3D Thursday: It’s Shakespeare, Jim, but not as we know it…

Sorry Trekkies….

Last year on Pinterest I saw lots of Christmas ornaments with a honeycomb paper look. Now, I can just about remember from childhood many Christmas ornaments being made from honeycomb paper. They would be something like a bell, or a tree, probably about a foot long. They would be multicoloured, and be able to open for the festivities and fold closed again to store for next year. The honeycomb effect would be quite elaborate too. The ornaments I saw on Pinterest were handmade, and therefore much less elaborate, but really appealed. Also many were made with book pages. I wanted to try it last year but never had the time. I know some people feel that books should not be cut up, or cut into, but I feel differently. I love books. I love to read them, flick through them, even pile up old interesting looking ones simply for decoration. But I also just like the look of the text and the feel of the pages, so using them as a craft material is fine, for me. Otherwise these books are sitting alone and unloved in a charity or second-hand shop somewhere. Where is the glory or dignity in that? If you feel differently, it’s ok, just look away now and come back another day maybe?!

Still here? OK. So, yesterday I watched various YouTube clips to see how to make the honeycomb paper effect. Then armed with some knowledge I waded on in. The method I came up with was a bit of a mixture of the videos I watched. Isn’t that often the way? If anyone wants to know specifics just let me know in a comment and I will put something together, but really if you fancy having a go there are plenty of tutorials already available.

I used an old book of Shakespeare plays. Probably just a twisted amusement at making something which vaguely resembles an Elizabethan ruff from The Bard’s works. Or shall I pretend it is in homage?! But for the record I don’t actually see Shakespeare’s visage in honeycomb paper, or on my toast, like some people do…

As I said, I won’t go into masses of detail, but basically you cut your shapes, fold them in half and then stick them together one on top of the other, but alternating the sticking points. Really, seriously, I can try to explain this more but other people have already done it way better so I won’t. YouTube is great for this!

Once you have your basic shape done, again you have choices for the hanging loop and decoration at the bottom. Or at least you would have choices if you were a crafter with a selection of beads to hand. I am not, so ended up using a snowflake charm that was free with a magazine about a million years ago.

I wanted more bling. I wanted those pages GLITTERED! A rifle through my glitter stash and I plumped for Smoky Quartz by Martha Stewart. It is an old-fashioned kind of colour, exactly what I had in mind. So late last night I was sitting painting diluted pva glue onto the edges of the pages and then liberally sprinkling with glitter. Some pages are a bit more glittery than I would like, but too late now. Next time I will do the job in better light. I also decided I loved the glitter so much that I added it to some simple die cut holly leaves too and stuck these at the top of the ornament.



What I learned from this first one is that it is worth taking some time to work out the position of your fixing points. This ornament could have looked better with a different choice I think, but now I know.

Also, glue dots seemed to be the weapon of choice for a lot of the YouTube-ers, but I gave up on them pretty quick. You simply cannot easily see where you are putting them because of the carrier paper. I just used a sticky tape runner and it worked fine.

I know you would have to be very careful about where you placed a decoration like this but I do find them interesting to look at. Again this is another project that you absolutely could replicate without a die or die cutter. Just draw half a simple ornament shape, cut it out, draw around it on your already folded book pages and you are good to go.


The die I used was the largest from Spellbinders 2010 Heirloom Ornaments


71 thoughts on “3D Thursday: It’s Shakespeare, Jim, but not as we know it…

    1. Thanks, but honestly it is easy. I really can’t do difficult either! I nearly called this post ‘smoky quartz and Shakespeare’. Can’t think where I got that idea……

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      1. Seriously? I can’t help but wonder if tattoo parlours should have to adhere to ‘cooling off’ clauses. Just so no eejit can wander in and change their life on a whim. Imagine waking up to that every morning!

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  1. Oh that’s lovely! I’ve made ornaments out of old cards (both as a kid & with my own kids) by cutting circles and glueing 4-5 of them together, then rolling the edges in glue & glitter – but this is so much fancier!

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  2. Yet another amazing 3D project! I love this ornament and what a great idea to use old books! I’s have to watch tutorials on this for ages before it would commit to my memory so for you to make it straight after watching some vids – pretty amazeballs actually!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I cut 24 whole shapes. You have to do even numbers. I probably could have used 20, then the honeycomb look might have been more obvious, but too few and it would tear as you stretch it round.

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  3. I vaguely remember making something like this …about 100 yrs ago when I was at school LOL the memories you have brought back with your beautiful ornament are priceless so thank you for the stroll down memory lane 🙂

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    1. I know, but I only started this last night and you are not exactly next door, are you?!! Just put some aside for me – ones with decent sized holes to get ribbon through!! Glad you like it. xoxo


  4. What a gorgeous shape. I’ve seen a fairly similar effect with circles to make 3d hot air balloons on cards and I thought they looked cute. Great use of a book. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol would be a great book for Xmas decorations too. 😊

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  5. Oh what fun! Hmm…I’ve given away most of my books…Kindle is much easier to carry several books around….maybe some garage sales would be a great place to shop for these supplies! What a fun idea! Probably won’t give it a try this year…not enough time. I love the looks of these! Beautiful job! So glad you try these things first and give us tips on how to make them! 🙂

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    1. Christmas is coming up way too quickly, isn’t it? I am starting to panic a bit. I have just realised as I was replying to another comment that these are a bargain to make. The only things I had paid for at some point was the ribbon and the glitter, neither of which cost much either! It does actually look prettier in real life too, so I think I might manage a few more…maybe…

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      1. I have Spellbinders Heirloom Reflections die set, so maybe I’ll try creating something like this later, but I don’t have any books, that can be used this way. Maybe parchment paper will also work fine.

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      2. Maybe copier paper would work, but for some reason I don’t feel it like a medium and never use. If I had a ‘Text’ stamp, I would probably have stamped it on parchment paper and used instead of book pages. I really love how it looks with text!

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      3. Oh, yes! You are genius! Somehow I didn’t think about using newspapers… maybe it’s a professional thing or it’s because we are not buying newspapers here and reading everything online.

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  6. Picking up my jaw. This is amazing! the glitter is icing on the cake. I agree the text add another dimension. I knew I was in for something really good when I read the title, you do not disappoint! I have been so sick and you have given me the first laugh in two days, thank you! I do think you should do youtube you would make it so fun. Think about it! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Cobs! I think it would take maybe about 45 mins to make one from scratch, once you have a plan. Because my plan was, shall we say ‘fluid’ (i.e. the scantest of scant) it took me a lot longer for this first go. 6. Hmmn. That random ‘6’ there is Riley, who just stood on the keyboard to say ‘hi’. I think he likes you.


      1. I think that perhaps it was more that he took a bit of a shine to Maisie Dotes, who had decided that I wasn’t to do anything at all except cradle her in my arms and tickle her tummy … because I am her slave.

        That ornament would take me a LOT longer than 45 minutes. It’s a pretty little thing, but I don’t think my one brain cell has the required patience factor to sit and glue all the bits in the right places and not get glued up to the eyeballs and eventually be part of the bauble permanently.


  7. Love the traditional, old fashioned feel of these ornaments. Very pretty! I know exactly what you mean when you’re looking for how-to’s on the ‘net and find thirty-nine thousand of them, not one of which is perfect or tells you exactly what you need to know. Having said that — hurray for YouTube and web DIYs … where would we be without them?!

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    1. Yes. Last year my cousin was trying to make some jester-type shoes for her son in his school play, but was probably going to give up and put him in coloured gym shoes that went with the rest of his costume. I managed to find a pattern and YouTube demo on how to make pointy shoe covers to go over the gym shoes. What are the odds?!

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  8. I love it! And I have examples of all sorts of pretty things made out of old books on one of my Pinterest boards – not that I have made all of those things yet myself – but one of these days… Now that you’ve made this honeycomb and glitter ornament I have an incentive to get going!


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