Little boxes

Where did December go? Am I the only one that seems to have lost a week somewhere? I need to get a wriggle on!!

Just a quick post, an escape into Blogland before I go back to the ‘to do’ list. That list has magical qualities. No matter how much I cross off it never seems to get any shorter.

This Christmas card offering is from the Craftwork Cards Petite Glitzy Villages kit. I thought they would be quick and easy, but a little bit different and fun too. However, one should always do the research before purchasing! The sections with the houses on them are just printed squares, so if you want the diorama look, you have to cut around the houses and trees. I have mentioned before that I am NOT good at cutting out, and I don’t find it relaxing. So thin, fine detailed fir trees, plus a bit of time pressure meant I was starting to lose the will to live by panel number two. Reader, I fudged it. I cut around the house for the front panel (even I can manage a boxy shape) and applied severe (terminal) landscaping to the trees by chopping them off completely. Then I pulled out my trusty Clearly Besotted Tree Landscape die, cut it in gold and fixed them behind the house panel to replace those I had made into firewood.

The picture of the finished card on the kit also had a gold starry background, but you can only achieve this by sticking the panel with two houses to the very back, thus limiting your layers. Or else use this panel twice and reduce the amount of cards you can make with the kit. So I ended up making my own snowy background with the Avery Elle Falling Snow die I have used for many a card this year!


So, a bit of a hybrid, and not quite as quick as I had hoped, but I like the overall effect. Also they fold flat to go into an envelope, which is a big plus.

Hope everyone is doing better with their Christmas preparations than I am!



47 thoughts on “Little boxes

  1. I think you have done a fantastic job here – it looks brilliant! I love how you adapted what you had to suit you and you came up trumps in the process! Christmas preparations are going ok at the moment – for us! We’re a lot more prepared at this stage in time than we have been for years…something’s bound to go wrong….!!!

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    1. Well fingers crossed that nothing does go wrong for you. And the advantage of having a room full of craft stuff means you can make renovations to your little village houses if necessary! Thanks for the kind words.

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  2. I think the simple cuts (as opposed to lots of fringe cutting, etc) look great! I am pretty sure I am further behind on Christmas than you are–I am starting tomorrow. 🙂

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  3. NO!NO! Christmas is sneaky…where has the 5th to the 8th gone??
    Love the village and would like to move in there please. Now. My bags are packed.

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  4. I am with you there – can’t be doing that fussy cutting, it is not relaxing at all!
    But nevertheless, the card came out great!
    (Also, I woke up this morning and was actually shocked to find it’s already mid December – where did the start of the month go? xD)

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  5. Fantastic effort. And a great finish. Gave me a giggle too. I have a project in the craftroom that I just can’t seem to finish. It’s an album, just needs decorating but everything about it is not working for me. Is the bin beckoning?

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  6. Clever adaptation of the kit, I have a tendency to do things like that too ‘didn’t need that bit anyway!’ (Only to discover later that I did!)
    The white and gold looks lovely together. My Christmas prep is scarily behind, I still have 1 and a bit gifts to make! Never mind, it’ll come together in the end…

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  7. All these elements look so good together, as if they came from one set! Very nice and festive scene! Love all the details – even the numbers on doors are different!
    I’m far behind with my Christmas cards and everything else… and time is running out.

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      1. Yes, it really is, but a bit early to give up for me… our tree is still in the storage along with all the decorations, so quiet a lot to do this weekend…

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      2. Thank you! It really doesn’t matter if we change our opinion and stop forcing ourselves and writing those ‘to do lists’. I’m feeling a bit off these days… maybe this means that should just let it go and do only what I really want to.

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  8. Oh what a cute card! I would not have even know that you chopped a bunch of fire wood for the fireplace if you had not said anything! Love those trees! I’ve been tempted to make a card like that. I have seen so many cute ones, and this one is up there at the top! Adorable! 🙂

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  9. I think while you lost a week, I lost the same week! Whoever gets this card in the mail will be very excited, I can assure you; it’s very special. That falling snow die of yours has been the pinnacle of success this season, I really love it.

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