Christmas Countdown

Everyone beginning to feel a little bit festive? Heard your first Christmas songs on the radio? Starting to think about how on earth you will serve the sprouts in the hope of making them palatable this year? Or have you already got all your gifts wrapped, cards written and posted and been on a diet of mince pies and eggnog for a week?

When I looked out onto the street today, approximately mid-morning, for a moment I thought that maybe the neighbourhood had been evacuated for a gas leak and that somehow we had missed the warning. The road, normally nose-to-tail parked, was totally empty. Not one single car in sight. I sniffed. No gas. But perhaps a whiff of credit card meltdown? Everyone was out shopping! It made me realise I need to get a wriggle on.

So far, I have made some cards, experimented with some ornaments and that is it. No decorations up, gifts bought or anything. We usually have the tree up in the first few days of December. Partly because my sister’s birthday is early in the month and as kids it became a tradition to have the decorations in place by then, and I just carried it on in my own home. Also, partly, because I used to spend a whole weekend putting up elaborate garlands, lights and an enormous tree. If you go to all that effort you don’t want to spend the following weekend taking it all down again. You want to get a few weeks’ worth of twinkle for your exertions!

I don’t invest so much time any more – as long as there are plenty of fairy lights and some sparkle I am good. I really used to object to the amount of time it takes to dismantle and pack everything away!

Anyhoo, today as I was sorting through some boxes I came across a few cards I made last year, but didn’t use. They are a more traditional style, using Anna Griffin products. I know I have said it before, but I do love Anna Griffin style. Very classic, very classy.


These were all simple to make. The shapes are already cut out and layered for dimension, you just decide how you want to put them together. The kits usually come with inspiration sheets too. I have to say I cannot remember whether all these combinations are my own, or whether I recreated some of the examples. What I would say is that if anyone is thinking of trying their hand at card making, kits like these, with sentiments, 3d elements and coordinating papers and ribbon are a great way to start and build up your confidence. Lots of different companies offer them, and for all occasions.

These will definitely get used this year!


57 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown

  1. These are so festive! I lean more toward vintage, so these are right up my alley! I’m gearing myself up by watching Christmas movies and sipping hot apple cider. I may have to be a couch potato on this cold rainy day.

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  2. I love the style of these cards. We will put up the Christmas tree today. And I will write the cards. I would feel more festive if we got some snow 🙂

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  3. What an excellent find. I was happy to have discovered a few cards left from last year as well. I think, at this point, I have enough made for this season. Which is probably a good thing, because I believe I’m tired of making Christmas cards. I’m itching for some other projects.

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    1. Oh goodness, me too!! I can’t wait until I have all the Christmas cards done and can go back to everyday things. Boxing Day is actually my favourite card making day of the year!

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  4. I love how simple but fun these are, a really vintage feel.

    We put up our tree today, I’m hoping the cat (a rescue who chose us in February) isn’t a climber. So far he’s been hitting it, I anticipate coming down to it laying across the floor x

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    1. Always the best way, when they choose you, right? All cats are different with trees, aren’t they? I had one that made himself a perch in the middle of whatever tree we had, year after year. Others just give the decorations a bash. Hope you have fun with your rescue kitty, whatever damage they do!

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  5. I’m SO behind on making my Christmas Cards this year. I know they’ll get done, but I’m getting a little concerned about them.

    The Christmas tree … no that isn’t up yet. Like you had the tradition in your house, our was the opposite tradition. Our youngest daughter was born early in the second week of December, and I always said that she would have her birthday before Christmas came and settled upon the house – so that she felt just as special as her sister, (who’s birthday was more in the middle of the year) and that she didn’t feel she was sharing the celebration with the Christmas decorations.
    And even now, now that she’s left home and has a family of her own, we still don’t put up the tree until after her Birthday. [shakes head and thinks we’re odd] LOL.

    Lovely cards. I think the last one is my absolute favourite. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Well, once you have a tradition it is quite hard to let it go, right? My sister was quite poorly as a child so I think that may be why the tree was part of her birthday celebrations. But being a Christmas nut I always loved to have it up that early too!! Hope your daughter has a great birthday. Xx

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      1. You’re right. Once a tradition has become ‘the way’, it’s really difficult to move it or budge it over a little. Funny thing is that she’d put her tree up in August if she could get away with it – that’s how much she loves Christmas! It’s just me who didn’t want to make her feel like her birthday had gotten lost in all the Christmas festivities. [sighs]. Mums, eh? (I’m a terrible over-thinker – that’s my problem)
        Oodles of Christmas hugs ~ Cobs. x

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      2. Maybe you just notice those kind of things more? Where you think ‘oh, did I get that right?’ Most likely it was completely the right thing to do as she was growing up, and that is why she loves Christmas so much now!!

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      3. Oh, you’re more than welcome. In fact … would you like two? Both are litter tray trained, but they do come with one or two bad habits. The main one being the eternal love of …. The Bank of Mum and Dad. You would have to take over that role, but they’ll help you with it.

        fnar fnar.

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  6. Love the cards. I want to make some this year, but right now I’m focused on making ornaments as gifts. I did order some photo cards to mail to family. We put the outside decorations up today so that makes me happy. Inside my home, everything is up and on display. I’ve been watching Hallmark Christmas movies since the first of November when their countdown started.

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  7. These are gorgeous. They look like something you would buy in a posh boutique. A real touch of luxury. It’s not very festive at all here. I think need to kidnap the shepherd and tie some bows on the goats for something! You have answered something though. I was thinking about putting the trees up this week and wondered if it was too early but now I have read you post I think it is ok. Is it a “coincidence” I wonder?
    Hugs Flo x

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  8. All beautiful cards – what a treat to find them already made and ready to go! I’ve made a bunch of cards but I need to sit down and count them. I started making my list last night, matching cards to recipients – I’ll soon figure out how many more I’ll need to make! I have 3 stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel and a rustic wooden angel outside near the front door, but no tree yet. My daughter is Chief Decorator but she’s busy with her last week of school before vacation – we’ll get there!

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  9. Those cards look almost Victorian; I really like them! Lucky for me, because we’re going to NZ through Christmas & New Years, I don’t have to decorate except for the light up star I put on the front door. We’re not even doing Christmas cards or family gifts; the trip is the big gift for all of us this year. This morning I did check one more store for the paper mache reindeer head and found one! The last one in the store! This afternoon I’ll guild it and tomorrow (hopefully) hang it!

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    1. I saw you got the reindeer! I commented! NZ should be a great trip. New Zealanders are lovely, lovely people. I haven’t been there, just met a lot of them through work. Should be a great trip for you all.

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      1. Thank you! I’ve just tried the snow… but it won’t show with the white background of my blog… It can be seen only over text and pictures… But maybe I’ll keep it anyway.

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  10. Gorgeous! I love card kits as I get so busy that I don’t make as much as I would like to. When there’s a kit around I’m more likely to make a few at once as it’s so easy. I like Anna Griffin too, though I don’t have any of her kits.

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  11. What cute cards! I love them! I have been so busy over the past 30 days (coloring amongst other things!). I did manage to get my Christmas decorations up over the weekend. Whew! That’s done. I do have 2 presents bought. LOL! I have a long way to go! I also have my 64 holiday cards almost all the way done….maybe another night or two and they will be finished. I’m thinking about making coffee cake over the weekend….something I have not done for about 15 years. It is an old family recipe from my husband’s grandmother. She brought it with her from Switzerland when she came over to the States. My daughter craved it when she was pregnant….but I didn’t have enough time to make it…it takes about 10 hours! I always say I’m going to start early…but that never seems to happen. Next year! LOL! So much for my plan to catch up on emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays…way too many to catch up on so this week, I’m also doing so on Wednesday! LOL! Eek, I also have to find time to post on my blog! This month will be over before we know it! Enjoy every minute of every day….they go too fast! 🙂

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    1. The Swiss do know their cakes, that is for sure. Any cake that takes 10 hours to make should be delicious. I agree December is racing by. Hope you get everything done!

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