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If you’re new to my blog, there was a time creating goals and working towards them was an extremely important part of my life. It was something so important to me that I created my own blogging event called Building Rome. It was meant to be a place where bloggers could come together discuss goals […]

via Calling All Artists, Adventurerers and Unicorns! — Green Embers


I haven’t done this ‘sharing’ before so I hope I am doing it right! If not, feel free to let me know what I have done wrong.

I thought this was a great idea and I know some of you out there write stories, poetry, draw, paint, design, do maths (!)… and might be interested.  He’s a nice guy and his blogs are interesting and fun!

21 thoughts on “Calling All Artists, Adventurerers and Unicorns! — Green Embers

      1. I love your cards 🙂 I’m not in the slightest bit craft-inclined…well, I try, but the reality never quite matches the idea..but I followed Lady Joyful first, then you, then the other crafting ladies..these blogs fascinate me with their techniques and never fail to bring a smile to my face! Plus the fact you’re possessed of a wicked sense of humour and talent for punning 🙂

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      2. Shucks! Actually my reality often never quite matches the idea either! Some crafters are artists and produce amazing work, but I am a sticker and folder and that is fine. Keeps me sane! But, seriously, why not try the Building Rome project? You have your short stories and your amazing crystal knowledge, plus you always have a kind word to say. I think you’d be a hit!!!


    1. I am quite intrigued to see how it will work. I could probably inspire someone NOT to take up a paper craft hobby by showing them photos of the bomb-site that is my craft room.

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