Not quite a Galaxy….

Not even a Ripple. Just continuing the transatlantic exchange that was kicked off with the mention of Walnut Whips a while ago. I understand at least one person across the pond has sourced and eaten a Walnut Whip as a direct result of that post. Chocolate is powerful stuff!

So, Galaxy is another brand of chocolate in the UK and, having learnt from my last omission to explain the cultural references, here is hopefully pretty much all the uninitiated need to know about Galaxy:

It is one of the major chocolate brands in the UK

It is milk chocolate

It comes in various bars – some just chocolate, some with nuts, biscuit, caramel etc added

A Galaxy Ripple is a long thinnish bar of folded ribbons of chocolate, thoughtfully covered in another layer of chocolate so it (theoretically) doesn’t fall down your front when you bite into it.

Galaxy Counters are little shiny discs (a bit like flying saucers) of chocolate. Initially branded for kids (I think you were meant to learn to count by how many you could shovel into your mouth before your mum stopped you), they disappeared for years. My sister and I were so distraught we nearly wrote to the Prime Minister about it. Now they are happily back, branded for adults and sold in nice, big, big bags.

Minstrels are the same as Counters, but with a hard sugar shell. They were marketed as ‘the chocolate that melts in your mouth, not your hand’. As if one was ever in the hand long enough to test this out! Apparently M&Ms had the same slogan but were not available in the UK then I don’t think.

Can you tell that I like Galaxy chocolate?

Anyway. This is a different kind of mini galaxy. A small scattering of die cut stars. Now I have the layout sorted, this would be a quick card to make in multiples. You could also make it with hearts or flowers instead of stars for a birthday or valentine.

Supplies are minimal: 3 nesting star dies, some pearlescent card, a small bit of glitter card, gold cord and 3D foam. That’s it.


To make this:

Cut your base card or use a ready made blank. I made mine to UK A6 size, which when folded is 14.8cm x 10.5cm or approximately 4 1/8 x 5¾ inches. Sorry, I am not an inches person!

Cut a smaller layer for the front – I just do 0.5cm smaller than the base card front.

Grab your star dies and, starting with the largest, position them on this piece of card to get a rough idea of your layout. Move down to the middle size and plan where you want these to be too.

Fill in any obvious gaps with the smallest die. If you find it hard to visualise, just cut some spare stars from scrap and use them to help you set your design out.

Once you are happy, get cutting!

It looks good if you have one or two shapes falling off the edge of the panel.

Also, odd numbers are visually more pleasing than even, so I planned for 5 apertures of various sizes.

When all the stars have been cut tie the gold cord around the bottom section of the piece and secure firmly at the back.

Then tie a bow separately and stick it on the front. This is much easier than trying to tie around the card and get a good bow at the same time. It’s not cheating, it is ‘effective use of skills and resources’. Really.

Liberally add 3D foam to the back of the die cut panel, making sure you support it in the middle of the piece as well as the edges; then stick this to your base card.


The stars that fill the apertures are cut from glitter card. It doesn’t show up brilliantly in the photo but you can trust me! So I cut two mediums stars to fill the large star aperture, and one small one to fill the medium star aperture. I thought about just layering glitter card underneath the apertures created by the smallest star but decided it didn’t really add anything so, why bother?!

More 3D foam on the back of the stars, position them centrally in your apertures and you are done.

Chocolate, anyone?



56 thoughts on “Not quite a Galaxy….

  1. Love, love, love Galaxy chocolate and love, love, love Minstrels!!! 🙂 Pure joy! What’s not to love? I really like this starry number too! The pretty glitter card stars looks fab against the pearlescent card and the gold bow is a great finishing touch. I bet you were ‘over the moon’ with this one…….

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      1. Maybe we could just add a Galaxy tag into every post, whether relevant or not, to get their attention…!!


  2. Thank you for the info about Galaxy; my grocery store (Wegmans, for any other east coast USers) carries some British candy, I just never know (beyond Cadbury) what’s good. Now I’m hoping they have Galaxy Ripple! Also, I really like the glitter/metallic kick you’re on with cards!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I can heartily recommend a Ripple. I like it chilled a bit too but I know some people think that is a crime against chocolate. Feel free to do an inventory of their stock and ask questions!

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      1. Unfortunately on Halloween I had to do extra hours at ‘The Workplace’ so wasn’t home for the trick or treaters so now have to eat the mini bars of chocolate I bought …tough job but I’m ploughing my way through them 🙂

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    1. Have you blogged the cake? I checked and see no cake. Am having some WP issues again so am never sure! Thanks for the ‘sparkly awesomeness’ comment but it is still only a handful of cards, and I am pretty sure not ‘awesome’!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No post yet! It’s still under construction (cake and blog post!) I’m waiting for the shimmer spray to dry before I stick the stars on and assemble the whole thing. I’m a glutton for punishment. Your cards are lovely, clean and simple. 😊

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  3. That is a sparkling beauty of a card, Gillian! Hmmm…Galaxy Chocolate is milk chocolate? That is my downfall! (Google, here I come!) When we were in Germany, we could get Nestle Smarties – like M&Ms. And I read on the back of the Halloween KitKats (Hershey product here), that they are produced under a license with Nestle in Switzerland. Why don’t we just sell ALL the different brands in all the countries??? 😉

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  4. Love your shimmery card and this design is awesome! Don’t have any stars yet, but maybe stitched circles will work… Thank you for the inspiration!
    And thanks for the ‘insider info’ on Galaxy! Haven’t heard about it, but it’s sold online, so I can get some for Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I found a place online where I can purchase some British goods, including Galaxy Ripple, Walnut Whip (!), some teas and even Colman’s mustard, that is the best out there and hard to find in grocery stores.

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      2. Hope it feels good! 🙂
        I’ve been purchasing this mustard for about 5 years now, it was also sold in Russia. And one of our favorite teas is Lifeboat! This year we had to order Bounty from Britain, as it disappeared from our stores.

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  5. Gorgeous card my little chocaholic. Superb design. We are on a chocolate and sweetie ban until Christmas. DH likes the bars and I like jelly sweeties. I can’t eat many bars but I used to love the selection boxes at Christmas. You know the ones with the variety of mini bars in them. Only just remembered those. Yum. Oh, hazelnut whirls!
    Have a great weekend.
    Flo x

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  6. ” I understand at least one person across the pond has sourced and eaten a Walnut Whip as a direct result of that post.” . . . . I don’t think she’s received them yet. I’m getting a little concerned that those Customs Officers read the Customs Label, saw the word ‘confectionery’ and decided that they might have to just taste test them! hmphh! [insert grumpy face with arms folded to show ‘strop’]

    Great card Puff. Clean, simple, quiet, neat and tidy.
    Nice make, Miss Puff. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I guessed yours might not have made it yet, but gillyflower at Wood So Wild in Canada found a British shop and bought some! I hope your package arrives safely.

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  7. I love love love this! (Is that enough love?) Now I need to go see if I have star nesting dies. Yes, I should know what I have. I have the nagging feeling my star dies are the old Sizzix dies that have 4 sizes on one block, making it impossible for me to replicate your card.

    Oh, and no more talk of chocolate. I’ve developed an allergic reaction to dairy, and you are making my mouth water.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, thanks so much! Sorry about the choccy talk but I can’t promise not to mention it again. It does consume a great deal of my daily thought processes! I got a super-cheap set of nesting dies because I had exactly the same Sizzix set you mention. 3 nesting dies and 1 decorative die for £4 was a bargain!

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  8. Also, I am a massive galaxy fan too 🙂 for some reason Cadbury makes my throat itch but galaxy is just right. My partners favourite chocolate it’s minstrels. Have you ever tried microwaving them? If you pop them in the microwave for about 20 seconds the insides go all warm and gooey!

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