3D Thursday: on a Friday. Because thinking can be dangerous.

Yes, I am a day late with this post. May the gods of Blogland forgive me. Apparently there are one or two other things going on at this time of year….

Christmas cards are finally finished (hurrah!!), including some last minute ones for my sister. I was happy to make them for her, until there was another cat-and-die related incident. As I was cutting out 60 individual fairy lights with the smallest die known to man (1cm x 1.5cm, and a tiny part of a much larger set) I randomly thought ’How awful would it be if I lost this die? I wonder do craft companies ever let you buy replacements for individual dies? If not, they really should….’. Then the cat decided to jump up on my desk, at the opposite end to where I was working. Normally this is fine, but this one time he got the maths wrong and launched himself and several small ink pads I was using onto the floor. In my haste to make sure no inks opened and stained the carpet, and that the cat was ok (only his dignity was ruffled) somehow I lost the tiny, tiny bulb die. And spent TWO HOURS looking for it. Eventually I found it of course, several feet away from where I had been, in a box of cards that were finished and ready to go. I really should learn to think less, because the consequences can be dire.

So, my schedule was thrown out a bit. But, as I was clearing my workspace up I decided to use some of the card making leftovers to make bottle tags, rather than just throw them away. It is probably a crime against glitter paper to send it straight to recycling without ever being given its moment reflected in the twinkle of a Christmas light.


These are the same measurements as I used for the male bottle tags I posted before. So. 6cm wide, 21 cm long (which is the width of A4 card); score at 6cm from the top and die cut or punch a hole in the 6cm square you have made with your fold line. Super simple. I ran a couple of them through an embossing folder and cut a pennant shape at the bottom. Then just chuck on anything you have carefully select your embellishments and sentiments, a bit of the sticky stuff and you have busted some scraps in no time at all.


Cheers! I could do with opening that fizzy stuff right now!


70 thoughts on “3D Thursday: on a Friday. Because thinking can be dangerous.

    1. The cards for my sister were duplicates of ones I had posted here before. Very plain and simple but I forgot about the amount of die cutting required to make a dozen of them!! New Year’s resolution is definitely to tidy up better as I go along, I think!!

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      1. Amazing how making more than one of something just changes the whole dynamic! My parents cards turned way too detailed AGAIN…but they are done, and in the process they even picked out the image (that I already own) for next year.

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      2. See, now so next year you will be way ahead! But yes, you are right about the dynamics changing. Also, I should have done the mental arithmetic!

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  1. Your patience with your cat is amazing. Ha What a character – that cat. Your work is so perfect and so beautiful. I commend you for your talent. Anyone should be thrilled to get one of your creations. 🙂

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    1. Gosh, thanks! Such kind words! As for the cat, well, generally he is really good, he just has a bit of a naughty streak every now and again. Makes him entertaining!

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  2. They’re nice and what a good idea 🙂 I had a little accident with a box of pins and a cat who will remain nameless because of her big fat BUM. Fortunately, I did actually know exactly how many pins were in the box…I counted just in case of such an eventuality…

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    1. Ooch! Poor cat. Nature is clever. What she may have missed in brains was compensated for with padding. But how or why did you know how many pins you had? Unless we are talking small double figures here….

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      1. When I bought the box it said “approx 100 items”.
        Now. I’m not fond of approximations, it’s like being somewhat dead or a little pregnant…so for my own peace of mind I thought I would count them. Guess how many there were…

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  3. These are FABULOUS! They add a bit of a smile to a bottle. Even if it’s Champagne, it’s a bottle, and a bottle can be a little on the boring side, so I’m all for anything which adds a smile, and these certainly do.

    But … I looked over and over the photos, looking for the die cut of the teeny weeny little ‘lights’ and couldn’t find it anywhere. After a time I realised that you hadn’t used that die on these ‘ere bottle tags. DOH!
    total idiot, working on meds. lol

    Sending pre Christmas week wishes ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Sorry, my fault for knowing what was in my head (well hopefully, anyway) and not writing it correctly! I do that a LOT! Always have, probably always will. But yes, these are a cheery addition to a bottle. Just in case a bottle was ever unwelcome….

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  4. I like them! I’ve never made a tag for a bottle and thought there’s no sense to do this if it’s not a part of a gift… But these papers are so beautiful and designs are so easy, that I think: “Why not?”… I don’t say, that I should make one now, but who knows? Maybe I need some beautiful papers… When I was learning how to sew, I was told, that good high quality fabric and simple pattern is the clue. It should be the same with cards – good papers and simple designs always work.
    And about Riley… As I suggested previously, he is preparing something for you! He will figure out stamping very soon! Lol

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    1. I am a gift wrap nerd so will stick a bow or a tag on anything, given a chance! As for Riley, well, let’s just say he is not the sharpest tool in the box, if you know what I mean!

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      1. Sorry! I sometimes forget the transatlantic divide. And then I guess from what you have said before that English is possibly not your first language? I don’t want to assume, but if so, you are amazing! Just saying!

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      2. Never mind, it’s really not a big deal as I’m learning it constantly from real life. My first language is Russian, then I was learning English at school for about 9 years, after that I was learning German at the University and it helped me greatly to forget English. So it’s been about 15 years since my last lesson of English, but I’m trying to improve it on my own. We speak Russian at home, so blogland and mass-media are my ‘textbooks’. But sometimes it seems like I can’t read between the lines and I won’t look up every word, only If can’t figure it out of the context. So it takes a lot of time to read and write and check, and recheck, but I see my progress.
        And thank you!

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  5. I really don’t understand how it can take hours to find things that fall… or go flying thanks to our feline friends. At one point I lost one of those teeny tiny snowflake stamps. You know the ones that are about the size of a pencil eraser? Due to its clear nature, it took me days to find that thing. I don’t even want to think about how many letter stickers, sequins, and bits have paper have disappeared never to be found again.

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    1. Lol! I read a book once where the main character gets lost and ends up in a place where all the missing things go. People, food, odd socks, everything. If such a place existed, at least we would be keeping the crafters there well stocked with supplies!

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  6. Those bottle toppers are so nice! Very clever use of your leftover glittery cardstock and cutouts. So, how very lucky that you found your little die cutter! Two weeks ago I lost two photopolymer stamps that I was cleaning the ink off; one said “Happy” and the other said “Birthday,” and although I have looked all over my kitchen and dining room, swept the floors and gone under the furniture with a ruler, even putting my hand inside and around the garbage disposal (!) and picking through the trash can, I still can’t find those two stamps! I am so afraid that Ziggy ate them, although Anne and I think that it is more likely that he would have just chewed on them and left the mangled remains. But still no stamps – waah!

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    1. It is so frustrating, isn’t it? But would it be more frustrating to be left with only one of them?! Just thinking like Pollyanna here! Maybe they will turn up. I found a 2″ circle die in my boot this morning!

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  7. I just might have to “borrow” this idea for some of my scraps! I have so many! And I do give a few (Ha!) bottles of special “water” at Christmas time! These would be perfect instead of trying to find a gift bag the bottles would fit in…boring! Thanks so much for sharing….hope I have enough time to make a few before the weekend! 🙂

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