If at first…

Or is it ‘Oops I Did it Again’?

I previously posted a card I made and was not happy with. What I had in my head did not make it into paper form. But I knew I liked the colours I had chosen, and the stamp is adorable, so I decided to have another go. A fellow blogger Kim (go see her amazing work) suggested perhaps a bit of depth would be good. That gave me an idea. Thanks Kim!

vintage sunbather

I used dies to make the base card and a frame. I also caved in on the clean idea and ‘vintaged it up’ a bit, which I think works better. The controversial (lol) giant shells didn’t make it into this version – I tried them but was still unsure so opted for a tiny anchor instead. Same issue, but reversed, and different embellishment!

There is glitter, but it doesn’t show in the photo. That seems to happen a lot. Someone should invent photogenic, non-camera-shy-but-still-subtle glitter. It’ll probably need a catchier name than that… GlitterArti, maybe?

I definitely prefer this version. It isn’t super, but I think it is better. Thank you to everyone who commented on the previous card post. Sometimes a team effort is just what I need!

The stamp is from Crafty Individuals; blue spotty paper and bunting are from Serif digikits and the red spotty is from Craftwork Cards.

40 thoughts on “If at first…

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately it means I have “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” on constant repeat in my head. A nasty side effect of paper crafting…

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  1. Love, love, love the depth! And the tiny anchor, she’s only a little lady after all so it’s enough to keep her there! I find photographing at an angle can help to catch that pesky camera shy glitter (I’m no pro, I just had a play!) 😊

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    1. Thank you so much! I’d put bunting on the cat if I could…but as a fellow bunting lover I guess you would add it to everything possible too…

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  2. Now I really like that! Well done you…I had nothing to do with it just the hint that got your mind to kick start along with all the other good people, but thank you for the mention. really makes me feel the seaside now! x

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    1. But it was the hint that did it for me, so you are still my hero for today. I hope my link to your blog worked. It looked ok to me but I am never sure!

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      1. Yes it worked thank you, I definitely need all the traffic I can muster, so thanks a bunch. Still say it was all you, I just dragged it out kicking and screaming 🙂 x

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  3. Absolutely stunning! I LOVE it. The teaming of the two spotty papers is brilliant, and you cannot go wrong (in my eyes) with red paper with creamy white spots on it. (you have to see my kitchen pots for tea, coffee and sugar – red with creamy white spots lol).

    I loved the original card … but this one works to perfection.
    Well done my wonderful blogging pal. You are a card master black belt.
    ~ Cobs. x

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      1. Well look what I’ve found: https://uk.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=Paper%20%26%20Cardboard%3A%20Fashion&rs=typed&term_meta%5B%5D=Paper%7Ctyped&term_meta%5B%5D=%26%7Ctyped&term_meta%5B%5D=Cardboard%3A%7Ctyped&term_meta%5B%5D=Fashion%7Ctyped

        Looking at how those are made and put together … I don’t think I’m clever enough. But if you’d like one or two on a card, around 1.5 inches (4cm) tall, I’m more than happy to get going on one that size. It would perhaps fit a couple of fingers. lol. x

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      2. Ambition?

        Hmm … let me go and look that up to see what it means… please talk amongst yourselves for a moment. -back- . . . it says:
        a strong desire to do or achieve something.
        “her ambition was to become a pilot”
        synonyms: aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, object, purpose, intent, plan, scheme, mission, calling, vocation, desire, wish, design, target, end, dream, hope
        “her ambition was to become a model”

        Doesn’t say anything about an ambition to make a full sized paper coat for someone.

        But I’ve got a bwwwillliant idea!
        YOU make it. Then you can blog about it and get Mr. Puff to take a video of you wearing it. The load it to YouTube and then post the link of it into your blog post and VOILA! You have an ambition to wear a paper coat, and you made your dream come twue!

        Ok … get started. See you tomorrow in your coat! 🙂

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