Looks a bit parky out…

Here is another card made using the Altenew Winter Cottage stamp. It is a simple card – to honest I can’t think of a way to make something complicated with this image but luckily that is not what I am looking for anyway! Whilst blog hopping a few weeks ago I saw a really nice use of window dies somewhere – I am very sorry but I can’t remember whose blog it was, so if it was yours and I commented about it (I think I did) please let me know and I will update this with a link back. It reminded me that I have a couple of Spellbinders window dies, bought in enthusiasm ages ago and then left untouched. They had seemed like such a good idea, but then I just thought ‘what will I actually DO with them?’ This is why blog hopping is a worthwhile use of our time (as if we needed to be reminded!!), because it occurred to me that they would work well with my little Winter Cottage. They will be gainfully employed at last!


The work for this is not arduous, but a little fiddly, some of it unnecessarily so! Firstly I die cut the window from scrap, then positioned it where I would want it to be on the card to see where to stamp. OK, what actually happened was the first one I cut met with a small accident and lost a curlicue, so it became a template…

Anyhoo, I then carefully(ish!) set a sticky note over each of the window frame edges in turn, removing the template window and repositioning it each time to make sure my masked aperture was in the right place and (vaguely) true to the size of the window. I will make this card again but just cut a plain stencil template the size of my card base with the right size aperture so that I can position and reuse it easily – much more sensible!

Then I stamped the Winter Cottage over the aperture, making sure I got the bits of detail I really wanted in the space – i.e. the snowy roof and the deer. The ‘window’ was a tiny bit smaller than I would like, but good enough.

Next I added some ‘Snow’. This is by Embellishment Attic and looks little slivers and scraps of iridescent film. I wanted something with a bit more impact than fine glitter, seeing as it was going behind a window it needed a bit of extra wellie, I thought. I also made sure it could be seen in the photos!! Actually this had a fortuitous twinkle of light shining on it, which helped!




Somewhere, back in the Dark Ages, I either bought or had a free magazine gift of the tiniest holly punch known to man. It was just what I wanted for a small snippet of colour. Positioning that one-atom-sized holly berry was not the easiest thing, but it was accomplished. Hurrah!

More small scale stuff – microscopic squares of 3D foam were attached to the back of the window, then a stamped greeting from Altenew Pine Trees added and job done. It still might end up with a knot of ribbon or baker‘s twine, but for now I think it is fine as it is.


46 thoughts on “Looks a bit parky out…

    1. Yes, I used Glossy Accents. The ‘Snow’ is a bit more unruly than glitter so it may settle in drifts over your stamp detail and hide it a little. I put the glue well inside the lines and then rubbed over a bit with my finger when it was nearly dry to remove any excess or stragglers. It catches the light really well though.

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    1. Thank you Karen! I think the window dies work well for Christmas. Now I just have to find more stamps to use them with!


  1. Such a pretty card! Sounds hideously fiddly…I’d probably cry a bit during its construction and spoil it or sneeze and blow the teeny weeny holly away…lovely card and you have the patience of a saint 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! It is a very swanky window. I did briefly wonder who might have a house with this kind of window but with a log cabin outside. Overthinking again!


    1. Thank you so much – what a nice thing to say! It needed a tiny pop of colour. Might need to visit the optician if I want to use the holly again next year!

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  2. Ooh, such a lovely, simple card! Really like the snow on the cabin!
    Any chance it’s my blog you’re thinking of? I did some card making a few weeks ago where I used a chipboard window shape with a die-cut lavender fields image.I think you commented on that post… 🙂


  3. Please don’t add ribbon, I love the stark white so much! This card has such an elegance without it.

    Now please translate “wellie” to this yank. Normally I do well reading from across the pond, but you finally stumped me.

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    1. Ribbon instructions noted! OK, ‘wellie’ comes from ‘wellies’ which is short for wellingtons. I think you call them gumboots? Over here they were (allegedly) named after the Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo (big time important battle). Nowadays at country fairs and village fetes there is often a wellie throwing contest, which is, as you would guess, lobbing the wellie the furthest to win. So giving it some wellie has kind of come to mean ‘putting some major effort into it’, or ‘putting your boot behind it’. BTW I love the differences in our language and sometimes deliberately choose and use American phrases because they say it just right!

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      1. I then had to look up gumboots! Here they would most likely just be called rain boots. About 20 years ago we would have called them galoshes. It is likely that the word used is regional. So much of our vocabulary in the states depends upon where you live.

        And now I must go explore wellie throwing contents. They sound rather fascinating.

        And thank you for the translation! I have a new phrase to put into action!

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      2. Do you ever play that game where you see if you can get an unusual word or phrase into a conversation? I love finding new words to do that with!

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    1. Thanks Cobs. I thought it was fine without any too, but sometimes the inner minimalist can go too far! Good to get another opinion on the matter! Xx

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  4. Oh I love this! I too, bought some window dies, and even some door dies but have yet to use them. I just might have to blog hopping to get some ideas! LOL! Beautiful card! I love that cottage image. The snow is perfect! And what a cute little piece of holly! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Nancee! The holly was troublesome, but worth it I think! I’d be very interested to see what you do with your dies. Also, so good to know I am not alone in making a purchase and then not using It!

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  5. I love your pretty window die! No problem seeing the sparkle on your snow in this picture. I have a plain four-pane window die; they are fun. I also have some wellies; I got them from L.L. Bean. But I wasn’t aware of the throwing contest and the associated effort implication. Good to know!

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    1. It’s nice we have these intercultural exchanges, right? I thought the card I had seen might have been one of yours actually, but I couldn’t find one on your site. The brain isn’t what it used to be though so I may have been wrong!

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      1. Right, we can learn a lot! Maybe you did see a window card on my site; I posted a group pic on Oct. 4th of some we made last year but you can’t see them very well. However, if you looked at the link that was suggested at the bottom of that post, that’s where the original post from Sept. 11th of last year was and it shows the full sized card: http://stampingwithvalory.com/have-some-fun-at-a-stampin-up-workshop/ (I hope that link works.)

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