An Elliethank. This is not a typo.

I had personal need of a thank you card this week, and wanted something unfussy but pretty. I dug out my Clearly Besotted elephant die and an old paper pad I though would do the trick.

Now normally I would use these dies with the matching stamps, but as I wanted to feature the patterned paper that was not on. I was happy enough that the dies alone give a recognisable elephant shape, but this meant he was missing his eye, a detail which the stamp would have yielded.

Seeing as I cannot draw ANYTHING, seriously my drawing skills are right up there with my neurosurgeon and trapeze artist ones, just the thought of adding as simple a detail as a nod to an eye, let alone an eyeball, lashes and twinkle made my blood run cold. It’s not just the eye itself, but the positioning. Supposing I end up with it half way down his cheek, or under where his ear will go? Then my cute Elliethank becomes a little more Elephant Man.

But I can’t let the little guy go eyeless, can I? How will he find his way about? Although, maybe bumping into stuff would not be his greatest trial. On reflection I don’t think I have done him any favours in the camouflage department…

Anyway, courage was summoned (wine helped) and after an infinity of hovering over him with a pen I just did it. Slightly off where it should be (I blame the wine, stupid idea) but bearable.

Today I put the card together with a subtle stamped sentiment, also from Clearly Besotted, and a nameless embossing folder. Actually now I wish I had gone for less embossed pattern, which was the original intention, but too late. I might make a second one though! The background is in fact the palest shade of pink, but winter light will not allow this to show.


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


36 thoughts on “An Elliethank. This is not a typo.

  1. I think the eye is perfect!!!! He is so stinkin’ cute! Thanks for making me smile. We’re in the midst of a big snow storm here in Virginia. About 8 inches since last night and still going strong. Yuck lol

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    1. Well, thanks! Sometimes I do blather on a bit but, especially if I am not sure about the finished product, I like to explain how I got there, in the hope people will understand!!

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    1. Now I have done it, I think I got my mammals confused and the recipient is a hippo fan. Ah well, too late, and I don’t have a lot of hippo images to call on anyway!

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  2. This is lovely – what a cute little elephant (with a perfect eye!) I really like the embossed background and the papers you have chosen for the paper piecing. I could do with this die (not actually yours!) as it would be great for the ‘new baby’ cards that I will be needing later on in the year. Another smashing project Gill 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I am so hoping Clearly Besotted do open again, as I love their products and found them only just before they closed. Fingers crossed!


  3. Oh, he is adorable! I think that eye is perfectly placed. How in the world did you get that perfect little arch? Whenever I try to draw any kind of line, it looks as though I drew it while riding out an earthquake. (As I do live in an earthquake zone, perhaps I shall start using that as an excuse whenever something comes out all wonky.)

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    1. I may need to move to an earthquake zone to do the same! Honestly, it was either a total fluke or beginner’s luck. I can pretty much guarantee it won’t ever happen again.

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  4. That is one of the cutest cards ever! He really does look like a stuffed animal, with the plaid and calico papers that approximate fabric. I think the background with the large dots is really perfect for this project.

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    1. Thanks – I wasn’t sure if I had overdone it. I was originally going to do random small hearts, but it all got a bit complicated so I took the easy option!

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  5. Oh I think this is absolutely adorable! I love that paper! Simply gorgeous! You placed that “eye” in the perfect place and it is the perfect shape! I love the simple embossed background. I wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂

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