I beg to differ

The sentiment on this card says ‘a cup of tea solves everything’. Well (a) it hasn’t. I am still in the crafty doldrums, and (b) I don’t like tea. There it is. I am British and I don’t like tea. I try: every now and again I give it a go, but no. Think of an eight year old asked to drink a broccoli and sardine smoothie and that is the face, right there. Bleagh! Gimme beans, any day.

But, I do love teacups, and these stamps are so, so cute. Lovely old-fashioned wide-rimmed teacups. Gorgeous. I haven’t done them justice today, but I have done something, after ages of nothing. Maybe tea has helped, a little, after all.

The pictures are a bit odd – I took them in that evening light that changes the colours a bit. The red is way more scarlet and less neon in reality and the yellow and blue a bit brighter.


Dies and stamps: Clearly Besotted Warm Solutions and Diagonal Stripes stamps

Inks: Altenew Mango Smoothie, Persian Blue, Jet Black;  Lawn Fawn hippo. The red is Vivid! Hot Red but I am not sure if they are still around? I searched but just got a lot of tattoo sites!


34 thoughts on “I beg to differ

  1. I love these cards! YES TEA SOLVES EVERYTHING! My dream job would be “Official Tea Giver” and I would travel the globe offering cups of tea to grumpy world leaders…if I do get the job, then your cards would be ideal advertisements, stylish and simple with just the right touch of home comfort : )

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    1. Amazing. Calling cards and occupation name-I missed that one!! Thank you very much : ) I must hasten forthwith to the local council to apply for sponsorship..


      1. Could I suggest you ‘go large’? Ditch the council (unless they have a fantastic and well funded International Relations department of course) and head straight for the UN. Go Samantha!!

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      2. Hmm, I like your thinking..I believe our council does quite a good apprenticeship scheme…but nothing ventured nothing gained!

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      3. The Apprentice!!! Next year. You and your tea, saving the world one cup at a time. You can franchise…whole team of teaplomats…funded by Lord SUGAR!!!! Is there a Dame Milk, do you know??

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      4. Have just spent the past ten minutes trying to find a famous Milk. No joy, apart from Harvey who is no longer with us…the closest I could get was “Ernie…he drove the fastest milk cart in the west..”

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      5. Keith Lemon is bearable in small doses but I feel he lacks the necessary subtlety and tact required as a representative of the teaplomatic service…perhaps Morgan Freeman could be persuaded to change his name to Morgan Teaman..

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  2. There is nothing wrong with these lovely little cards, and I use to have the same problem when taking evening photos, until I used a box! I wanted a light studio but couldn’t afford one, so I took and empty box, cut the front off and lined it with cheap white copy paper and Voila! That is what I use to take my pictures anytime, the white throws the light at the card and makes it look vibrant……you might be able to make an Olympic Sport too…..paper box-ing 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you! I will try your box suggestion out. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t heard back from Mr IOC yet but I guess he is just a bit busy. They say timing is everything! Xx

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  3. I love these, such a modern and funky take on tea cups. Maybe something stronger than tea is in order? I think these cards don’t look like the work of someone in the crafty doldrums, they look fab. You need a job at a cardmaking magazine! 😊

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  4. Great cards! I’m not British, but I do like tea….especially iced tea in the summertime. I like tea when I’m not feeling well, especially if I have a cold. Something about the warm liquid soothes the soul. I drink coffee too, but when I’m not feeling well, tea is my choice…with a splash of honey! 🙂

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  5. I’m with you on the Tea. I don’t drink it either. Last cup of tea I had was when I was 13 years old.

    LOVE the cards. Both of them. I think perhaps my favourite is the red cup …but that’s simply because I have this soft spot for red. Both of them look fabulous. Great Makes!
    ~ Cobs.

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