3D Thursday: sometimes it isn’t rude to point

This is a WIP post. This week I enjoyed reading the results of a couple of Pinterest projects from gillyflower over at Wood So Wild (very cool blog). It is so useful when a ‘real’ person attempts some of these things and lets you know the outcome. I really liked how her sea glass turned out!

As of this morning I had a big fat nothing prepared for 3D Thursday so no post, or a quick project was the order of the day. Nothing like a deadline to sharpen the mind! Then I remembered that a while ago, whilst Pinterbinge-ing (as in looking at Pinterest for way longer than is healthy) I came across a link showing how to make a five-pointed origami star. Hurrah! So gillyflower is my inspiration today and I am very grateful!

I did my searches and found the site here. I watched both the videos – one to make a pentagon and one to make the star, then went for it with a sheet of copier paper to practice. This is the first star I made.


Not bad, huh? Of course I had to pause the videos several times to catch up: I haven’t done much origami since I was a kid and am a bit rusty. But don’t worry, you definitely do not need a black belt in origami to do this.

Once I had made the initial pentagon shape I was a bit concerned about all the random score lines, but most of them became integral to the star shape. If I was doing a lot of these stars I would probably make some pentagon templates to save a bit of time, but to just get a couple done whilst there was still some daylight available, and in case we get yet another power cut, it was as quick to make them from scratch.

The papers I used are single-sided. Initially I was looking for double-sided as per the website but once I watched the videos I realised you only see one side anyway. Mine are good quality 12 x 12 inch K&Company that my sister bought for me when I started card making. I love them so much I use them sparingly! Actually the quality probably made the folding a bit trickier, so you definitely want to use paper weight only. The end result is better with the quality paper though, so it is swings and roundabouts!

The trickiest bit I found was the very last fold, but it just needs a bit of finagling and you are fine.


I had just enough time to get some of my lovely Martha Stewart Smoky Quartz glitter on the edges of one star and take a couple of photos. I was trying to catch the glitter in the sunlight, but no luck. You will just have to believe me when I tell you it looks not too shabby at all.


So, I made three stars, they all worked, and by the time I was making star three I had most of the fold sequence in my head and could (almost) do it as quick as the demo chap. So it is easy, believe me!

I said at the top they are a WIP, because of course you could add all sorts of things to them. I have an urge for jingle bells on the points. Maybe I am just getting confused with jesters’ hats?


47 thoughts on “3D Thursday: sometimes it isn’t rude to point

    1. I feel really tempted to just shout your phrase at someone in the street…nobody frail or infirm, of course. A sturdy robust type. But then I’d have to leg it…not dignified.

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  1. These are great, Gillian! And I can see the glitter in the photo – nice & glittery.

    And you made me laugh out loud – “a black belt in oragami”!

    I hope you are feeling better today!

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  2. These are brilliant! They look like the kind of thing that when you get used to making them – you make loads! I was a bit like that when I saw a You Tube video of how to make an origami corner bookmark – I made loads in different sizes and different papers! They were just so easy and fun to make! (I just need to use them now!) That was a very easy project – your beautiful stars look rather more complicated! Another fantastic project Gill and just fab for Christmas decorations!

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    1. Thank you, but these are easy. That is the beauty of origami, it makes something look tricky when it is just folding, doesn’t it? And yes, you could make loads really quickly. I like the sound of the bookmarks you mention. I usually end up using a receipt or something equally glam! I need to take a look at them, I think!

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  3. These are great! I love your choice of papers, and the mention of smoky quartz anything just makes me go weak at the knees. And thank you so much for your lovely words about me; I’m truly honoured and so glad you were inspired to try something new. Huzzahs all around!

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    1. I was indeed inspired. And you saved my blogging bacon too! The smoky quartz glitter is my absolute favourite at the moment. I’d like it on a wall!

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  4. I love the touch of glitter & the idea of jingle bells. In thinking of other things to decorate the stars with, you could make 5 smaller stars to hang off each arm of a big star & flip the big star so it’s flat like a tabletop – a star mobile!

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  5. Oh these are great! I’ve never tried Origami. I would say that I am going to give it a try…but I don’t think I can squeeze any more time into my day! LOL! Those are lovely with the glitter…and I do think bells would be great! 🙂

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    1. Nancee, if I could colour like you I wouldn’t be wasting time making paper stars either!!! You just keep showing me adorable chicks and I’ll be very happy!

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      1. Awe thanks Gillian! I so ❤️ your work with just paper! Coloring takes time so you can’t get as many ✅. I decided this year not to stress myself out by coloring for my 🎄 cards this year. A little dry embossing and a little heat embossing with some ink added and my 64 cards for mailing will be done. I got all my paper cut last night and all the “dry” embossing done. Now it’s just the heat embossing, ink, and putting everything together. Hopefully I can finish today! 🤗


  6. Woo! First bit of origami I’ve done in years and it (mostly) worked – for some reason the pentagon didn’t come out perfectly even, but it doesn’t show on the front of the star so that’s alright 🙂 Love the paper you’ve used and the glittery edges are the perfect addition!

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  7. These stars are so pretty, love these papers and glitter is clearly seen!
    I was looking at these stars about a month ago, but I made a mistake while I was folding a pentagon and ended up with two halves of it instead of one piece… Lol It was a funny epic fail, but I was a bit disappointed and didn’t feel like trying it again right away…

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      1. Honey I will tell you….I can not draw or paint a picture well…just wasn’t born with it. I have sooo many craft fails that ended up in a bin, kinda like the land of lost toys. Embarrassing ;(

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