I hope they have good insurance…

The idea for this card came to me as I was falling asleep, which meant I had to get up and write it down as there is a strong likelihood I would have forgotten it completely by morning. Well, I would have been in that very irritating state of remembering I had a potentially good idea, but no clue as to what it may have been.


I wanted to make a little snowy scene, kind of like you would get inside a snow globe. There are lots of examples of this sort of card on Pinterest and many of them feature a Santa and Sleigh die of some kind, which I do not have. I pulled out the two dies I do have which might work for this and cut them out to see what I could do.


After a bit of faffing about (there is always some faffing about) I had a vague plan. I decided that my largest circle die could just fit over the trees on the Clearly Besotted Tree Landscape die (top one in the photo) so this would dictate the size of the scene. I cut the Avery Elle Falling Snow (not pictured) from black card, then positioned the circle over the bit I wanted and cut it out. I cut the Tree Landscape twice from white cardstock, giving me plenty of spare card to play with at the top and bottom of the image. Then I decided on the positioning, making sure I had two distinct layers for the ’hills’ and cut them out using the same circle die. I snipped one of the larger trees off the edge and stuck these two hilly layers onto the black circle with 3D foam. I added my spare tree back in the centre of the lower layer, also with 3D foam. I trimmed out just one of the houses from the Lawn Fawn Little Town border (bottom die in the photo) and stuck a bit of black card behind the windows so you couldn’t see the snow through them and then added a bit of Glossy Accents for more windowy realism!!! This house was then also added with 3D foam. Pretty location, nightmare for shopping and in peril of an avalanche. Insurance had better be up to date. The whole thing was then mounted onto a white circle of card to show up the snow and a banner greeting added.

I can’t decide. Ribbon or no ribbon?



Dies – Avery Elle Falling Snow; Clearly Besotted Tree Landscape and Mini Basic Banners; Lawn Fawn Little Town Border; Spellbinders circles

Stamp – Clearly Besotted Mini Basic Banners III



50 thoughts on “I hope they have good insurance…

  1. I love black and white cards especially with an accent of red…so elegant 💕 I’m not really a ribbon person (yours does look nice though) but maybe the sentiment could be stamped in red? I do love this card😍

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    1. Yes, that idea might work really well. I have a couple more variations of this in my head now so will try out your idea – thanks!


  2. Very beautiful idea. I often get up during the night to write things down that I wish to do, so I will not forget. I did that several times in one night with different lines for a poem I was writing. Glad to hear someone besides me has to do this. Lol 🙂

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  3. Prefect winter card and lots more options for it too. I think it needs the ribbon for that extra dash of colour. This is the kind of scene that would look nice on one of my embossed candle holders. I attempted one yesterday but it failed miserably and had to be melted off! Now I’ve seen your card I’m inspired to try again. 😊

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  4. Oh I love the red ribbon on this for a splash of color. Perhaps it would be better vertically on the left side of the scene with the “knot” at the top to balance the card a little. Maybe smaller tails on the knot would be better too. just a thought. Love the scene. I’m going to have to see what I have in my dies (I have so many I have never used. Ugh!) Beautiful card no matter how you finish it! 🙂

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    1. Yes, the tails are definitely too long – not sure why I did that really! I wouldn’t have thought of tying it vertically but a red stripe down the side might work really well. I’ll give it a go – thanks Nancee!

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  5. Hmmm, when I Go Compare the two, I’m not sure…such a striking little scene it would take a colour pop, but just as good without 🙂

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      1. I don’t know…I was discussing mental health issues with a friend and said:”Yeah…I’m in two mnds about it really..” and only later realised what I’d said…wardrobe time again…


  6. What a beautiful card. Darned difficult time to get the great ideas, but perhaps that is the trade off. Black and white works for me, but your ribbon is really pretty too.

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    1. Thank you! I am resolved to put a pad and pen in every room from now on. No guarantee I will remember anything from one room to another!


  7. I love this Gill! This lovely snowy scene looks fab in black and white and I really like the bold pop of red with the ribbon too 🙂 Hooray for Post-it Notes is all I can say – I use LOTS so that I don’t forget things!

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    1. Thanks so much! The fold is actually at the top for this one, but I see what you mean about it might be better if I made a side fold card and then added ribbon there. Thanks for commenting!


  8. No ribbon. Although a beautiful colour .. it detacts from the ‘punch’ which the die cuts supply.

    You could do this exact same card … only on Christmas Red card, and so get that festive colour in there, but in a way which still allows the die cuts to SING their song.
    Great make Puff. ~ Cobs. x

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  9. This card is so pretty. The black and white color scheme is swoon worthy. And again, your patience in card making is something I envy. If it involves more than a few straight cuts and pulling a sticker off of a sheet, I just can’t do it.

    You aren’t going to believe I’m going to say this… Yes, to the ribbon. That pop of red gives this contemporary design a bit of classic Christmas cheer.


  10. I like this winter scene and I like it even more with a splash of red! It can be a ribbon, a banner or just a red roof of this tiny house… And you can probably make one more with white on dark blue and some sparkle… maybe gold banner then… I love this layout!

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  11. Stunning card! What a fabulous idea 😀 I’m not really much of a ribbon person, and I was going to say without but… that pop of colour is nice… I’m still leaning towards no ribbon though I think 🙂

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    1. Thanks. Someone else mentioned about maybe a red roof on he house for the pop of colour, and I like that idea. I think though the cat has run off with the die!

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