What has plenty of ‘or’s, but no boat?

This does. Another ‘warts and all’ post..

The temperature in my corner of the UK is 32°C today. We are not prepared for such things. Air conditioning is not commonplace; people are hot, and there is no cooling breeze, real or man-made. I work in an old building which takes ages to warm up in winter and ages to cool down in summer. There has been some petty pilfering of, and ugly scenes over fans. Towns are unbearable in weather like this, especially if you have to work and try to still look vaguely professional and not like a melted waxwork gamely sporting a summer frock.

What happened to the Goldilocks effect? Why is it either ‘unseasonably cold’ or ‘unseasonably hot’? Why is it hardly ever ’just right’? of course I know my ’just right’ is not for everyone. but, my ‘just right’ is pretty much bang on what we are daily told we should be expecting for the time of year. Fine & sunny, lovely. Warm, sure. Low to mid 20s C, super. I am pretty sure temperatures of +30° are unconstitutional.

Here is something seasonal, as well as being the warts and all bit (sorry if you thought that was covered in the above rant)! I think it also lacks the Goldilocks effect. A few days ago I made this card and I am not sure about it. Sometimes I think it is fine, and other times very much flawed. I love the image, and because I am somewhat challenged in the colouring department I opted for a bit of punchy selective paper piecing instead. Cunning, huh?! OK, not exactly Machiavellian but not Baldrick either. Then I though I would aim for a vintage look, but with sun-bleached seaside colours.

vintage seaside

I found the bunting in a digikit and it was ok, but not enough. A further search for shells and I found these two in different kits, resized, re-coloured and then added them. Now, well, I just don’t know. Maybe if I had stamped the sunbather onto kraft card instead? Or just taken down the white a bit? Or used a smaller card base and moved the main image up to touch or overlap the bunting slightly? Or not put the poor sunbather in imminent danger of being overpowered by giant human-eating shells? Or maybe it is just a bit uninteresting?

Supplies: stamp from Crafty Individuals; everything else from Serif CraftArtist


46 thoughts on “What has plenty of ‘or’s, but no boat?

  1. I like it, the colours all work well. There’s something entertaining about the sunbather being eaten by giant seashells. (Well my immature self would laugh for quite some time if I received this, especially with a witty sentiment written inside.) Wish you were here… on the front and then inside ‘being stalked by giant man eating shells.’

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  2. Just started raining here..I think the card is lovely! Nice and summery (proper summer) with a cute vintage feel…would be exciting to find shells that large on the beach…

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      1. Oh, I don’t know…my initial thought was to drag the sea creature out of the shell so I could go and have a look inside…then I wandered off into a weird little day dream scenario..doing “Through the Keyhole” with Keith Lemon…

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  3. Sorry about your weather woes!

    I love your sunbather.

    I’m not sure about combining her with the bunting and the shells. I also think Mrs. Craft is on to something with her “man eating shells” sentiment…

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  4. Your card is the wonderful result of a twisted mind married to a warped sense of humour, fuelled by the bl**dy HEAT IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH IS MELTING MY BODY AND I’M NOT EVEN A TINY BIT HAPPY ABOUT IT, and by the sound of it you’re not overly enjoying this hot, hot, unfunny, HOT.

    I love the talented shell which has jumped so high in the sky that it’s flying off with that bunting, and personally, I’d sign that shell up to the PP Olympics, because he/she is a total winner, and already knows how to fly the flags!

    But … putting the silly to one side (sorry – I can’t help it. I’m not at all amused by this heat so am having to find fun where I can today) …. I love the card. It has that lovely vintage feel to it and the use of that shade of blue background paper is perfect.

    I am also wondering if you have some sort of drone outside my craft room window, because I’ve playing with postcards and beachy stuff over the past few days too!

    Sending ice cold squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. If I had a drone it would have crash landed by now: hand and eye co-ordination is not in my skill set!! I was so grumpy today when the thunderstorms that were forecast never materialised! Sorry you are suffering too. But, it’s Britain, we’ll be chilly before we know it, right? Probably Monday…

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      1. It’s supposed to get cooler at the weekend. (crossing fingers, squeezing eyes really tight and wishing with every fibre of her body.)

        Y’know … you’re way too hard on yourself when it comes to your crafting. There really isn’t anything at all wrong with this card. There are no ‘rules’ so no wrongs. (Well, yes, ok, there are wrongs: like spelling mitshakes<—, and making a happy, clappy 'Sorrow' card.

        The only 'wrong' is your belief in yourself. You're a great crafter and a really fabulous woman. You only have to see how many followers you have and the truly lovely, encouraging comments they leave for you. People don't do that unless they like you and your crafted items.

        Believe in yourself Puff. You can and you DO make really lovely things. I know I'd be thrilled to receive a Birthday Card from you, and so would anyone else.

        Just Believe.

        Sending ice cold lollies (no hugs. too hot for hugs) ~ Cobs. x

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      2. Here’s to cooler soon. You are lovely, Cobs; thanks for being so super, always. It’s all subjective though, right? Sometimes I look at something and think ‘yep, it’s fine’ and other times it is ‘what were you thinking?!’. It’s just me, with a bit of a perfectionist tendency. Next year, I promise you a birthday card! Xx

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    1. I agree scale is often not an issue in crafting – we aren’t architects after all! Now I think it is the hard black outline on the shells that I don’t like… I need to do it again, and better!


  5. Gosh you are critical of your work. This card is absolutely perfect just the way it is. Can’t really help you with the sunstroke though. August is traditionally one of your hotter months, and it is almost over now. I’m hoping September and October will be Indian Summer for you all before the cool of Autumn comes.

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    1. Thanks! It is just the extremes and lack of consistency that seems to affect more people. One week it is chilly and the next baking, with no gentle transition!


  6. I love the stamp and the colours, but feel that it might need a tad of depth and texture? It must be this darn heat, can’t put my finger on it either! Do love the shells though 🙂 x

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  7. You poor thing dealing with that type of heat without the appropriate cooling. We’re like that here when it comes to cooler weather.

    I love this Card…can understand what you mean though about not quite being ‘right’ but not able to put your finger on it. Maybe try ink blending more of a Vintage Photo ink colour around the shells so the outline is more vintage looking? Again though, I love it as it is. 🙂


  8. What a cute card! I love the vintage look. The card is perfect just as it is! We have had some hot weather this summer….it’s not so much the heat as it is the humidity here! The corn gets tall, the humidity swells! We couldn’t do without our air conditioning. We have a pool that we are in most of the summer. We have spent a LOT of time in the pool this year. Sitting around the pool is just too hot! LOL! 🙂

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