I have cast on! And then some….

Oh look, the ultimate accessory. A cat to match my scarf…

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to try knitting again. My mum and sister immediately leapt into action. Well, they leapt into their local haberdashery shop and bought me some yarn and a couple of project books. My sister has already placed an order for some beautiful, delicate long slipper sock thingies. Might take a while to get to that level!!

The yarn they chose is a super-chunky one – not right for the aforementioned socky things, so I am off the hook there for a now. After a bit of deliberation I decided to make something really simple and straightforward. I am pretty ring-rusty and didn’t want to fail dismally and lose interest or enthusiasm.

I found a (free) pattern at LoveKnitting for a rib scarf that was suitable for super-chunky yarn. I had already armed myself with a cheap set of needles from Amazon: I know there are much better quality ones available but I saw no point in spending lots of money given that I might only make one or two things. And actually I like these slippy metal needles – they are comfortingly familiar.

The scarf is going well. I have only spent a few hours and it is already nearly 3 feet long. The stitch is simple, so it doesn’t require too much brain power, and I think it suits the variegated yarn pretty well.

Looks like I have rediscovered another hobby!




43 thoughts on “I have cast on! And then some….

  1. That’s pretty good! I am actually quite impressed as I’m rubbish at knitting..I can only do knitting! I can embroider, not particularly useful but I love the way you have sensitively co-ordinated cat to scarf…or was it the other way round?

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      1. Your title will be very long. I suggest you do it near the hem, so you get a nice swishy action from the weight of all the cotton. Do it near the top and it might give you backache…

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      2. As a future prime minister I need to think about these things… Government. It’s all in the details. No, wait, that’s accessorising…

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      1. [pouts]
        Although I know your strawberry
        and white baby is yours… I long to have a ginger baby all for my own.

        I never really ‘took’ to ginger cats, until I adopted one which had been treated really badly, kept in a bedroom, never saw anyone except for when it was fed (potatoes and gravy! grr), and I just included him as one more of ours. But … he made me his person. He followed me everywhere and sat with me: while I had a bath, washed my hair, shaved my legs, poorly in bed. Crafting. You name it, he was there. Sadly he was hit by a car on the road and I lost him. I howled for weeks, and every ginger cat which I come across since, I have to stop and have a chat and a tickle.

        Will you tell your baby that Aunt Cobs says hello, and give him a little tickle on the very top of his head for me.
        ~ Cobs. x

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      2. Task accomplished (he comes when I call him and sits to see what excitement is on the menu)! Sorry to hear about your little guy, it’s so horrid to lose any pet, but especially the ones that have adopted you totally and completely: I have had a few of them too. Xx


  2. Oh it looks so nice! It has been a year since I have knitted anything (for my new grandson). When we had a cat, she used to sit on my lap and make her way under whatever I was knitting and just sit there while I knitted all snuggly. 🙂

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    1. How funny – I can knit but not crochet and you are the other way around! I am going to try crochet again though, one day…


  3. Great start on the scarf – I love the colours! And your cat is a doppelganger for my mom’s Turkish Van ginger-and-white shorthair street cat with a strange, short tail whom my cousins brought back from Japan. (Whew – long story.) And you MUST knit that kitty his/her own blankie!

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    1. Apparently YouTube is brilliant for tutorials. I am so rusty I did actually have to think for a few minutes to make sure I was casting on right! This pattern is, I promise, super-easy and quick too. A nice starter project definitely.


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