3D Thursday: travelling light

Today I have 3 tiny little suitcases. They are made with Tonic Studio’s King’s Cross dies. Naughtily, Tonic omitted the apostrophe on the packaging. I think this could therefore mean the monarch is having a hissy fit instead…. I used a sheet of yellow gingham to brighten the day for one of them and some old Kanban printed cardstock for the others.

They are pretty easy to do – just a bit fiddly getting one side to close into the other as the are both the same size. The extra bits and pieces to decorate them are fun, and the corner bracket thingies were vital for me as I struggle to get a really good finish trying to shape a curve, so they hide the carnage nicely. They are 10 x 2.5 x 6cm, so good for small gifts, favours, gift cards etc, but definitely no heavy luggage!



Travelling light is exactly what we had to do at Christmas, as Riley (the cat) was going on a long train journey for the first time, and carrying a wriggly cat is not the most practical way to travel. I won’t bore you with all the details, just the funniest bit. We were staying with family and basically I think we blew Riley‘s furry mind, briefly. Mum, sister and BIL have three cats between them already, so Riley was given my mum’s bedroom as his ‘safe place’. Early signs were promising as he seemed to be willing to leave the room and explore a bit on the second day. Although it was a few inches at a time, then back to the safety of under the bed, briefly, to then try again. I should explain here that the house has a flight of stairs, then a bedroom off to the left and living room to the right. For some reason (probably to do with the age of the house – it is a couple of hundred years old) there is an additional step up to floor level on each side once you reach the top of the stairs. So you arrive at the landing level, then turn either left or right and step up one more time to continue. I hope this makes sense?! Now the level that Riley’s room was on also has an area between the stairwell and the living room leading to the stairs to the next level of the house. Still with me? Good.

So, Christmas Eve, bed time. Riley decides it is time to channel his inner Christopher Columbus and go exploring. He makes it out of the bedroom, and oh-so-fleetingly across the stairwell and into the living room he had been eyeing up from a distance for a day or so. Then, panic, and he scooted back to the bedroom. But, he went for it again! I was so proud. Briefly. Alas he got it wrong, didn’t make it as far as the living room and instead tore around the corner and off up the stairs to where sister and BIL had, I thought, gone to bed.

Now, the layout of rooms and the location of the stairs and the superfluous steps is EXACTLY the same on this top floor. So Riley headed for the ‘bedroom of safety’, only to realise it was not the room he anticipated. So he shot across the gap at the top of the stairs and into the living room opposite. But, of course, this was not the room he expected or had familiarised himself with either!

Any proud cat owner would hope that their furry charge would realise the error, remember the stairs and slink back down to familiarity. Right? Well, sadly my friends that did not happen. Riley just shot repeatedly from bedroom to living room, vaulting the stair gap like a gazelle fleeing a crocodile. Each time he found himself in the ‘wrong room’ he froze, turned and legged it out again at speed. We realised what was happening after about the sixth time, and, well an intervention was staged. I never knew I could catch a speeding cat in mid-air so cleanly. Maybe this should be my Olympic event?


62 thoughts on “3D Thursday: travelling light

  1. Love the suit cases I would like these in real life but then I would want matching wellies 🙂 Such a fun post. Riley has a better social life than me. Now, this crossed my mind when I was reading the post, what about Riley having his own posts. You know the sort of thing Riley’s Random Thoughts, Riley’s Ramblings. What about Riley’s Dreams Of A Gold Medal. An in depth interview covering the strict training schedule, the diet and the special little suits he has to wear (including the bells), the pit falls of being a celebrity sports personality. How does he cope with the paparazzi. Does this effect his performance……
    Off for a cuppa, Flo x

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    1. Good idea! But now, after just getting light and heat back on after the fourth power cut in a couple of months, I rather think I may use them to send some special deposits from the cat who is not keen on power cuts to the CEO of the electricity company!! They should fit a cat poo nicely!

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      1. On a more serious note, I may be at risk of starting a conspiracy theory, but four power failures in the last couple of months? Hmm, very interesting… Did you hear what happened at the power company in Vermont where my SIL’s live? http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/local/vermont/2016/12/30/russia-hacked-us-grid-through-burlington-electric/96024326/ Maybe we can get Sherry, Mindy, Kathy and Wanda to die cut some cunning little paper suitcases and send them to Russia – they have several cats who could help out…

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      2. Wow, I hadn’t heard of that story. I always think spy movies are rather implausible, but recent events like this do make a person wonder what on earth goes on that we never get to hear about. Love the idea of employing cats to help make suitcases. As long as their terms or employment are reasonable!


  2. Here in the US, I give my pets (and children) Rescue Remedy when we travel. It’s s tincture that soothes and calms, which is very useful during holidays and hurricane evacuations.

    Precious tiny cases, too! I really need to learn paper crafts.

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    1. I read about that, and years ago a previous cat accidentally ate some homeopathic sleeping tablets that a friend left out. The vet said it was perfectly acceptable to use them and he even recommended them for pets scared of fireworks and so on, but I was never sure so didn’t do it. Maybe I will check with the vet again, as it was years ago. Or I could just dose myself up to help sail through it!!


  3. Love these tiny suit cases, such an elegant way to pack a small gift!
    I hope Riley wasn’t frustrated too much and continued exploring the home!

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  4. Laughing loudly at the vision of the cat stuck in a ‘repeat pattern’ of behaviour… Oh how often I’ve been right there!! haha .. Yep an Olympic Sport most definitely!!! x

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