Which came first? The Chicken or the Little?

I don’t think I ever read that book actually; it came to mind here because these chickens are, well, little! But the answer to the question in this case is ‘chicken’. I was browsing Pinterest yesterday and came across a few different examples of chickens made with this kind of shape, and they really appealed. I wondered how I could do something similar with my supplies – I really wanted the cute little flip of a tail and hand cutting was not going to work for me. Then I thought of using my Spellbinders teacup shaped die, and that possibly making a partial cut might work. But the die is pretty small, and therefore dictates the size of the chicken. So the chicken came before the ‘little‘.


In case you are tempted to do something similar, here is a picture of how I positioned the die on a top-folded piece of card. I used thinnish cardstock so I could cut through both front and back at the same time.


See how the teacup lip will create the tail on the right hand side? Magic. Once I had cut that shape, I then cut the base straight, parallel to the top edge so the chicken could stand square, also removing the part that was the cup base. The other (ahem) body parts are two different sized heart dies (I used dies because I have them, but punches or confident hand cutting would work fine) and a pointed sliver of card. One heart for a wing, one at a jaunty angle for the cresty bit on the head and then a mash up of a section cut from a heart shape, attached to the pointed sliver to make the beak and wattle. A punched circle for an eye (I am not pushing my previous post’s luck with a second attempt at an eyeball) and my chickens are ready to rock and roll.

Classy Chick is made with Anna Griffin card:


Hippy Chick is made with WRMK papers:


A close-up of the Frankenstein’s monster type head:


Apologies Chicken Grandma, for any liberties I may have taken with chicken anatomy. I am no expert, but these little cluckers do make me smile!



62 thoughts on “Which came first? The Chicken or the Little?

    1. Definitely not amazing – it is either because I have to find work-rounds for my inept drawing and cutting, or maybe just my eyes getting older!!

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    1. Thanks! I have been nominated before, a while ago but I never actually got around to doing it. Thanks for thinking of me – it is very sweet of you and I will check it out! I always love to go visit the other nominees too.

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    1. Thanks. I love this set because it is nesting dies, with separate handles. It makes great bunting for a tea party. I guess I could have chicken bunting at Easter now!

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    1. Rats! These chickens were created with you in mind and your reply did not show up in my notifications!! I kept thinking ‘I hope she reads this’. Even other bloggers were chipping in with comments about you!! Luckily I did a last run through of all the comments and saw yours. Hurrah! Anyway, now I can say that I saw some chicken cards and I thought of you! Xx

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    1. It might cut felt, because it is a simple shape? I have heard that if you starch the felt and then let it dry on the radiator, it makes the fibres easier to cut with dies. You probably know this already though, but I don’t do much fabric stuff any more to be able to say for certain. Stuffie chickens would be great, you are right! And I am definitely NOT brilliant, just trying to get the most from my huge stash!!


  1. Hi, some of my other blogging friends have told me that my comments have started going to the spam folder. If you see any of my comments in your spam, please note they are OK comments. I have sent a note to WordPress and hope this is fixed soon 🙂

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