Florals Two Ways

I have a quick post today – two cards using florals and a lot of white space – but with quite different results.

The first was partly a result of playing around with die cut letters on busy patterned paper and partly inspired by a card I have seen somewhere…but I cannot recall. The designer had either stamped a whole lot of flowers and then die cut the letters, or die cut the letters then stamped on the lower portion only. It was a thing of beauty and if I could find it, I could tell you what they had done! I loved the look, but wanted a really quick version so took a shortcut. I selected a floral border from a digikit, resized it, and copied and pasted several times. This would give me lots of choice for positioning my dies. After that I just placed the letters to give plenty of variety in colour and flower. Once cut I popped them onto 3D foam and spent far too long painstakingly positioning them. Not quite as quick as it could have been but there you go. I make my own trouble.


The second card is black and pink. Again. But actually I have been very good and not abused this colour scheme for a while. What can I say? I fell off the wagon and indulged in one of my favourite combinations. The roses are from a Craftwork Cards USB I have had for a while, which includes printables of the totally gorgeous Heritage Rose range. Hurrah! So all to be done was print a page of roses, fussy cut and layer them up. A die cut sentiment from Tonic, a knot of narrow black ribbon and we are good to go.


So, one understated card and one that kind of smacks you in the face, but smells of roses so you have to forgive it…just mind the thorns…


Supplies: XCut Wedding Alphabet and Numbers dies; Tonic Sent With Love die; Craftwork Cards USB including Heritage Rose Collection; Louise Tiler Birthday Florals digikit for Serif CraftArtist; card and ribbon from Create and Craft


77 thoughts on “Florals Two Ways

    1. Thanks Karen! Funny, but when I first got this set, I thought I had made a mistake and didn’t use them. Now I love them!!


    1. Thank you. Sometimes I can be fast, sometimes not so much. Especially if I factor in all the blank, ‘staring at the wall’ time. There is a lot of that!

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    1. Thanks Kathy! I made mine last week, but I think there are a lot of floral letters about at the moment. As soon as I see one example on Pinterest, more follow. Fashion is fickle!

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  1. Aw Puff, these are just incredible. So delicate, so peaceful, so you. I love them both and can’t choose between the two of them. They’re both totally different, but both perfect.
    Well done you clever thing. With all the chaos you’re coping with at the moment, I’m in awe that you’re managing to craft anything – so to make something like these two is just a little miracle to me. You’re amazing!
    Heaps of love and squidges my wonderful blogging friend ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thanks Cobs! I am a bit behind on all my blogging stuff, and many other things too. But sometimes a girl just needs to get sticking something!!

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  2. Oh I do love them both! Such great cards! I love the first one with that floral print! They letters really pop! The second one has such pretty flowers, and the color combination is perfect! 🙂

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  3. Two beauties. The letters with the delicate flowers on the first. Oh, so pretty. The large flowers and the black text is fabulous. Very Paperpuffesque. Love them both.
    Hugs Flo x

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  4. Two more fabulous cards! I’d always use black and pink if I could get away with it, but for some reason men turn their noses up, so they shall keep having neutral toned cards. The floral lettering is very pretty. 😊

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    1. Thanks! I am going to make more of the patterned letter ones with different words. I liked how they turned out, even though they are so simple!

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  5. I know exactly who you mean, I saw her card too but can’t remember either. She cut the letters and then stamped on them, which I thought was complicating things a little! Yours are really beautiful! Must remember this when I’m in a hurry for a card.

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  6. I love both of these cards; the cut-out letters with the florals at the bottom are such a great technique – popping them up gives a nice shadow that defines the letters against the background. I don’t have any cut-out letters, but I have some numbers that I will have to try this with!

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  7. Oh my goodness. I thought I had already left a reply on this post. In fact, i had to go back and check because I was so sure!

    That “Happy” card is lovely. The best part? I can do that! I have never thought of using a busy paper in quite that way. They usually sit in my collection for eons. Thank you!

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