3D Thursday: not Teas-day then?

Gift wrapping is an obsession for me. Not to the extent it used to be before I got into paper crafting, but still, any present I am giving has to look good or I, and it, cannot leave the house. I don’t always go to these lengths for every gift, but I do like to have a small stash of interesting and/or pretty bags, boxes or other containers on hand. Things that will hold a couple of those hand creams that look like tubes of paint, maybe a pot or two of nail colour or some makeup. Or even tea, come to think of it! Things that are a pain to wrap, or seem more like a pampering gift if they are presented together.

This tea cup was made using my new-ish Cricut. I still haven’t played with it all that much so I’ll do a mini review some other time, but as I had the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2 cartridge I figured I would browse through that for a suitable 3D project. This cartridge is jam-packed with exactly what it says – boxes, bags and tags, and I chose the tea cup.

There were a couple of teething problems (and three wasted sheets of good cardstock) before I got the cutting achieved. I will say here and now that I did not help this situation. I don’t have things set out very well at the moment: you need to use your pc/laptop with the Cricut Explore and currently my Cricut is positioned behind my desktop screen, so I keep having to walk between the two to follow the steps. Once I sort this out I expect it will go a lot more smoothly! Another issue was that this image required use of a scoring tool first, but I couldn’t actually see that mentioned on the screen anywhere. I may have missed it in all the wandering about of course. Anyway eventually I worked it out and I got what, I have to say, is a great cut, and in my opinion much better than I achieved on my old Cricut. Cue the happy dance.

Construction is pretty obvious, although you have two different sized circles and had to work out which was for the cup base and which for the saucer. The physical cartridge came with an assembly guide, and again I couldn’t see this on my screen anywhere, but I am sure you can get help with the more complicated shapes from Cricut’s site or YouTube if you need it. For my plain white test run version (should really have done this first rather than waste pretty card) I used the large circle for the saucer and smaller for the tea cup, but it should have been the other way around. Obvious, really, but there you go…

When I felt I knew what I was doing I moved on to a spotty Tim Holtz paper. It was a bit of a struggle to get the larger circle to fit the tea cup properly and in the end I just stuck it on and trimmed it down once dry. This worked fine and has given a neat finish so no worries.

Now for some decoration. I have cut into some doilies and snipped out the centre circle to give me a curly strip. This is stuck to the inside of the cup and underside of the saucer using double sided tape, pleating it as I go to make a frill. This also helps to ease it in and cover up where you join the next strip.

If I had more time I might have added flowers or something, but the deadline is upon me and 3D Thursday cannot run over to Friday. It’s the law. I made do with a little tea cup shaped tag I cut from the reverse of the Tim Holtz paper with a Spellbinders nesting die set.

Typically the only tissue paper I could find was spotty red, but actually I like the contrast. Sorry it is a bit wrinkled but I don’t crave blogging photographic perfection enough to get the iron out.

These are great for favours, or a shower, or work colleagues for Christmas, and they look really cute if you make lots in different colours and patterns and pile them together. Cellophane or large cello bags (the kind we put cards into) are also really handy if you want to have them all enclosed but still want to show them off. And of course you don’t need a cutting machine to make paper or card tea cups, there are plenty of templates available.





52 thoughts on “3D Thursday: not Teas-day then?

      1. Not a problem…it is the budgie’s preferred brand. I was looking at the seed when I changed it the other day and it actually has tiny weeny shells in it…about the size of the letters on a phone key pad. Just thought you might like to know…

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      2. Seriously? How on earth does a teensie budgie digestive system deal with that? Or even their beaks? Skip the Trill. I was only thinking of conditioning my plumage anyway…

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      3. Considering my son’s budgie has a beak like a particularly …intense…pair of nutcrackers he seems to manage just fine. And he’s 8 years old. By the way…weird coincidence…I have a packet of 3 walnut whips in the fridge as I type…

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  1. Fabulous gift box. Nice to put some special fruity or herbal tea bags in. Everyone loves pretty cups and would be delighted to receive this with any goodies in side…..oh, walnut whips! Not sure why they sprang in to mind. Can you still buy them?
    Flo x

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  2. Those are so cute! What a great idea to put assorted tea bags in it.
    Is the Cricut Explore kind of like the Silhouette that it uses the PC? I know the silhouette can use the fonts available on your computer. I do not have either so I am wondering about that. I may have to advance beyond my manual Big Shot cutter.

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    1. Thank you!. Yes, with the newer Cricuts you use your pc to choose the images, re-size them at a basic level (i.e. the only level I have tried so far!) but you can do much more with it too. The old Cricut was a stand-alone machine, so no pc required but you bought cartridges of images to choose from. With the new version (the Explore or Explore Air, and I think there is another one coming soon too) you can still use all the cartridges you already had, plus you can buy individual images from Cricut if you want, or take out a subscription if you are going to use it a lot. It also though can cut files in all sorts of other formats – I think they said png, jpeg and svg to name a few. I need to give it a good workout sometime. I still use my Big Shot the most though for day to day stuff and I still love it!

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      1. I think we both know you got it right the first time! Why do I buy button-pushing kit when really I am destined to be a handle-turner?!

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  3. Such a great idea for presenting small gifts! And… can you believe, that I’ve been thinking of pleating those bigger doilies?!
    Love this design and a contrast with bright red paper. This teacup-shaped tag is just the icing on the cake!

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    1. It’s funny, isn’t it? I often see a post using an idea I was toying with, or using the same kind of images, on the very day I sit down to make something. Probably one of the reasons why the Challenges are so popular, because everyone can get inspiration on different ways to use products they own. Thanks for the kind comment!

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      1. Yes! Sometimes I just make a card and then I find out that it perfectly matches a couple of challenges, even those with sketches! This amazes me every time.

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  4. Wow, that’s some impressive gist wrapping. It beats my ham fisted chucking sellotape at the wrapping paper and hoping it stays together. I bet everyone can guess which one is your on Secret Santa’s! It is lovely, I’m enjoying the 3D series. 😊

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      1. I actually used to offer to do it for family I enjoyed it so much! Sometimes I ended up wrapping presents that were for me, which was not so much fun though!

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  5. Oh my, what a great package for a small gift! I have an older Cricuit that I haven’t used for some time. It uses cartridges, but I can also hook it up to my PC. Since I got my Big Shot, I really haven’t used it for some time…I was looking at the Cricuit Air, but just haven’t made the plunge. I’m not sure I would use it enough to validate spending the money….I would rather buy more stamps and dies…LOL! I will be watching to see what other things you discover with your new Cricuit. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  6. Aww that’s SO CUTE!!
    I wouldn’t be able to unwrap anything. Well … no .. I would, but I’d make as tiny a hole in the bottom of the tissue in order to get at the contents, and then pop the tissue back into the handmade cup so that it looked perfect as possible again.

    Love it Puff. GREAT make. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Funny, people often say ‘too pretty to unwrap’. In my opinion NO present is too pretty to unwrap!! Unless say I knew it contained something totally horrid but the wrapping was super, then maybe…

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  7. Darling teacup and tag! The red polka dot tissue paper is lovely, something that I would have picked myself. And I totally agree with you on the importance of gift wrapping. When I was a young mom I worked one Christmas season as a gift wrapper for a (now defunct) department store called Weinstock’s. It was grueling, to be truthful; hundreds of people needing their packages wrapped, everyone in a hurry, tempers flaring and a very tough supervisor who terrified the other young employee and me to tears at times – however, we learned the proper way to wrap a package, which I have never forgotten!

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    1. Oh dear, why do people think this is an OK way to behave in the workplace? I expect it rather took the joy out of the whole Christmas experience for a while. A little more relaxed is much more fun and generally more productive too. I bet your gifts look fantastic! Thanks for the nice comments!

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