Card wrestling: a new sport

Ever had to wrestle a card into submission?

This has been one of ‘those’ projects. Theoretically whilst not being an easy victory, as it was familiar ground to some extent, or to keep the analogy going, an opponent I had fought before, it should not have been quite such an epic contest. I am still not sure if I have won on points or not.

Whilst browsing Pinterest I came across this card using Altenew Poinsettia and Pine stamps, which I have.

Thinking of you - Altenew Blog:

It also reminded me of a card I made either last Christmas or the one before, using Anna Griffin dies and embossing folders, plus a couple of Tattered Lace leaves as fillers. This is what it looked like (sorry about the photo!):


So the style was already familiar, I was just going to use different products. Now anyone who follows my babbling may remember that I cannot colour. To. Save. The. World. Seriously. If the Martians pitch up and the deal is a bit like Hunger Games, but a nice piece of artwork will send them away happy, just hope they don’t pick me in the colouring lottery. Otherwise, well, it’s been nice knowing you all.

But, I can fill in a few berries with red pen, without hopefully affronting the eyes of those who can colour brilliantly, right? And maybe at a stretch just shade in the mistletoe leaves with a bit of green, perhaps? They are pretty tiny, so what can go wrong?

Here’s the list:

The gold ink wouldn’t stamp too well.

The gold glitter embossing powder therefore didn’t work brilliantly either.

I switched to gold detail powder. I sneezed unexpectedly whilst holding the tiny open container and it went everywhere.

Back to glitter powder then.

I stamped the mistletoe over and over. Dandy.

Alcohol markers – nah. All went too blurry as I didn’t have the right shades of green.

Watercolour pencils? Couldn’t find them. That’s how often they get used.

I settled for a squidge of the same ink colour mixed with water and sloshed on in what I sincerely hope is an artistic, informal way. AKA a chimp’s mum would be happy to use it as fridge art.

By now I was eyeing the holly leaves with suspicion. I had learnt lessons. Just a stamped outline then. Fine. Although I couldn’t help but think they looked like the footprint of either a dinosaur or a duck. Maybe I had been playing with the alcohol pens too long.

Fir sprigs next. These went well. Hurrah!

Now for the greeting. I considered black, or red, but then plumped for gold. Another mistake, as I had forgotten the detail gold powder disaster of earlier, and the small words here work best with detail powder. There was, I confess, an undignified scramble to rescue enough of the scattered powder to emboss ONCE and once only. No pressure then. But it went ok-ish.


Assembly time! I chose a satin finish base card that I have had for ages. Now I know why it has remained unused. The card is beautiful, no question, but it is a magnet for any stray speck of glitter or embossing powder. I gave up polishing it and decided they were now design features.

Also, the card refuses to fold closed very well, and you can’t use a bone folder or it will mark the satin finish. Super!

Two falls and a submission.


I feel I should add a disclaimer here: I know nothing about wrestling. I might have got things mixed up with boxing in places as I am drawing on memories of Saturday TV as a kid. Sorry if I have been irreverent with anyone’s favourite sport!

Supplies: Altenew Poinsettia and Pine stamps and dies, Altenew Lyrical stamps for the greeting and Altenew Green Fields ink set


40 thoughts on “Card wrestling: a new sport

  1. It looks great! I don’t use gold ink as it never really stamps well and takes forever to clean all the nooks and crannies from the stamp.sorry to hear about the sneezing – I often wonder why manufacturers have to put powder in tiny jars anyway ( probably to sell more powder!) Anyway, the card looks great and I hope the recipient loves it.

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    1. Thank you! Totally agree about the tiny sizes of jars – it is so tricky to get powder back in to some of them. Maybe if a lot of us mention it enough the manufacturers might do something about it?!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m guessing this hasn’t made it to your ‘make in bulk for your 157 work colleagues’ then? I think it’s lovely, but I get your frustration. I love a bit of embossing on Christmas cards! 😊

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  3. Have you heard the saying that “Glitter is the herpes of the craft world?” (Well, you have now.) Whenever I use glitter, including things like glitter ribbon and Christmas cards & ornaments, it gets everywhere and is impossible to clean up, sticking around (punny!) for days. But it’s worth it for a little sparkle, as is your card.

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  4. Ha ha your card has turned out really well despite the wrestling. Just a tip – dont go anywhere near the Gilding Flakes – static!, you won’t believe it. I laughed out loud at your badly timed sneeze. I had a mishap with sequins the other day – and I still haven’t tried to clean it up, fortunately it all happened inside a cupboard, so I figure they are still contained, even if somewhat randomly.

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  5. Sorry to hear about all these ‘misfortunes’, especially with sneezing! I’ve just received my first ever jar of gold embossing powder… and now I’m afraid of using it 🙂
    I really love your card, it’s worth all the struggle and you are the winner!
    And you gave me an idea on using foliage stamps – thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be fair it doesn’t usually make me sneeze. Might have just been a coincidence. Thanks for the kind comment. I look forward to seeing your leafy projects!

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  6. It turned out great! We are always so critical of our own work….other’s usually can’t see anything wrong unless we point it out to them. LOL! Really, despite all your troubles, the card turned out beautiful!

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  7. LOL on the sneezing! Sock monkeys are big in our house … well, they’re big with the hubby and the bane of my existence, but that’s another story. (Hmmm, blog post???) One Christmas a few years ago – probably the last time I sent out cards, sad to say – I bought a box of sock monkey cards, heavily embellished with glitter. Our own sockosimians, who were helping me to lick the envelopes (they wanted to address the cards but that proved to be problematic, considering they don’t have opposable thumbs), ended up getting glitter everywhere — on their tongues, all over the floor, stuck in their fur. It was horrible, and since then our household has been a No Glitter Zone. It’s the law.

    Seriously, though, the card looks great!

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    1. Lol! At least they tried to join in?! I have also contemplated a glitter free life at times, but it would be kind of like asking me to live without roast potatoes…what would be the point? Glad you like the card!

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  8. I love the card that you made last year – gold and white is always a winning combo in my book! Your new card is equally gorgeous too! The colours are perfect and I love how you have glittered around the berries – beautiful! I keep looking at that Altenew set…might have to have a closer look now!…

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