The great gift wrap search


Today, walking into the living room, I found this, thoughtfully positioned in the middle of the floor. Have the gift-wrap elves paid an early visit? Perhaps we have unwittingly been signed up as a training site for Santa’s little helpers? If so, I think they need to polish up their skills a bit. One stick-on bow does not a present make. Especially as it now is a rather hairy bow, with a bit of carpet fluff attached.

The bow was not a welcome sight. It means the addict has fallen off the wagon. Not that he chose to get on the wagon, so to speak, it was imposed on him, for his own good. I thought that every bit of temptation had been either disposed of permanently or was safely hidden inside a bag, inside a box, in a cupboard. I went to check, and yes, still all untouched and accounted for. Like any good addict, he must have a secret stash somewhere so I had to investigate. After a thorough search I am none the wiser. Hopefully this was his last fix.

My name is Riley and I like to chew curling ribbon. And bows. And tinsel.

tinsel riley



47 thoughts on “The great gift wrap search

  1. I read this, then I read it again loudly so that Alf Capone could share my interest. I then showed Mr. Capone the bow, and then ….. I scrolled down…. slowly ….. so that he first could see the tips of those ears … then the ears, the eyes and the nose … and finally, I zoomed on the mouse wheel to show him the whole picture. His eyes lit up like fairy lights. I could read what was going on inside that wonderful brain of his. TWINKLES. SPARKLES, TINSEL!!! And … Someone to play with.

    But I have to admit that it was the twinkling tinsel which I know was the focus of his stare into the depths of tinternet.

    I spoke his name and he ignored me – unable to draw his eyes away from that substance he desired. I spoke his name again … and he turned his head and gave me a glassy eyed gaze, then looking deep into my eyes I clearly heard him say:

    “Why haven’t I been given some of that? “ quickly followed by: “Pleeeeeeease can I have some?” … “Now?” … … “Like, RIGHT now?”

    I was forced to explain that we don’t have any tinsel in the house, so he made me promise that the minute they bring out the Christmas decclies in the shops, I’ll buy him some. I pinky finger promise.

    Apparently he wants it in Silver.

    I blame you.

    And Riley.

    tsk tsk. Leading Alf Capone astray …. … as if he needs any leading!
    [chuckling] ~ Cobs. x ❤

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    1. Apologies. I have no intention of leading any kitties astray! Although I wasn’t the one showing the pictures, was I?! Tinsel probably made it into the shops about six weeks ago, just in time for the summer holidays…prime tinsel buying time…

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      1. Shhhhhhhhh! {whispering} Capone might look like he’s asleep, but he’s really not. He’s just gathering information so that he can hold it against me and make me ‘dance’ to his command. I told him that Christmas is 3+ months away.

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      2. (also whispering) Okay. Good luck with Operation Tinsel Bluff, Agent Cobs. Let me know if reinforcements are required. Or if you want carol singers nobbled, that kind of thing.


      1. I think they actually make a feature out of advertising Crème Eggs on telly on Boxing Day, or am I imagining that? Sorry about the poncy ‘grave’ accent on the “crème” – it just appears automatically and I don’t know how to get rid!

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  2. Oh my. Our Patches used to pull ornaments off of the tree and hide them around the house. Every morning, I would find them and put them back on the tree, a little farther up. Patches would sit there and watch me and then look at Jiffy, our Jack Russell, like she was scolding him. She would saunter by him and just reach up smack him in the head. The chase was on! All over the house. This would happen every morning from the day we put the tree up until we took it down. I also couldn’t put any bows on any presents until the last minute as they always seemed to be missing from the packages. Oh how I miss both Patches and Jiffy. Such fun in the house when those two were with us.

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  3. This post made me laugh. The last time my boys came home to visit they got to talking about all the stray cats my youngest seemed to find and bring home. then they mentioned the cats and Christmas. Of course the cats all ended up in the house because “they were small and it was cold out”.
    Christmas was always interesting with a cat and a tree. I lost count how many times we needed to pry a cat out of the top of the tree, how many glass balls were busted by marauding cats and how many times we noticed the cat pooping out tinsel (no lie!).
    aaahhhhhh………good times!

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    1. That’s exactly how I discovered his ‘habit’? Gave me a heck of a shock! I guess it must be pretty confusing for them to suddenly find a tree indoors though, so no wonder they think they can climb it like any other!

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    1. I am rarely mad at him. It’s just because he eats it if I am not careful, and I am pretty sure that isn’t healthy! Seems like a few other people have had similar issues though.

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      1. Yes. My mom’s cat – the one who looked just like yours – had the same affliction. Made Christmas interesting (quick, hide all the presents)!

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  4. Riley looks a lot like my Jeff, who thankfully doesn’t like to chew (or choke!) on anything. He does like to catch & kill “prey” though, so I wake up in bed with old bathrobe ties, drawstrings, and plastic circles left on bottles after you unscrew the cap. He and my other kitty, Eevee, have discovered the kitchen sink is a potential snack source so now I have to watch what we’ve got sitting in there & what’s in the mesh drain catcher thingie.

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      1. I guess so! Luckily i dont do fragile ornaments, so breakage isnt a bother, i worry more about coming home and finding the tree sprawled across the ròom and the lights chewed to peices (she seems to love chewing rubber coated cables!

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      2. Lots of them do! I expect you know this but just in case, make sure she has grass to eat as sometimes the chewing can be because they are looking for something fibrous to help with a fur ball. You can buy ‘cat safe’ grow your own grass in packs or get cat grass seed from a garden centre. We find the second option best because you can grow a small amount at a time.

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