Gettin’ reflective

Not another post about mirrors. I have been blogging for exactly 6 months today, and thought I might do one of those ‘looking back, what have I learnt’ posts. Hmmnn.

Firstly I have learnt not to look back too quickly, makes me dizzy.

What else? Well, OK, I have learnt that I like blogging, which is actually a surprise, because I didn‘t think I would. I don‘t know why I had felt that way, maybe just the whole ’social media’ thing daunted me a bit. I cannot cope with Facebook: it is just too ‘busy‘ visually and literally. But blogging is different. It is BRILLIANT fun to have little chats or exchanges with total strangers. Blogging puts you in touch with amazing people you would never normally meet.

Some of my preconceptions have been challenged. People I thought were super-cool, or super-talented, or super-funny and would therefore never look at my blog, or comment, or click to follow have done just that. It’s a lovely thing.

I have had some of the most fun and funniest ‘conversations’ here or on other blogs. There’s a wealth of wit out there.

People are nice. The times I have posted about a (creative) disaster, or dearth of ideas, bloggers ALWAYS step up and say something kind, or supportive, or just laugh at the disaster with me.

I should have read the manual. Is there a manual? Blogging for the Inept? I didn’t read it. I got talked though my first post over the phone by my sister and then got typing. If I had read the manual I might have saved myself a LOT of time. I would have found that I had email followers as well as WordPress ones. It took me a while to find the WordPress ones too! I would have worked out what the Notifications button did, instead of flicking back and forth from email to other sites to comment or reply. I would have learnt earlier to search using tags to find other blogs that would be fun to read or follow. I should probably read the manual now anyway…. Based on this track record I think it is fair to assume I am still probably doing a bajillion things wrong!

Anything else? Oh yes, blogging is starting to creep into everyday life a little too much. I have found myself typing replies to work emails and then realising I have gone way too heavy on the exclamation marks, and smiley faces are really not an appropriate response to a Senior Partner. Nor is telling him that I ‘love his work’. He took it pretty well though.

Lastly I have learnt that no matter how hard I try, I cannot break the internet. Good to know.


33 thoughts on “Gettin’ reflective

  1. :0 🙂 🙂

    Laughing with you … not at you.
    Well…. ok… I might be laughing just a little bit at you. But it’s only the size of a grain of sand. No …a grain of Rice.
    Or is it the size of a Paving slab?
    Oh …Tarmac Drive?
    CAR PARK! Yeah.. a Hospital sized car park size laughing at you, and sending oodles of love.
    ~ Cobs. x

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  2. I was in two minds about starting a blog…I was very unsure about how my mindless witterings would be received, but everyone I’ve met via WP have been really nice, and as you say, I have had some very funny conversations that have had me in tears..You discover some interesting things about yourself too. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and am very pleased we “met”! : )

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      1. Absolutely! (Knocks virtual glass with virtual teacup a little too enthusiastically, slopping tea down a white t-shirt..)

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  3. Congrats on reaching your 6 month milestone! I think you have done a brilliant job so far providing lots of great inspiration and lots of laughs too! Looking forward to the next six months… and beyond! (Buzz Lightyear eat your heart out!)

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  4. Congratulations to you!! I am so glad you are blogging as I have enjoyed your posts so much. I have laughed “with” you so many times. I am learning a whole new language (it is entirely different from Midwest US) and I will have to try these new words out on my kids some day. Always glad to see your next post.

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  5. Congratulations! I, too, am new to this game and find that 1) I keep a list of things I want to blog about; 2) the list grows every day; 3) I have to restrain myself from blogging every day lest it take over my life completely! Anyway, it’s fun, and I do enjoy your posts (and I thank you for being one of my most faithful “followers”). Blog on!!!

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  6. I so love reading your blog. You are doing fine! I’ve learned a lot over the past couple of years. I started out with a blog on “Blogger” and moved it to WordPress several months ago. Scary, but I was so happy I was successful in moving everything over. I have been blogging for about 2 years now. I don’t have a lot of followers, but that doesn’t matter to me. I look at my blog as a place where I can “store” the photos of what I have created along with my “recipe” for the card. This makes it easy for me to re-create a card that I really liked. It also gives me a chance to look back at some of my earlier cards and see the difference in the ones I am currently making. I must say, I have come a long way. LOL! Blogging is a way to express yourself, and it really doesn’t matter to me if other people don’t like it. I love reading some of the other blogs where at least I can share my sense of humor with other people who have similar tastes. Your’s happens to be one of those! Here’s to many more years of reading!

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    1. Well, thanks! We do have a laugh, for sure. My blog started out the same way really – a way of keeping a record, but I had no idea I would enjoy the interaction with others so much. Although if anyone ever tells me they have a creative hobby I immediately need to know more, so maybe I should have known really!

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  7. I did not really want to start a blog. For me, writing is a daunting task. Given the choice between writing a paragraph and cleaning the bathroom (is it the loo across the pond?), I would clean the bathroom every time. I’m a math person after all. I like facts, figures, problem solving, and correct answers. Writing doesn’t have correct answers!

    Imagine my surprise when I realized that I enjoy my blogging. Perhaps no one else enjoys my blogging, but it makes me happy. It turns out that writing for myself is delightful! I can just prattle on about what I love. My husband doesn’t even have to nod and throw in the occasional “mhm” pretending to listen.

    As for your blogging, I’m so very glad that you decided to give it a go. Your craft projects are beautiful. Your style is different from my own, so I adore looking at what you did and figuring out how I can incorporate it into what I do. However, the best part of your blog is your writing. I see a brilliant lady with a wicked sense of humor. (Wicked is good!) I love whenever your blog pops up in an email, because I know it will make me smile.

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    1. Shucks! What lovely comments! For the record, I thoroughly enjoy reading yours too. And, as I mentioned the other day, I am learning the science of scrapbooking as a plus (little maths term thrown in there!!). Now, ask you asked, the ‘bathroom’ in the UK is the room with the shower and/or bath in it, and often the ‘loo’ too. The ‘loo’ itself is the erm…waste disposal device!


  8. Wow! I would have never guessed you’ve only been blogging for 6 months, PaperPuff! You come across like a pro! But you have a talent for writing as well as for card making so you’ve found the right medium.

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