Who doesn’t like an elephant in wellies?

Especially when he is holding a bunch of balloons to boot (sorry, had to be done).

Am still in the Mojo Doldrums – a small group of islands populated by burnt-out crafters – so this time resorted to gift wrap to try and get me back up and running. Gift wrap seems less demanding, somehow, and its temporary nature takes the pressure off a bit. Nobody puts their gift wrap on show once they have opened the present, right? Others don’t look through the mantelpiece display and say ‘well that sticky tape is well positioned’ or ‘wow, look how sharp the corners are on that one’ do they?

So, a couple of milk carton boxes made with my Crafter’s Companion Sweet Treats score board. The boxes are really quick to cut and construct and then you just decorate as you wish. Normally I would love doing this, but today even gift wrap seems to be beyond me, so these are pretty basic. I have used gingham, for prettiness and Louise Tiler images from CraftArtist because they are lovely and I can resize them. The clip on the blue version was already patterned with a stripe, so no extra effort required. For the pink one I covered a plain silver clip in the same washi tape that I used as a border.

I wanted to embellish them a bit more, and make gift tags, but I just cannot settle on what to do. In a glass half full spirit I will call them work in progress.


46 thoughts on “Who doesn’t like an elephant in wellies?

  1. Like the elly-welly…love the idea! Nice for new baby gifts- stick a pair of bootees and a toy in, job done! Or, a more grown up theme, chocolates!
    Also…I’m afraid to say I’m one of those people that save gift wrap…

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      1. O..k…yesIironit! I also date it (I’m not at all OCD) and write who it was from. Lol! But my youngest son made some paper and it was too lovely to throw away…and I’ve got a piece with a repeating kitten pattern on it…and a piece with really pretty pansies on that wrapped my birthday present from Mum…and an antique map piece…

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      2. As a parent you are allowed to keep anything handmade by your children, right? Dating it…well, I guess if you are keeping it for sentimental reasons then cataloguing is sensible too. Is there a filing system? Dewey decimal?

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      3. Ah but if it’s useful stuff then it has valid existence, if it’s “might come in handy” then it is also valid. If it’s “why did I” then bin it…kind of why, much to my son’s discomfort, I like to look in skips for the possible Chippendale, or check charity shops for that elusive Faberge..

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      4. Oh yes you do! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I think I may have a form of Tourette’s… No skip action down here. I’d probably need to wear a hazmat suit!

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  2. These are lovely. Beautifully made. Great sharp edges 🙂 Just spotted the wellies 🙂 I bought a scoreboard to make some of these but the boxes are really small when made up. I didn’t realise CC did one. Need to check it out. TFS. You know, I wonder if people don’t comment on them because they don’t realise they are handmade. They do look very professional.
    Hugs Flo x

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    1. Thanks Flo! Re the board – it has two sizes. These ones make up at 17 x 6 cm and there is a large one about 27 x 8.5cm. There is another box on the reverse but I have never got around to making that one!


  3. I really like making the milk carton style boxes, I have the sizzix die so it’s mega easy! It’s quite surprising how many Hershey’s Kisses you can get in them! I think yours are fab Gill, especially the ellie in wellies!

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    1. Thanks Karen. They definitely need finishing off, somehow, but my brain is fried at the moment. Haven’t seen the Sizzix die – probably best I don’t look in case I get tempted!!

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  4. They’re really cute! Embellishments are hard work, I’m always in a quandary, that line between just enough and overdone is too fine. Hope you manage to finish them the way you want to. 😊

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  5. This elephant in gumboots is so cute! Love it
    Sometimes I have unfinished projects waiting for months… and at those times I think I should just switch to creating ATC’s))) Because I would have been really ashamed to leave such a small project unfinished)

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  6. Oh how cute are these! I just wish I had more time to create! Working full time takes a lot out of you, especially as we get older. Where did my energy go? LOl! I seem to have so many ideas sometimes, I just don’t know where to begin! LOL!

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