One of us has got a new toy

I thought it was me, but now I am not so sure. You know how it is. You get your new toy out and the cat immediately takes possession of the box.


That is what I thought happened when my Cricut Explore arrived this week, but then I remembered….

The pc (one of the earlier touch screen models) is now a bit old and starting to creak at the seams. When it was box fresh it had us baffled for a while. You would walk into the room and see your taskbar had mysteriously moved to the side of the screen, or been hidden, a different program was now running, or everything was in a font size big enough to be seen from space. For a day or two it looked like it was going to be returned as faulty. Then the culprit was found. Caught in the act.


He had a fascination for the thing, and kept batting at the screen with his paws or swooshing it with his tail, causing all sorts of mayhem then wandering off so you had no idea he had done it. It almost became like a scene from ‘Cats and Dogs’.

So maybe he thinks the Cricut is for him, and I am going to be left with the box. I better go stake my claim and make something pretty quick….


51 thoughts on “One of us has got a new toy

      1. Ha ha ha! No, it was more like a scene from WWE…the Rock meeting John Cena…tv takedown…slo-mo…despairing yell and surprisingly athletic leap across coffee table from partner to save tv…cats laughing and running away..

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    1. I admire your strategic thinking! However he has already sat happily beside it and watched the cutter action with great concentration. Me and my opposable thumbs may have to resort to ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to settle it…

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  1. Oh my! I have an older Cricut but have looked at the new ones. I’m not sure I want to invest in one thought as most of the stamps I have have matching dies….and I really don’t mind fussy cutting. Let us know how you like it please! As for the cat, well, I would find a game for him to play on the computer…..maybe a mouse or a bird flying across the screen. Now that would be funny to watch his reaction….or maybe a “mirror” image of his actions. Wouldn’t that be funny….or course he would probably then take over the computer altogether! I hope he enjoys the new box and keeps his paws out of the way when using the cricut! 🙂

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    1. I had an older one too but struggled to get a good cut quite often. I think it was just not having the time to really play with it and make notes. I have tried a couple of cuts with this one and so far am impressed. Will definitely do a post once I have played more!

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      1. I’m going to give it an initial testing for the basics and differences to the older models and then post that. If I ever get to the more advanced stuff I’ll post that too!


  2. This is so funny and the pictures are great! It put a huge grin on my face. I remember when we had house cats and they would always lay on the keyboard of the desktop computer and just look up at us. I have a feeling they were sure that they were way more important than anything we needed to do on our computer.

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  3. So … how are you getting on with your new joy toy, ‘Cricut’?
    I don’t have one and would like to know if I should have one.
    Basically … I kind of want someone to tell me what I’m missing and why I need one. (Christmas is a coming and a girl needs toys!)
    squidges ~ Cobs.x

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    1. I have barely had a chance to try it really so I am hoping to give it a bit of a work-out this week. But I have to go back to work tomorrow so not sure how much I will manage. Am planning to do a post or two on it though so I’ll let you know!

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      1. Who me?
        If so ABSOLUTELY! I could cut my fingers off with a sheet of paper. I don’t need a blade.
        (please don’t tell matron that I have a scalpel).

        Whilst writing … are you a member of Creat and Craft?
        If so …(or even if not but check prices with your normal suppliers before buying) .. Creat and Craft have a Sale on starting today.
        Some people are going to feel thoroughly sick (me being one of them) because they’ve reduced some stuff by 50%. (I bought dies only 4 weeks ago and they’ve reduced them. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaar!)
        Just to let you know incase you need any supplies. ~ c. x

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      2. Yes I am a C&C customer and have been tempted today but managed to resist so far. I actually got the Cricut from them because it was reduced for like an hour or something. Somehow it cost me £109, plus I got an extra tenner of credit to spend later! Pretty fab. And I meant me being the idiot, not you!!

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  4. Oooh blass his little face. My little one is also fascinated by computer screens, luckily its not touchscreen, but she does have a habit of walking across the keyboard and deleting 2 hours of work or turning on various programs.

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