3D Thursday: something advent-agious?

A few days ago a friend told me she had bought herself an advent calendar with a difference. Instead of pictures, or chocolates, it would give her daily presents of a favourite cosmetic brand. I have to confess to a touch of the green-eyed monster here as it is also made by one of my favourite brands, but at nearly £70 including delivery it is not in the budget for this year.

However, the idea of a daily treat for adults through December sounded pretty attractive. Why should the kids have all the good stuff? I think it would be fun to make an advent calendar for your other half, sister, brother, parent(s) or friend. Anyone, really!

So I pulled out my Tonic Advent Treat Squeeze Box die set. I have had this for a long time now – from whenever it first came out, I think. It is one of my all-time favourites, and still available. The box takes moments to make and all the recipient has to do is gently squeeze two opposite corners for the treat to fall from the bottom. And of course you can keep them plain or gussy up as much as you like.


If I am meeting girlfriends for lunch at Christmas I will make a few up and load them with a swanky truffle or wrapped sweets. You can also use them for small gift items such as makeup or jewellery, but maybe not for anything too precious as one squeeze and it could be lost! Also you don’t need to confine their use to Christmas or Advent: just leave the numbers out and you have year round table favours or dinner party treats, or just gift wrap. I have seen them, or something similar, made into Santa, or Rudolph, or a bee, a pig, a cow…Pinterest has loads of ideas for novelty triangular boxes.

This one is the simplest. Just gold card, a scrap of red I had previously embossed and a ribbon loop. You can omit the loops of course if you don’t plan on hanging them on the tree. I just like the extra texture and detail!


This one is made from a scrap of Anna Griffin card. I wanted to use invisible thread to hang the jingle bells, but I can’t see it anywhere! Clearly it is living up to its name. I made do with white thread, which then broke on me once I had the bells in place, so a bit of keyhole surgery was called for. I had added a second holly leave but then decided it looked like the box had aspirations to be a windmill, so I removed it.


This third one is a bit more vintage looking. The paper is from Trimcraft’s North Pole collection. I bought it last year but I have seen it still around this year too. Personally I like a bit of glitter with vintage, but I know it is not for everyone. I had tried the number 4 in one of the other papers from the pack but it just lacked impact, so I cut another from red and glued it over the top. Maybe those last three words describe the effect well!


Of course if you fancy doing something like this you don’t need a die. Any small boxes, bags or envelopes can be adapted and decorated, ready for your advent treats!


55 thoughts on “3D Thursday: something advent-agious?

  1. I like your idea of 3D Thursdays. It brings anticipation. And I love these ornaments with treats, second one is my favorite! It looks as if it was wrapped in fabric – very beautiful!

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    1. Super! Anything to hold little gifts or treats will do. If you aren’t already registered, try Pinterest if you are looking for ideas. Costs nothing and you will have loads of inspiration for pretty much anything.

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  2. Those are adorable. I’ve honestly have never seen a pyramid shaped box. They are much more novel than a boring old cube or rectangular prism. (Sorry, I had to slip some maths into this.)
    I can’t even decide which of the last two that I like best. The sparkly holly leaves are just perfect. And now I want one filled with some dairy free sweets. I’ll be right over.

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    1. A lot quicker than the Egyptian pyramids to construct too! Although not so much room for sweeties… And I noticed you said ‘sweets’ not ‘candy’!!

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  3. Always guaranteed a giggle when I visit your website for which I thank you. I think this is a brilliant idea. You have inspired me. I said to my sweetheart just the other night that we need to think up something different for Christmas this year. Our grandchildren live interstate and we cannot tolerate the heat at Christmas, so unless they visit us we are Darby and Joan. See you again soon.

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    1. There is something very pleasing about making little pretty things. You could make them and get him to fill them with presents for you! What man wouldn’t absolutely love to do such a thing??!1 Well about 90-something percent of them, but anyway…..


  4. Oh these are terrific! I love them so much! You said this was a die set? Would you please let me know the name/brand? I can see myself making 100’s of these! LOL! If I can find the time, that is! Here I am again reading my email and checking up on the blogs I follow instead of coloring…LOL! I have to go color! 🙂

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    1. The company is Tonic Studios and the set is called Advent Treat Squeeze Box die. You get the die to make the triangle box and two sets of numbers – one plain and one Christmassy. The holly and bells etc I added myself. The box base is about 2″ square and it makes up to just over 2″ high. It is a British company but they do sell in the USA too. I got mine through the UK Create and Craft website and I have just checked to see if the US site for the same company has the die and it does! Let me know if you need any more info. Xx

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    1. So sorry for the delay in replying – I was out of action for a few days. Thanks – glad you liked them, and thanks for commenting!


  5. Fabulous! Awesome idea. I would create a ‘to do’ for each day. Those things one would do for the spouse, like for example: make a favorite coffee in the morning, give a flower, put candy in your loved one pocket, leave a short note of an appreciation for your partner, etc… I think those actions would warm the love between a couple. At the end, simple things make us happy. 😉

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