Who says cats have expressionless faces?


Guilty? Sheepish? Penitent? Or smug? This week my Tree Landscape die was stolen overnight. I cannot find it anywhere, but then again it could be literally anywhere. I have found the other items that went missing at the same time: silver ink pad (under a sofa), eraser (under a chair) and marker pen (bottom of the stairs).  I know who did it. The guilty party is currently draped over my left arm, elbow and knee, so I am typing with one hand, have my leg propped up to support his undercarriage and an aching shoulder from holding it in an uncomfortable (for me, super comfy for him) position. Every now and again his head is turned towards me and up, which means ‘scratch between the ears, please’ and of course I oblige.

But, without the die, there is no Christmas. Bah humbug.


56 thoughts on “Who says cats have expressionless faces?

  1. I started laughing as soon as I read the description of how you are holding the little rascal. I’m currently in the exact same position.
    I’m no help with your predicament. My angels haven’t stolen items since kittenhood. Though if memory serves me correctly, you may want to try beneath the oven.

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    1. Comfy, isn’t it?! And yet no matter how much your body is screaming at you, you just sit there, waiting until the cat decides to move for itself! Hmmn, the oven is built in, but actually this hasn’t been a barrier in the past… maybe I will go look….


      1. uh ooooooh
        It seems she’s committed the purrfect crime. She waited for her mewment in time in which she not only stole the item of her desire, but then hid it away in a place which she believes you won’t find until January 1st 2017.

        I’d call that the purrfect Caturday crime by a Meowlificent creature. Call the Purrlice. They enjoy a Clawfer Cat Burglary which they can get their teeth into

        Or purrhaps she wishes to take up Catrafting herself and is giving you clues.

        But .. I do wonder if perhaps your cat has been ‘strolling’ through my blog and has read about my own, much loved Cat Burglar, Alf Capone (Used Furniture Dealer), for it seems like it’s travelling down some of the same roads; hidden treasure and all that.
        Maybe you have a copy-Cat in your house.

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      2. Oh Cobs, this made me laugh! Riley though is highly offended that you thought he was a girl. Granted he is not the butchest of animals, and yes, he is the wussiest of pussycats but still… His whiskers are at half mast today…

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      3. My pologeeees. Tell Mr. Riley I was not in my sane mind. I’m suffering with wild happiness at having an extra hour today, and this is making my brain cell drunk. (even though no alcohello has passed my lips!! yet.)


      4. Apology accepted. Well, he blinked anyway, which is a smile, right? Give Alf Capone a scratch on the head from me.


      5. shhhh. He’s asleep on the sofa. I’ll do it when he wakes up (when he gets a rumbly in the tumbly). Best leave the beast to sleep, for the sake of peace. (Otherwise he’ll clamber onto the dogs bed with her, and annoy the **** out of my poor baby.

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  2. Oh, my goodness, Riley! Of course he did it but he probably doesn’t remember where it is now – and cats don’t fetch when you ask, anyway! The good thing is, the die is made of metal and is fairly sizeable – he didn’t eat it. Ziggy chewed off the top half of the flexible plastic protector on my piercing tool, so now it’s just a ragged little sleeve with no top. And Egypt is the one who bats things around so I’m sure she is the culprit who hid one of my clear photopolymer stamps under the foot of the antique organ for months – I was amazed when I found it! But now I am missing a very tiny clear leaf photopolymer stamp and I don’t know if Egypt swatted it somewhere or if Ziggy ate it and I will never see it again 😦

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    1. Lol! What great names your pair have! Sometimes I wonder if some cats (like Ziggy by the sound of it, and Riley too) were xrayed, would they be like those sharks you hear of that are full of random non-food items?

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      1. Lol – Egypt and Ziggy look like Laurel and Hardy together – even though Ziggy is on a strict diet, he’s like a land shark, always looking for the next morsel or accidentally dropped kibble, so I imagine his x-ray would be tragicomic.

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      2. I like that expression! I had a ‘land shark’ once too. If it had calories, she wanted it! Like people, some of them are just more keen on food than others!

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  3. Oh dear. what a naughty little munchkin. I have learnt my lesson about leaving my bits out over night. I leave out anything she wants and the next morning it is completely shredded and strewn across the living room floor! Hope you find the die soon!

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      1. Lol, sorry for your drink, hope you’re alright 🙂
        We used to have a cat for 17 years, my father named him Gaius Julius Caesar – Lol (or just Caesar). I think he lived up to his name. He had a strong belief, that he should help us with decorating Christmas tree every year. By this he meant removing some baubles from lowest branches, eating some tinsel and ‘fixing’ the garland by chewing it in half just before Christmas to enhance the Wow-effect!
        So I think you should watch out, something is going on there 🙂

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      2. He sounds great! Latent artistic skills, maybe! My first cat actually made himself a nest in the middle of the tree – it used to really freak some people out when they realised!

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