3D Thursday: home for the holidays?

Week four of my 3D Thursdays. I wasn’t sure I would manage to keep it up, but I have stuck with it (sorry!) and am having fun making little glittery things. Well, today it is one very little, very glittery thing.

I have used a Tattered Lace Shop die (bought last year) to make a Christmassy something. It could be purely decorative, or another Advent calendar piece, or even an alternative Christmas card or tree decoration.

Firstly I printed out some music score from the Hearts and Roses Christmas digikit using Serif CraftArtist. With uncharacteristic foresight I actually thought about where to position the die, so I have musical notes in the right places, as opposed to featuring the gap between the staves. Hurrah!

Next to crease and glue the shop (hereafter known as the ‘house’) together. I inked the house corners in silver to define them a bit more. For the roof I wanted a different colour and texture so opted for some silver glitter cardstock, cut to size, the edges trimmed with decorative scissors and then stuck over the existing roof. Like double glazing. Ignore the fact the windows are open to the elements. This is a house for tiny yetis. I also used the same scissors to cut slivers of glitter card for the base.


The wreath is highly technical. It is made by twisting a silver pipe-cleaner around a pen to form the circle, dolloping on some tacky glue in a very heavy-handed way and then dunking in a tub of glitter a few times so it gets a bit clumpy looking, like wet snow. Mission accomplished!


The finishing touches are a string of sticky pearls to gussy up the gable end and a banner greeting raised up on a double layer of 3D pads. Add one twinkly battery tea light and ta-dah!

If you fancy having a go you don’t need a die to do this. There are plenty of free templates for houses available. You might even already have a cookbook with a gingerbread house you could use. If anyone does make one I’d love to see!

Supplies: Tattered Lace Essentials Shop die (retired); Clearly Besotted Mini Basic Banners stamps (Christmas selection) and die; Brilliance Starlite Silver pearlescent ink; pearls from The Ribbon Room


68 thoughts on “3D Thursday: home for the holidays?

      1. Thanks. Not sure about the great bit, but I definitely have ‘stuff’! I have just popped over to your blog and seen the marvellous Howard the Dinosaur. He’s super!

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  1. Awwww, a widdle home for a widdle Faery Baker who makes cakes, and gingerbread. (I know you said Yeti … but it’s way too pretty for a yeti).
    My idea of the widdle Faery Baker … he’s very handsome, single, in his mid to late forties, dark hair, blue eyes, and you won’t find him on Tinder or Fakebook.
    All the fairy ladies looooove him and they’re all getting fat eating his products – but they have to take care about putting weight on, because if they put too much on, then how on earth will they fit through the windows of the Bakery and see him every day?

    lol…. great make, Puff.
    Now it’s time for another … then another … infact, you would be best making a whole village of them – because Faery Folk like community spirit.
    Sending crafting vibes so that you don’t get tired, making all those wee houses.
    ~ Cobs. x

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    1. It does have a door! Although I quite like the idea of customers having to hurl themselves through a window, do an SAS-type roll on the floor, stand up, brush themselves off and order a couple of cream slices….

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  2. Wonderful little house! You know how you said a whole row…could you do a church? Or a stable…I have a thing about Nativity scenes..my mother made me one when I was a little girl and they just fascinate me! Great post-so clever!

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    1. Thank you. Yes a church, stable, full nativity scene would be possible. There are free templates for everything on the internet! Don’t forget the lobster!

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      1. Don’t think there was a lobster at the Nativity…unless it was an accidental gift…but…horoscope cards!! They would be fun 🙂

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      2. There was, according to Love Actually, at least one lobster present. But horoscope cards? Predicting a gruesome end? How about some nice, safe (although actually I hate them) Christmas crackers? Or would there be some health and safety issue about the snaps potentially setting fire to the hay?

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      3. It never ceases to surprise me where lobsters end up. I found one in the airing cupboard the other day…
        No! Don’t predict gruesome ends…lol, horrorscope cards for Halloween…I meant the cute symbols of the Zodiac on month birthday cards..like Taurus the bull…etc!

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      4. Was he checking your thermidor? Sorry, I mean thermostat? I am curious about the Nativity your mum made for you. Did it include less conventional items?

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      5. No…no. It was traditional, up to a point, although I felt-and still do actually-that every Nativity scene would benefit from a couple of carefully placed dinosaurs..
        Lol! Thermostat…my son had a toy cuddly lobster called Mr.Pinchy, and I was looking for something in the airing cupboard when he fell out and hit me on the head…

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      6. Oh, of course. Silly me. Coupla dinos with goofy grins on their faces, maybe a hazy sunset behind and some uplifting muzak. Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like that!

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      7. Precisely! I knew someone with your artistic sensibilities would be able to appreciate the dinosaur scenario…:)


  3. This is super cute. The glue and glitter dunked wreath is my favourite part! I dare not attempt anything so brave myself. (Houses that look like they’ve been storm battered don’t tend to feature heavily as Christmas decorations!) A whole string of these would adorn a mantle piece perfectly. 😊

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    1. Thanks. I like how the wreath worked out too. Now I am thinking of what else I can apply that to. They aren’t a brave choice – actually very easy – but maybe with little ones around they might not be robust enough!

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      1. Frosted holly leaves and berries as card toppers would look great. Or a squirrel tail made of pipe cleaner and dipped in snowy glitter. The dunk and dip approach would also make great flower centres. Ooh, might have to play with glitter later!

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      2. I may not get to glitter yet as I have ‘boy’ cards for 4th and 5th birthdays to make! Hope I find time! Go girl definitely sounds funny. Maybe more of a ‘get cracking duck’ (as they say round here!)

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