Getting some zzzzzs

I was going to title this post ‘Time for Z’ but I realised that would make very little sense to ‘across the pond-ers’, as you pronounce it ‘zee’ but we Brits go for ‘zed’. I’m fairly confident ‘time for zee’ would just leave a quizzical look or two (probably not the first time I have done this to you, to be fair!) whereas in the UK we would find ‘time for zed’ as slightly humorous. Hopefully. Then, you see, years ago we had a kids programme called The Magic Roundabout, featuring a moustachioed creature on a spring, whose name was Zebedee (see, see? See all the Z-based fun?) and who always said ‘time for bed’ at the end of each episode…it would have been a great joke …ok, mildly amusing…anyone fallen asleep reading this yet?! No? Good. Let’s crack on.

How come I have never made this z-fold shape before? I think I first saw it with a super card made by fellow blogger Myra, some months back: loved it, resolved to try it, forgot all about it. Then I saw one somewhere else recently and was hooked again, and remembered Myra’s post.

They are easy and although you get a substantially sized open card, it still folds down flat and (this one I made) fits into a standard C6 (UK) envelope, meaning no extra postage charges. Hurrah!


There are all sorts of variations on the theme out there, but I just went with the simplest option. If you want to have a go, here is how to make the basic shape:

Either use a square card blank or fold your own.

Fold the card front in half, back on itself, so what was the opening edge is now parallel with the spine.

Open up the card shape and chop off enough from the bottom to give you the size you want your finished card to be. So, I wanted an 14.5 x 10.5cm (almost UK A6) size card, which meant I took a blank card of 14.5cm sq and then cut off 4cm.

This thin piece then forms your horizontal ‘bar’. It is already folded in the right places, you will just flip it once you have decorated it so the long panel goes across the front of the card and the short section is adhered to the back panel of the card, as in the photos. You can of course trim it down to be a bit thinner if you want, or add backing layers to increase the size. But you know this already….

Now you get to gussy it up in whatever way you fancy. Just check that your embellishments won’t overlap the right hand side of the card when it is closed. The UK has been grey and threatening (or delivering) snow recently so I cheered myself up with some daisies and some gingham. Then threw a load of black in to match the sky….

The flowers are Altenew layering stamps (Spring Daisy), but I stamped just the middle layer using Versamark ink and white embossing powder onto vellum for (ahem) an ‘informal’ look!! The leaves were made in the same way. I used two shades of yellow ink for the flower centres, some embossed panels and job done.

This was a fun make, and I will definitely be z-folding again. Thanks Myra!!







60 thoughts on “Getting some zzzzzs

  1. Love this. Very cheerful with a hard frost outside made worse after yesterday’s snow melting (watching the cat trying to fight his way across the garage roof before giving up in a sulk did cheer up the day first).
    I love z-fold cards, they’re really fun to decorate, especially if you tie them so you get to use extra ribbon. I don’t make them often, though, I tend to forget about the idea x

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  2. Lovely to see some bright flowers on this horribly grey day! I keep meaning to try making some different shaped cards, but it’s so easy to just make another A6 card… Thanks for the tip about cutting the strip off a folded square card – one of those things that’s obvious as soon as you know it 🙂

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  3. A wonderful card! I’ve made this type before, but a vertical version, so this horizontal style is something I will definitely try. And thanks for the “zee/zed” lesson – this teacher always loves to learn something new!

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  4. Oh I love this design! Sometimes the “same old”, “same old” gets a little boring after awhile. I have seem some similar cards and, like you, think “I have to do that”, but just don’t seem to get around to it. This year (yeah right!) I’m going to try to make some things outside of my “comfort” zone and try some new things. Love the colors you used and the embossing. Love how you stretched your stamps by using only one of the “3” stamp set. Great job! 🙂

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  5. Lovely card! And many thanks are in order… I do three craft classes a month at our local senior center and, if anyone has missed a class, we have a fourth at my house so they can catch up on projects. I realized I couldn’t drag all the things I needed for more than one project at a time to the center, so I started doing this “Catch Up Class” at home. The ladies love it because they can delve into my craft room goodies. I am willing to share most anything I have. It has evolved into a crafting party. Everyone from class comes (and sometimes a few extras) whether they are “catching up” or not!! Lately, I have found myself in the position of providing an idea for them to flesh out a design on their own. This card will be fantastic; they will love it..! And I will be most happy to give credit to you and your website for the idea. In fact, if you will permit, I will copy out your post on this card for them to add to their idea file. Only a few ladies do any paper crafting on their own, preferring to use my kits and tools in class. Over the last couple of years, slowly but surely, some of the others have begun creating on their own. What a joy for me as their guide! Please let me know if you will allow me to use your fun explanation about the creation of this card.

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    1. Yes, absolutely you can use it for your group. I love the sound of what you are doing together. Crafting is such a good thing and helps us relax or escape for a little while. I hope you have a great time and say ‘hi’ to your ladies from me!


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