3D Thursday: Chirps, cheap as chips!

This is a quick project as I have not had time to make much this week. I did though have time to pay a visit to The Works, a shop I have only relatively recently discovered has a selection of craft items, often at really good prices. Amongst other things, I bought a birdcage die. I know birdcage imagery has been around for a long time and is probably out of fashion again now, but I have always liked ornate wire cages: whether fashionable or not, I just think they are very pretty. And at only £3 for a die which is nearly 10cm (4”) tall, well it would have been rude not to make a purchase. Of course I overdid the politeness and bought a lot more besides but we will gloss over that.

So, today I needed to make something for 3D Thursday. I had a few ideas in my head but all were quite time-consuming, then I thought about trying to 3D the birdcage. It is symmetrical apart from the bird on the top (I am glad he is sitting on the cage and not in it!) so in theory it should work. And guess what? This time the theory was right!


I cut the image four times for each cage from decently thick card, one lot in white and the other in silver, then folded back the small curlicues at the sides on the lower sections. I then glued these together to form the basic ‘square’ shape. Next came some semi-complicated and totally unnecessary faffing about with the tops of the cages: I cut the bird off the back one as it pointed in the opposite direction and looked odd in a photo. I also cut the bird and curlicues off the two side pieces, then pinched and glued them together to make a kind of dome. In practice this makes them look a bit complicated in the photo, although they do make interesting shadows. What I really should have done for an easy life is just cut the tapering top section off all but the front piece. Never mind, I know now!

Once this was done I die cut the bird only from silver glitter card and stuck it over the plain bird. He even has a little wing you can fold out. Nice to know he is capable of escape should he wish. Also a pearl for an eye as we don’t want him crashing into the furniture. I could have gone on and decorated the cage more, but I had no time.

To make them each into a lumiere I rustled up a quick sleeve for the battery tea light from white vellum, just to diffuse the light a bit. They could though also be used for tree decorations. For a quick project I am pretty happy with the results!



78 thoughts on “3D Thursday: Chirps, cheap as chips!

  1. …are you following me?!!..
    I just TODAY bought a vintage birdcage with toiletries in as a Christmas present for someone!!
    I love these, though, so pretty and dainty! Love the thoughtfulness of eye inclusion…I always feel vaguely worried for decoratively blind ornaments…great post! :)x

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      1. Why would anybody ever think that Twiglets would be a good idea? I’m afraid olives rank with Twiglets in my estimation, although I like olive oil…

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      2. Well to be fair, my recent dislike of artichokes stems from the fact I had some from Iceland ( the frozen food shop…not country) and they were vile. Tasteless,woody and weird…not a single redeeming feature in the entire flash-frozen specially prepared range..

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      3. Thought I saw a trail of gilding flakes and shavings of card stock behind me…and I thank you for your ocular consideration :)x!

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      4. Ha ha ha! My favourite statement when discussing art (or whatever) with the grown ups :” Oh yes, it’s definitely a post-modern ironic statement on the economy/ government /environment…” Just add in a word relevant to the subject being discussed…

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  2. Oh, you are clever!! Fabulous use of the die cuts. Got yourself a bargain there Mrs. It would definitely have been rude not to buy!! lol! I love bird cages. Do you think they would go out of fashion? Would we care if they did…….
    Lovely post. Have a great evening, hugs Flo x

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    1. Thanks so much! No, I wouldn’t care if they went out of fashion. Now I have a die I am on a one-woman mission to stick them on everything! Hope you have a lovely evening too. Xx

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  3. How clever are you?! When I first looked, I thought the cages (esp. the silver one) were actually made of wire. And I love how you added the lights!

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  4. These are super sweet. I love the works for craft stuff. Poundland had dovecraft or trim craft (a proper brand anyway!) pearls and I bought 4 sheets as I thought that was a brilliant bargain. Birdcages are a favourite image of mine, we had them as table centres at our wedding, in fact I still have them in the loft! I might have to get Mr C to dig them out as crafty props. Anyway, I love them and I love the battery tealights.

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      1. I’m a big fan of leading people astray and encouraging unnecessary purchases! I liked the table centres, think pink and cream roses, ivory candles and pearls. Now I want to find photos to remind myself! 😊

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      1. Nooo no ghost blogger here. I couldn’t afford one!

        The truth is … I’m magical! I have a Magic Wand, and all I have to do is think of that thing I’m wanting and then I do a little fairy type dance saying, at the same time as I wave my Wand: “Bibbety, Bobbety Boo!” .. and in a puff of smoke, it all happens as I desired.

        You mean ….. YOU DON’T HAVE A MAGIC WAND???

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  5. Oh what a great project! I love bird cages! I can see so many places these would fit perfectly! A mantle, a window, maybe even a Christmas tree! Hmmm….so many thoughts! I love these! You out did yourself with these! 🙂

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  6. They are so pretty and elegant! I can’t even choose which one I like more… maybe white. And they don’t look like a quick project to me. I also love that a bird has wings – nice detail!

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      1. Maybe you are right about frilly bits as I can’t imagine gluing them together so that it doesn’t fall apart right away. But it even holds its shape!
        One more thing – I really like that birds are on top of these cages, not inside them!
        Does your cat show any interest in birds?

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      2. Yeah, me too. I love birdcage imagery but not if the bird is inside!
        As for Riley, he is not much interested in birds other than at a distance. I am pretty sure he knows his limitations!! Couldn’t catch a cold…

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  7. This is so creative and so fitting for this time of year!!
    I wondered if you would be interested in being nominating for a three day quote challenge? If you are let me know and check out my post on my blog tomorrow ☺ xx


    1. So sorry I missed this comment yesterday in my power-cut drama! Thanks for your kind words! As for the challenge, thank you so much for considering me, but I am always in awe of those people who have favourite and inspirational phrases ready to go. I never do, so would be rubbish! I’ll read all yours though!! Deal?

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