Yellow Fever

Just a quick post. Here are two more cards I made this week. It would seem I have yellow fever. Normally I don’t ‘do’ yellow much – although we did go through a small fortune and a bajillion tester pots trying to find the ‘right’ yellow for the hallway and stairs many years ago. To be honest we could have painted the whole space in the purchased tester pots, there were that many. No yellow went untried. Maybe this, or custard tarts, has put me off….

But recently the yellow has been beckoning. Thoughts of, and hopes for spring, I guess. Or maybe I just want to eat a pound of butter. Unlikely. Let’s go with spring.


Anyway, two cards, both stamped, one entirely flat, the other almost so. I couldn’t resist adding a couple of Nuvo Jewel Drops as they are so shiny and translucent and yummy.


Supplies: Altenew Tulip and Dahlia Blossom stamps sets and various Altenew inks; Tonic Nuvo Jewel Drops; Hunkydory Adorable Scorable yellow card


62 thoughts on “Yellow Fever

  1. So very pretty! We could definitely do with more spring colours… and a bit of spring sunshine would be nice… and less of the icy icy temperatures. I’ve been trying to decide whether to get some of the Nuvo jewel drops, but I think I’ll have to now, they are the perfect finishing touch for your tulips. So shiny!

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    1. Thanks! The jewel drops are really good. I was very pleasantly surprised at how uniformly they set into shiny little domes!


      1. They are fab. I need to invest in some inks but they seem so expensive and I would be almost starting from scratch. (I have the usual black and brown, plus a green and a couple of paler pigment inks.) Are there any inks you’d recommend as a good base to build on?

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      2. Brace yourself for a long answer! I love them, mainly because I am rubbish at working out tones, so whether I am using a pink red, or a blue red, I just cannot tell! So I got some of the Altenew small cube inks to go with the layering stamps that had caught my eye, knowing they should work. I also got them at a much better price than they sell for now. I don’t think I would invest in the larger pads at the moment because they are, I agree, rather expensive. I also like the ink consistency, and the colours are great. But I have seen a lot of other stampers using Memento Dew Drop inks, which are about £1.50 each, and they get great results with these. Also you can buy them individually, so could get one pink, one yellow etc, or two or three toning shades of your favourite colours and build up that way, whereas with the Altenews they come in packs of four of the same shade. I have also heard/read good things about the Docrafts Artiste inks but never actually tried any. Docrafts are always very reasonably priced I think. Hope this is some help?! Anyone else reading the comments, feel free to chip in!

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      3. Thank you! Much appreciated, I’ll have a look. No point me getting big inks as I only do stamping a bit, but if I don’t have any pretty inks then I won’t do more. Vicious circle lol! I’ll look on the Internet for some as our local craft shops are a bit hit and miss. Thanks for the info.😊

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  2. The colours/yellows in these cards are achingly gorgeous! This has me dreaming of springtime, indeed. Just wonderful, PaperPuff :). Strangely enough, yellow is (apparently?) the toughest sell at yarn shops. I’m not sure why – it is one of my favourite colours 🙂

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    1. Hmmn, maybe it is because yellow doesn’t suit a lot of people? I think I heard that years ago. But for those who can wear it, it looks fabulous!

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  3. I heard an interior designer once say that yellow is the hardest color to pick and that it takes more coats of paint to achieve that color once you decide. As a result, I never do yellow even though it is so warm & cheery. I bet your results were wonderful.

    Your cards are lovely and make me yearn for spring. Unfortunately, my class members will have to go through Valentine’s Day creations before I get a chance to use your yummy colors. Then it will be free sailing for many months. I can hardly wait; pastel colors are my total favorites.

    I, too, love the dots. Oddly enough, I keep finding citrus colors of shiny dots at my local Dollar Tree! I have to supplement my color range at the crafts stores or the internet.

    Thank you for another bit of inspiration!

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    1. Interesting! I have to say it was such a pain that I would probably avoid painting with it now. But never say never, I suppose! Glad you like the cards. I really admire what you do with your craft group. Easter projects to start soon!


  4. Don’t eat butter.. you’ll be sick.
    Love these cards, really pretty and fresh for Easter and Spring, some lovely colours 🙂 I bought some lovely yellow linen cardstock, really unusual…

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    1. There will be no butter eating, fret not. But, but, but what are you going to do with your cardstock? And will we get to see? Will there be a ta-dah moment where you reveal yourself as a crafting superstar? I’d LOVE that!

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      1. LOL…at the moment I’m just looking and considering…it has a lovely sheen to it that will match beautifully with the stick on pearls…-(“NO! Ssh! You’ll give the game away!)
        I make little bits and pieces..I’m a bit of a magpie as I like sparkly things-I’m currently making little dream and sun catchers…lol..

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  5. Yellow is one of the two favorite colours of mine and you sure can find it in my house:) Love the cards. Makes you long to the spring.


      1. Just to say about the inks, I have never tried Altenew inks but I did think they were a bit expensive. I have on the other hand got Memento Dew Drops and they are brilliant and I use them constantly. I also like Versa colour little cubes and they have so many shades and stamp really well, but for intricate detail and words, I don’t think you can beat Versafine, crystal clear and great inks. My most favourite for blending inks is Distress Inks, use them all the time. I do like the look of the new Lawn Fawn and Mama Elephant, but I have to control myself….how many inks does a girl need jeeeeze! The only ink I use for colouring with the alcohol pens is Memento Tuxedo Black, because it never bleeds, but Lawn Fawn have a new Jet Black that is suppose to be the same for colouring with alcohol markers. Hope this helps! PS didn’t know how to chip in to your conversation with your previous lady, so hope you don’t mind me writing it here 🙂

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    1. Yes. I didn’t do a great job with the mask – you can see a bit of a gap between the flowers, but it is nit the end of the world. Must try harder next time!

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  6. Those cards are both so pretty, Gillian! I like the sentiment stamped on the strip of vellum. They would make nice get well cards with the sunny yellow and the spring flowers; they made me feel happy – sick again for the 2nd time in two weeks. When we had our living room renovated a couple of years ago, I picked yellow for the walls and we love that room, it’s so cheery!

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  7. Oh what bright and cheery cards! It has been a dreary January…I think we have only seen the sun for a TOTAL of about 30 minutes this month! YUCK! I can’t wait for spring when the flowers pop up and the birds return with their songs! Don’t you just love those Nuvo drops???? I do. I find myself trying to get then into every card I make now. LOL! I have so many stamp pads that rarely get used…I do so much coloring and not so much stamping. If I see a color I want now, I always go for the smaller cubes. As little as they get used, it is more cost effective for me. I have some of just about every company I have come across with the exception of the Altenew. I have their stamps, but none of their ink. I find myself going to my Memento, VersaFine (for sentiments) and My Favorite Things Black Hybrid ink. I do more and more heat embossing of my sentiments so I use a lot of Versamark ink. I have found that using my Mini Misti to do my stamping helps no matter what ink I am using. If it doesn’t stamp well the first time, you just ink up the stamp and stamp it again. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing your tips. I hadn’t come across the Hybrid ink so will have to look into that! I usually choose small ink pads if I can too. And yes, Nuvo Drops are totally addictive!

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