Three degrees


Whilst rummaging in the craft room at the weekend I came across some snowy acetate I bought a couple of years ago. Nothing like rediscovering an old friend, is there? I decided to give it a bit of a workout. Also, those who read my posts regularly may remember that a vital Christmas die went missing a few weeks ago. The guilty party is either the cat or a poltergeist, because the die was returned last week. Left in the middle of the living room floor. Hmmm. I am pretty sure forensic testing would detect kitty DNA, or at least tuna… Anyway, it is back so Christmas is no longer cancelled.

To the cards, then. The first ‘degree’ of difficulty, is well, not in the least bit difficult really. I used the Deer Family die as it is, plus a banner greeting. A square of the snowy acetate was layered over royal blue card for the background sky, 3D foam and done. Total absolute beginner level. I think it would be good for a male Christmas card, maybe?


For the second degree, well there was a bit more thinking required for the composition, but once that was done it was simple to put together. Here I have used acetate to make the base card: it is sturdy enough to stand up with no problem. This time for the Deer Family I cut away the circular dome, so they are just silhouettes on a strip of card. I stamped and embossed the sentiment onto vellum and then wrapped the vellum around the layer with the Tree Landscape and adhered this to the piece with the deer. For acetate cards you need to tidy up the inside too, so nobody sees the gluey mess that is your shame. Just cover it up with another bit of card and nothing to see here! You also need somewhere to write. Well, unless you don’t like the recipient enough to bother, but then why are you sending the card?! My top tip for this (only thought of it today) is to flip the card over so the front is facing down on your work surface. Now you can easily layer a panel to line up with whatever is on the card front. Then you can turn the card the right way up, open it and align the interior panel perfectly with the one you have stuck to the very back of the card. Hurrah!


Now, the third degree of difficulty. I could have done with a lie down in a darkened room after this. All the dies are from different companies, so not intended to be used together but I had in my head that a diorama style would be fun. Fun for who, exactly?? I jest. It was a good thing to try and I felt I had achieved something. I’m not going to explain how I did it, because part-way in I had a bit of an epiphany and may have come up with a better and easier method. I will test it out and share if it works.


I do have a question to throw out there though. I want a detail gold embossing powder that is a really rich, bright, warm gold. The one I used on the first card here is, to be fair, at least 12 years old, but it is too ‘muddy’. Also, it MUST be a detail powder. Anyone got any recommendations? Oh and acetate, nightmare to photograph. I think you can see the roof of the house across the road in one of these shots and our guttering in another….how picturesque!

Long list of supplies today:

Clearly Besotted Tree Landscape and Mini Basic Banners dies; Lawn Fawn Village Border die; Memory Box Deer Family Circle die; X-Cut Rectangle Parenthesis Large dies; The Ton Holiday Lyrics (Dashing Through the Snow); Clearly Besotted Mini Basic Banners III stamps; Hunkydory snowy acetate. Rest of supplies from stash.



75 thoughts on “Three degrees

      1. Next time I visit my sister I might come away with heavy pockets. What would you use snowy acetate for though? Or is it just in case of an acetate related emergency?

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      2. Hmm I’m not sure…possibly some diorama type thing…although it would be more for mine and the cats’ amusement now my kids are a change scene frame change thing for cartoons..could have Santa Claws flying across the night sky…ha ha…time for my tablets I think!

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      3. Curly Wurly is my favorite. I have to get them from this one candy shop, but they are equivalent to what we called a Marathon bar when I was a kid. It was my favorite candy bar. The company went out of business; I am so happy to have found your curly wurly bar. Sorry, to jump in on you I was just excited to know what treat you were discussing!

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      4. Feel free to jump in any time! Interesting, because here a Marathon bar is what we now have to call a Snickers. I say ‘have to’ because you would not believe the hue and cry about the change of name at the time. It was like we had been told that due to globalisation we were now going to be called Little America instead of Great Britain!!

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      5. So a Marathon/Snickers is peanuts, caramel, some kind of fudgy or mousse layer at the bottom and covered in milk chocolate. Similar shape to a Mars bar. A Curly Wurly is a sort of drizzled, thinnish flattish layer of chewy caramel covered in Cadburys chocolate. Doesn’t sound exciting, when I put it like that!


      6. Yep that describes both. I think Snickers are idiots to rename their product, I would be so upset if I was visiting, bought a marathon only to find out its really a snickers. The term you are looking for to describe that bottom layer is “nouget”. We don’t ask what it is comprised of similar in thought as not asking what makes up hot dogs.

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  1. Wonderful trio, Gillian! That diorama is spectacular!

    Gold Detail embossing powder…I have Stampendous! brand, and I really like it. You can see it on my die cut wreath cards (all of the sentiments).WOW and Ranger are also supposed to be good. (I have other Ranger metallics – Silver Pearl, Liquid Platinum, and the “fineness” is superb.)

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  2. Very festive! I like a bit of acetate, snow acetate sounds like heaven. I can’t help with the embossing powder as my gold sounds like yours too. Glad the cat returned his stash, did you announce an amnesty in return for fish?

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    1. You just have to show the acetate who is boss really. Or else give up and make a cup of coffee! And yes, no doubt more glitter to come. I do have a mountain of it after all!

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  3. Wow! Second one is my favorite, but all three cards are very beautiful and creative! I like how you used all these elements together.
    About the embossing powder… I have Stampendous! powder in gold, but I used it only once and can’t really rate it’s quality, but at least it works for embossing and it’s gold, not rose gold or something else.

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    1. Thanks! Actually when I opened a drawer today I found some of that exact powder. It was in totally the wrong place and I had forgotten I had bought it! Second one is my favourite too!

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  4. Oh my word! These cards are just AWESOME! I so love the look of all three cards! Beautiful job…STUNNING! I have never made a card with acetate, but love the look of them. I just may have to try it sometime! Have you ever tried Gina K embossing powders? I have several and LOVE them. They are super fine for details. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Nancee, and no, I haven’t tried Gina K. Not sure if they are available over here but I will check them out! The acetate is quite dramatic-looking I think. I must have been having a Diva day!

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  5. I love this project! The work you do with the materials you use is amazing! All I was thinking while reading your post was “why is she not teaching classes?” or at least on youtube. At least get yourself an Etsy shop so we can buy the tutorials!
    As for taking pictures of acetate, or clear things, given the fine detail of your work I would suggest getting a photo box. It has a light in it and all white sides. Amazon sells a pop-up starter (easy to set up and store) kit pretty cheap. You could also find one in a local photography store.
    For glitter, I would check Tim Holtz’s site or Ranger. I thought I just saw a bottle of tonic fine glitter in a more burnished gold. Hope that helps!

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    1. It does help, thanks! I always like to know what others recommend. I will look at the photo box kits too! As for videos, I am the MOST camera shy human being. And I know most people only show their hands but even that would give me pause a bit. Then I might have to explain something and I’d have to talk and probably just freak out!! Thanks for the support though, you say such kind things!!

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      1. I feel the same way, my son once said Just because you do a video doesn’t mean you have to upload it. It helped me a bit. Try it, you might like it! :):):) Anyway, you writing is fabulous and always enjoyable which why I think we want more!

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      1. Aw, thanks 😀 I know I still have a lot yonlearm with card making and it’s difficult sometimes not to negatively compare myself to more experienced card makers. I have some acetate somewhere… I’ll have to try and find it and see about having a go 🙂


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