1. I’ve got her down as more of a graffiti artist going on her efforts on the patio with chalks. Maybe glitter graffiti could become a ‘thing’? We need to work on not eating the craft materials first though…


  1. Ohh these are FABULOUS! I adore that you’ve thought out of the box and given beer bottles a really beautiful make-over! I tell you what, if bottles of beer actually came in those colours and patterns, I’d buy them just to put a couple of flowers in them and stand them on the windowsill.

    BEER MAKERS OF THE WORLD … you must purchase this idea from P.Puff (Inc), of London, and begin production immediately.

    You can contact P.Puff directly through her agent, where you can tender your bid. (Make it a generous offer Beer Makers and Beer Bottle Makers, otherwise your bid will simply be **filed and not replied to).
    Do let me know Ms.Puff, if that shameless bit advertising works for you. I’m not asking for any fee, just the laugh. LOL.
    ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Oh Cobs, you have brightened my day significantly!! I am a ‘credit where it’s due’ kind of chick, and therefore, as my agent, you would of course be entitled to a percentage of the fee, plus perks. And, we’d probably need a company outing – sorry, I mean quality control inspection – to make sure the contents were delicious enough. Sorry, I mean of a suitably high standard. Probably need to take a few other bloggy pals – sorry, I mean Standards Officers – to help. If only I had thought this through better at the start and said they were champagne bottles…Xx

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  2. Oh yes, Quality Control will be stringent! You’re not going to put your name to just any old ‘made from hops’ beverage! Quality Control will be employed and it will be precise! Naturally this may take several days, but our Control Officers will be up to the challenge.

    I think a staff meeting should be called, (meeting place to be advised but somewhere Local would be best so that we won’t have any worries about our staff getting home easily).

    I’ve come up with an idea for what this new beverage should be called too
    Either: . . . P Puff Beer
    or .. . . . . . PP Beer.

    I’m leaning towards the PP Beer at the moment as it sounds catchy. 🙂 (We genuinly have beer here, made here in Dorset, called Piddle Beer!).

    [raises glass of lemonade aka PP Bee] Cheers me-dears!
    Squidges ❤ ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Hmmn, I am not too sure about so many ‘p’s, given that two of the main things beer can do to a person start with P…. Oh, wait, how about, “fancy a glass of Peer?” It’s beer, but prettier (that’s the strap line)… And we could make it PINK. With GLITTER (somehow, don’t understand the technicalities of that and granted people wouldn’t want glittery teeth and tongues but that’s all just details…). C’mon, Dragons’ Den, bring it on!

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      1. Absolutely laughing my head off.

        I have another idea to throw into the pot … (ha! the P Pot. again… laughing like a bl**dy drain) …. Two Words: Popping Candy. There has to be a way of getting something similiar which will work in beer, or rather Peer, but that only begins the POP when it mixes with your mouth.

        Awww pet … I can see us making MILLIONS from this brain stormin’ idea.

        [still laughing – so much so that I can’t see the puter screen for tears!]
        lub u ~ me. x lol.. and still laughing. aw heck.

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      2. So, we could go for some great businessperson, with a proven track record in business start-ups and genius marketing…or we could choose someone who would be great fun on a beer tasting jolly…. I know where I am casting my vote…

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      3. Yup … me too! 🙂
        I shall wear this rose —<-@
        in my knicker elastic, but only you will know that so if some bugger tries it on I'll deck him. 🙂
        Y'know .. I haven't laughed this much for ages. Maybe that's down to the POPPERPUFF!!!
        ❤ ~ Cobs. x

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